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Zagan djinn equip

Zagan Djinn Equip


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On top of that, the Barbatos Equip is arguably the most boastful and chill-looking of them all, giving almost no armor at all. Out of the 72 Djinns created by the legendary magician King Solomon, only ten have made it on this list for not only their destructive power, but also for their everyday practicality.

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This plant-powered Djinn is able to manipulate any organic matter its Metal Vessel comes into contact with. In the story of MagiBaal was the first Djinn to be captured in the world after choosing Sinbad, who at the time was only 14 years old.

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As one of the last few Djinn that Solomon created, Belial has some capabilities that are special in comparison to the others. And yes: the Metal Vessel, even as a scythe, keeps its flexibility.

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By Tremayne St. Kitts Published Aug 04, Share Share Tweet 0. The Full Body Djinn Equip turns Sinbad into a dragon type creature complete with a tail and armor-like scales. Not much is seen of Phenex throughout the Magi storyline, and this is likely due to the Life Magic-type Djinn being so much better suited to the medical side of the battlefield. The Magi series and characters are wholesome, lovable, and intensely emotional — and that includes heroes, depraved villains, and the Djinn: giant supernatural beings who lend their strength to masters of their own choosing.

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Wielding massive lightning bolts at the snap of his fingers, Sinbad was able to create a country whose prominence was on par with even the greatest nations of his time. Most King Vessels have no more than a few, but Hakuei arrived at the battlegrounds with as many as Household Members behind her actual s have yet to be confirmed.

Tremayne St. Barbatos is also able to resonate with weapons, giving Mu the ability to harness the energy from other Metal and Household Vessels.

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The Heat Magic Djinn Amon really is unique among the group of blue giants. Specializing in water-based magic, Valefor has some abilities that can dull even the sharpest of blades.

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Related Topics Lists. A second factor distinguishing Amon from the others was his objection to Alibaba being a Djinn-hoarder by taking up another Metal Vessel. The magical world of Magi is one containing about as many innovative uses for magic as there are species of intelligent beings fighting for survival.

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To live together with this country, and in order to move forward, I can no longer depend on this way of life, becoming more and more empty.

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He is the Djinn of Loyalty and Purity.