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Zity biz rectal exam

Zity Biz Rectal Exam
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Not long after, the nurse returned pushing a cart with a big red bag hanging from an attached IV stand. Go ahead and slip off your boxers for me.

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In a moment he said: finger is in, now it will rotate it, tell me if you feel any pain. Finally he pushed deeper to feel the prostate and I felt a stronger pressure. Then quickly inserted his lubed finger without any comment. I have lady doctors. Doctor was male indian.

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I am also a guy, a few weeks ago I got a examination of a female doctor. There is clearly some anxiety as the anticipation of being informed begins to register. I enjoy rectal exams. I got a paper tissue to wipe myself, and as I was doing that I felt like my level of humiliation had peaked already and it would be over soon anyway. Just told bend over the exam table. My male doctor informed me to face the table and to bend over. As he inserted his finger, I felt some pressure. After the swab she puts a bit. Then all too wuickly it is over. I enjoy anal sex and play so although I feel some pressure as they push, it's definitely not uncomfortable.

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First there is the feel of cold lubricant on my anus. The doctor and mine have always been male will tell me that I will feel a little pressure. It feels great. There was a female nurse in the room and the doctor was male.

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On the other hand, the feeling of professionalism and authority I got from the doctor and the implicit trust that I as the patient had put in him are the sort of things I like to recreate in play exams in either role. She told me before what she would do. I have had this exam both leaning over the table and lying on my side.

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I was on my knees and elbows, both doctor and nurse were behind me so I couldn't see them. A few exams I was bent over the table standing up. He told me that he needs to Zity my rectum, He came back in few minutes times, he already had glove on, i assume he lubed his finger too, cos i did not see him doing that. I just wish it would last longer. I believe that the most humiliating and embarrassing medical exam i ever had. He didn't give any warning beforehand not that he had to, I knew it was coming. He first inspected my anal region. Both bent over the table slightly but with my trousers and underwear off - she's already checked the front.

Takes it out, wipes a bit but gives me the paper to finish off. Made me very comfortable. It was just me and him in the room. She used lots of KY jelly, biz the finger insertion was very comfortable. I was surprised by this because it was always obvious that I had rather enjoyed the experience. She didn't say anything actually, once I was on the table. He was wearing blue nitrile gloves. I had to lie on my rectal in the sims position.

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Before that, it was 'Well we can talk about it, but I think I'd better have a look'. Then gentle pressure as her finger is inserted. It's over rather quickly and then there is the aftermath of KY jelly but by then I am pleased to change positions. She just lubed her finger, then placed the pad on my anus, and went all the way in. It is a strange sensation to get checked there.

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There is mild discomfort when he palpates the prostate and there is no erotic feeling whatsoever. After a while, it became predictable what the next move was going to be, and I was able to relax a bit.

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Thinking back on it, I don't find the situation erotic in the context of a real examination. But as Wim says, it was smooth. The initial tip of the doctor's finger gets my attention and before I realize her finger is fully inserted and twisting around. It felt good and much too short.

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I find it erotic for the doctor not to worry about the patient's embarrassment and anxiety. Usually, I have been leaning over the exam table. He usually does a quick wipe with the paper drape and leaves me to finish up and dress.

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I used to have a doctor who would say "sorry" just as he was putting his finger in me. After that it was over in a couple of seconds. She wiggled it to the left and right and explained what she was doing throughout the whole exam. I guess it took him about 15 seconds to perform that exam.

‘is this a nightmare?’

After withdrawing her finger she handed me a few tissues for me to wipe off the remaining lubricant. That was unpleasent. Very embarrassing. First one lobe, then the other. Eventually I informed her that she was looking in the wrong place and she withdrew her finger a bit. When he started feeling around the anus, I think it was the most exposed or embarrassed I've ever felt.

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I was 27 at that time. Then she felt my prostate. I'm always eager to take down my shorts and assume to position bent over the table. After that she started feeling every inch of my rectum in a very methodical fashion: in-out, turn a couple of degrees, in-out etc. I am either lying on my side or back stirrups for this and feel my anus tighten as the moment draws near.

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He asked to take deep breath and bear down, Then i felt him pushing finger in my ass. I know that my semi-erect penis pressed against the end of the table is clearly visible to the doctor. They have smaller fingers and tend to be more gentile. I'm a guy, but I'd say it would be very similar to what we get and how we feel, except probably a different position.

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Two hours later I still felt it was touched. For me it is the most intimate exam. It felt really good. Even as he turned it slowly to one side and then the next, I didn't feel any discomfort. The fact that the doctor was quite good looking probably only made it worse or rather more intense. I hope the next time on my back in stirrups my wife watching.

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Then I feel the finger pressing on my prostate. The last couple of times have been as part of a sexual health check up so I've had a swab in first. I was expecting her to examine my anus and not my rectum so I was quite surprised.

And asking questions It feels smooth when the finger slides in. Of lube on her finger, spre some on me, and puts her finger on the entrance. I feel my prostate spasm slightly as I pull my underwear up. I was asked to get on my left side on exam table and bend my right leg. I felt smoothly slide her finger in me to examine my prostate.

I had only 1 rectal exam so far. She didn't offer me anything to clean myself up with, so afterward - dressed again and at her desk - I could still feel the lube.

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Then says something like. When he told me to drop my underwear and get on the exam table, I was actually not aroused at all, but extremely embarrassed. I feel the insertion of his finger, the examination of my prostate and with 10 seconds of less, the withdrawal of his finger.

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