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White streamers of his salty seed splashed between their bodies and Yusuke's already intensely tight hole squeezed even tighter around Kurama's cock causing him to cry out Yusuke's name and fill the detective with his own bitterly fragrant cum. After Yusuke's still quivering hole had completely milked Kurama's cock for all it was worth Kurama slowly slid out of the heavily panting boy still pinned below him. Kurama bent his head down and lightly kissed the soft lips of his spirit detective; his, the sex detective was finally his, and if he had it his way the detective would only ever belong to him, but then a hakusho thought hit the fox, 'What if mom next door nude doesn't want me? It s not exactly like I asked him before I started fucking his brains out. Yusuke met the green eyes trying to avoid his own brown ones and said, "Well Kurama, as you know, I m not the brightest and with you being such a great tutor Hakusho think I'm going to have to meet with you every day after school and maybe even on the weekends.

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