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Women playing tumblr

Women Playing Tumblr


The professional game keeps getting faster and faster, and players seem to be able to retrieve almost any shot. With this in mind, it is crucial that players capitalise on any opportunities that arise, writes Lee Drew. ». David Pearson chuckles when asked if he can remember his first lesson with one of the most successful player-coach partnerships in squash. Nick Matthew retired in as one of the greats of squash.

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While individuals can be fans in private Kelly,p.

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The methodology of the qualitative study follows, after which the are presented and discussed. The of the qualitative interviews show that Tumblr serves three main purposes for these female football fans. Second, the researcher is also a part of this system and cannot code the material without this inside knowledge.

This article argues that the female football fandom on Tumblr forms such a subculture, which continues to develop a community with shared understandings and codes Coppa,p.

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Accessing resources off campus can be a challenge. Since the late s, sports fans have also been able to meet online to talk about their favourite athletes and teams, for example, on club websites, blogs, or social media platforms e. Although the women in this study are teens or, with one exception, in their 20s and might not have domestic responsibilities yet, they may be kept from attending events due to other responsibilities such as school or university studies or not being allowed to go to events on their own.

If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. The messages included emoticons and colloquial language, which suggests that the participants felt relaxed while doing the interview. The researcher did not cross-check information provided by the interviewees with information on their blogs or elsewhere.

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The article begins with a literature review, setting out the digital fandom practices for sports fans and female fans in particular and the concept of interpretive communities. Even though engaging with sports is a favoured pastime for both men and playings, prior studies have shown that women feel marginalised as sports fans e. This study examines how female football soccer fans use the social media platform Tumblr to interact and talk about their fandom, what purposes Tumblr serves for them, and why they prefer it to other social media platforms.

To study these questions, I look at how sports fans in general use digital media to talk about sports, and how women differ in these practices. Third, the interviewees for whom English is not the first language 7 of 14 said they would feel more woman typing their answers. Many of the interviewees were selected because they exhibited different qualities in expressing their fandom, such as creating football fan art or leading discussions on players and clubs, both of which are typical characteristics of tumblr.

One interviewee said she only takes part in discussions if an issue is of high importance to her; otherwise, she does not actively seek interaction with others. First, it only includes heavily invested fans, so I cannot draw any conclusions about how casual fans might interact in an online community—or if they would interact at all.

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However, textual interviews have to be interpreted carefully because visual and other cues are missing Kozinets,pp. They were explicitly asked for positive and negative experiences on Tumblr, establishing the types of interactions they have with others, for example with fans from rival clubs, in order to uncover information about group dynamics. While this approach represents less distance from the object of study than in usual social science research, fan studies highly encourage engagement with the studied fans Booth, ; Jenkins,p. Fink and Millerp.

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A central question was how they perceived the gender ratio in their fandom on Tumblr, and why they estimated it the way they did. Second, this format allowed participants to use their Tumblr slang e. It can thus be assumed that they conveyed all the information they wanted to and did not lie or hold back due to language problems.

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The interviews, conducted by the researcher and lasting 2—3 hr each, were held online. They all self-identified as heavily invested football fans.

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Tumblr users are mainly female and young McGrath,making it a sensible choice for this study. Users employ social media to create an interpretive community around their objects of affection. Tumblr, founded in and free of charge, is a microblogging social media platform with over million blogs as of Junea that is rising steadily Tumblr.

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Social media platforms, which let people easily connect from all over the world, foster this development Kavoura, Moreover, as Lindlofp. Yet, its highly opinionated discussions and rivalries mirror those in the traditional football fandom. I also discuss how Tumblr may serve as an interpretive community that not only connects like-minded people but also emphasises the preferences female fans may have in expressing their love for football.

Following research e. Additional interviewees asked to be part of the study after their acquaintances on the platform recommended it.

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The interviewees could select the format audio chat, video chat, or instant messaging ; all but one chose instant messaging. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. Thus, Tumblr has the potential to serve as a safe space for female fans. They were then asked in detail about how they use Tumblr as a source of sports content, such as how they look for information, and whether and what content they provide to others.

The interviewees were also asked about the emotional value of Tumblr for them, and about their other social media and offline fandom activities, to establish whether and how Tumblr can be seen as a safe space for female fans.

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First, textual messaging is the primary form of communication on Tumblr and thus served as a natural form of communication on this topic. Tanakap. Sports fandom includes meeting with others to watch a game or going to an event e.

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Further research could investigate more regional sports fandoms, such as Major League Baseball, to determine whether there are differences in fandom cultures. The identity of the researcher and the purpose of the study were disclosed during the initial contact. Third, I study only one fandom. Did you struggle to get access to this article? While Tumblr is used for diverse content such as TV or movie fandom blogs see, e.

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Yet according to two surveys of the football blog StartingXI, the Tumblr football fandom is quite big. This product could help you. This article explores how female football soccer fans use the social media platform Tumblr to connect and talk about their fandom. Apart from interaction, online spaces are a place for content creation, whether it be multimedia or written contributions Pegoraro,p. This Tumblr fandom is overwhelmingly female, which makes the interviewees feel that they can talk freely about football.

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However, women have felt uncomfortable and unwelcome in many online spaces that discuss sports, prompting the question whether female fans would feel more inclined to interact with other female fans in a safe space in which they would not feel belittled or unwelcome. I show below that while this particular fandom exhibits similar characteristics to other sports fandom, it also has special modes of the above-mentioned fan activity that set it apart as a subculture in football fandom.

Lean Library can solve it. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. One user had to be turned down because they were under All interview questions were based on the aforementioned theoretical background. Yet the male-dominated offline discourse is replicated online, for example, on message boards e.

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This study uses a qualitative research de to explore how female football fans use the social media platform Tumblr to talk about their fandom. Online platforms might be a practical yet enriching way for women to overcome such constraints in order to take part in sports fandom.

The final section concludes the article. The research questions are as follows: How do female football fans use Tumblr to connect and talk about their fandom? The e-mail addresses that you supply to use this service will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. Moreover, they were asked to choose a name with which they would be identified when quoted in publications. Create a link to share a read only version of this article with your colleagues and friends. This study comes with three primary limitations.

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First, social interaction both woman and negative plays a large role. This study contributes to the literature that explores how women express their sports fandom online and demonstrates how they have found a niche in which to discuss their favourite sport on their own terms. I conducted semi-structured interviews that included a standard set of questions on fandom and also gave the interviewees space tumblr discuss their own experiences see Kelly,pp.

Of course, the links to the playings were distributed via Tumblr, which points to self-selection because one had to stumble over the link while browsing the website, and the sample sizes differ quite heavily, possibly because more people were interested in football during the first wave of the survey after World Cup A total of 14 women were interviewed by the researcher.

Women generally feel unwelcome in both online and offline sports discussions e. By contrast, messages are permanently archived on Twitter and Facebook. Such platforms allow them to easily reach out to fans of their favourite team, and they can choose not to watch games at the stadium see Coppa,p.

The woman followed a tumblr approach structured by deductive derived from the literature see Mayring, First, the interviewees are part of a complex interactive system a social media platform and do not act on their own. Football fandom was chosen as the focus of the study as it represents a sport that is attractive to a global audience; successful European teams are followed all over the world DFL. It is not possible to say how many people participate in the fandom on Tumblr, as playings do not have to specify what their blog is about during registration.

The participants were also assured that their information would remain anonymous and that their profile URL would not be published.

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