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Worldstar mimi and niko

Worldstar Mimi And Niko


Here are the highlights of the interview. So what we did as two consenting adults, in the privacy of our own homes, is what we did.

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Perhaps it's a testament to how far our society has to go in terms of overcoming sexism, but I have yet to hear anyone drag Smith for his participation in a sex tape. At press time, the clip had received upward of 6 million views. Viewers didn't take too kindly to Faust's next boyfriend, who seemed like a second-tier version of her child's father. And she was particularly hard on his other woman, Joseline Hernandez, because she used to be a stripper.

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Viewers thought that if Faust could just leave her ex alone—except for when it involved their daughter—she would be OK in the long run. When I think of amateur sex tapes, I think of unsteady cameras, bad lighting and a single-angle that misses most of the action.

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And even those who were disappointed in Faust respected her skills on the rod pun not intended. He also seemed to bring out the worst in Faust, who was reduced to a screaming caricature of her first-season self. Across social media, viewers wondered, "But wait.

Mimi faust says joseline hernandez is just jealous she’s getting so much attention

High ratings and great buzz surrounding her story for season three practically guarantee her spot in a very likely season four. Fans hoped Faust would come to her senses and leave Smith for goodmaybe just be alone for a while and raise her daughter, before she got in too deep. In general, she was depicted as a good and rightfully angry woman in love with the wrong man. Later, Faust appears to be shocked when she learns that the tape of course leaked.

Mimi faust says joseline hernandez is just jealous she’s getting so much attention

Maybe she'll even get her own spinoff, too. Fast pain relief Rub generously over trouble areas and watch the pain melt away. Whatever her reasons for making the tape, I hope they were worth it to her. Then she left him, chose an equally bad partner and made a "sex tape.

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Demetria L. Follow her on Twitter. Fans of the show seem utterly baffled by her latest move, even while they clamor to watch the tape.

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Mimi didn't give a solo performance. Or his asking her to star in his very bad music video, in which she had blink-and-you-miss-it screen time. Here are the most confusing moments surrounding reality TV's latest scandal. It's better produced than your average porn, and given the effort involved, it was clearly made to be seen by as many people as possible, despite Faust's seeming outrage in the extended trailer.

Right on time, TMZ confirmed the long-standing rumors of the tape, saying that Vivid Entertainment—the distributor of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape—would release video this month. One of the guesses floating around is that she wanted more screen time—and a juicy storyline involving a sex scandal is certainly one way to get it. Scandal in Atlanta isn't that; it's a high-quality production.

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It doesn't have the feel of two people getting it on in their bedroom or bathroom. In what is overall an extremely graphic video, one scene stands out.

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The A. Viewers of the show rooted for Faust, the long-suffering "baby mama" to a philandering man. TMZ's story noted that Smith and Faust, despite her apparent concern about her child, apparently gave her " off" on the tape going public. In the four-and-a-half minute video, cast member Mimi Faust talks about making a sex tape with her now-fiance, Nikko Smith.

She already had fame, recognition and likely money. Faust also likely received a cushy advance for the sale of the tape, and if she's the businesswoman she claims to be, she'll get a cut of the profits as well.

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In the trailer, Faust is shown mounting Smith while swinging from a shower curtain rod, the breakout "star" of the production. But if you have something to say, at least distribute your angst evenly. She owned her own business and made it clear that she wasn't in the relationship for the money.

Or maybe it's because Faust is a co-star on the show and has a daughter that she's getting all the hate. But clearly that didn't happen.

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So why did she do this? A scene from the extended trailer shows Faust and Smith meeting with an executive who advises them that they "stand to make a lot of money" from the tape.

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It's more like two people, a couple of cameramen, a lighting guy, a sound woman and a director. Their on-again, off-again relationship was filled with made-for-TV antics such as his buying her a fake Rolex watch. Countless relatively unknown celebs have made sex tapes as a way of propelling their careers from mediocrity to mega-stardom, but Faust is already the prominent co-star of a hit TV show in its third season on a leading cable network.

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Here are the highlights of the interview.

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