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Vaginal orgasms tumblr

Vaginal Orgasms Tumblr


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My age: 63
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Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This is probably the most common fingering technique. Well said! Star with one finger and later add another one if she wants. Whatever it meant. Also keep in mind that after she has a clitoral orgasm, her clitoris will be very sensitive making it hard to have another orgasm here, so is time for you to move to the G-Spot!

Giving one of my tumblr followers back to back vaginal orgasms

While stimulating her G-Spot with your middle finger and her clit with your thumb, do some anal play with your index finger and blow her mind with this combo of greatly pleasurable sensations! Circles over the clit hood The Clitoris is the orgasm spot!

Fingering is one of the many ways to spice up your sex routine and bring a bunch of wonderful sensations to your woman. Top Photos. Leave only about 2 inches of your finger s inside of her and look for a dime-size bean shaped kind of rough protuberant tissue. If using your index finger and your thumb is not working, trying using your index and middle finger to hold the clitoral shaft in between and apply just enough pressure to massage it up and down.

It is located on the outer side of the vagina at the upper part of the lips. Turning on the clit This is an alternative to jilling the clit. Licking her clit with your tongue while stimulating her G-Spot can make her orgasm even easier, and it is electrifying! Circles over the clit head This is another fingering technique that can make her cum soo good!

As an alternative to do everything with one hand, you can use both hands as well, or even your tongue! Because of its sensitivity, direct stimulation can be uncomfortable to your woman, especially with your fingers; therefore, your first clitoral stimulation should be around the clit over the clitoral hood to get the clitoris warmed up and ready for more direct stimulation.

Pussy orgasm tumblr

Her outer part of the anus is also packed with pleasurable nerve endings, so just even touching, lightly pressing, or gently going in and out about an inch or so, will give her so much pleasure. Posts Likes Archive. Remember the clitoris is very sensitive, so you will need to find out if your woman can handle this direct stimulation. Many women love 2 or even 3 fingers inside but the big majority prefers only one. Absolutely awesome tips!!! Simultaneous stimulation Simultaneous stimulation feels wonderful! A Wednesday morning PSA!

It is unique! Going for the G-Spot!

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The head of the clitoris is extremely sensitive, packed with 8. Then, go further inside keeping your finger straight and touch the upper wall of her vagina canal.

Fingering Techniques: 1. So, become familiar and master the G-spot movement to make your woman very happy! The Clitoris is the orgasm spot!

Love these!! This will drive her crazy! Remember: Mix and match all the fingering techniques. Recently Liked. While having your middle finger stimulating her G-Spot, stimulate her clit with your thumb at the same time. The G-Spot is responsible for giving her some of the deepest orgasms, and the fingers are the easiest way to directly stimulate it.

History of the female orgasm

You have no idea the orgasm you can unleash in her if you hit that spot just right. Men and Women read this, great advice…. Start by making circles with your middle finger or your thumb over the hood around the clit. With simultaneous stimulation all you need is lots of practice to coordinate the movements to be able to give her a simultaneous mind blowing orgasm!

Vaginal orgasm contractions tumblr

A self serving PSA. I better get on that…. Maybe not, in the long run, but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Slide your finger up and down, then side to sides and pay attention what direction she prefers the most. Yes gentlemen and those of us ladies who love the tender caress of a beautiful woman…please read. The clitoris loves strokes that are rhythmic yet gentle, but as the woman is getting vaginal to climax, it needs a single firmer and faster movement.

The clit head is protected by the clitoral hood. This is an alternative to jilling the clit. If grasping the clitoral shaft with your fingers is not being easy for you to do, you can use your fingertips or orgasms and instead of pumping the shaft you can turn it side to side like a key in a lock.

Try different moves and pay close tumblr to what she likes. This move may take some practice for you to master due to the small size of the clit. Go in and out and twist your finger.

This is one of the movements that will help you build the clitoral orgasm. This is another fingering technique that can make her cum soo good! Here are 8 great fingering techniques for you to master because the kind of pleasure you can give your woman with your fingers differs greatly from other kind of sexual stimulation.

Pay close attention to her reactions to see if she likes that kind of stimulation.

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Seriously men, finger your girls right. The clit slide Once you have spent some time rubbing the clitoral hood and warming up the clit you can apply a little more of direct stimulation with the clit slide. Use your thumb and the index finger to gently grasp the clitoral shaft and massage it up and down in steady rhythmic motions.

Separate her lips a bit to increase the sensation and tap your middle finger or thumb over her clitoris, then slowly slide the entire length of your finger keeping constant contact with the clit. Excellent tips!!! And, try every possible combination because everything brings different pleasurable sensations.

Simultaneous stimulation feels wonderful! This is her G-Spot!

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Make sure your fingers are wet. You heard me right! Once you have spent some time rubbing the clitoral hood and warming up the clit you can apply a little more of direct stimulation with the clit slide. Also, be careful of not inserting the finger that went to her anus inside her vagina because this can bring bacteria. Exploring fingers This is probably the most common fingering technique.

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It will come as no surprise that we place a lot more focus on the importance of the female orgasm and enjoyment of sex than say, a hundred years ago.

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Do you remember anyone mentioning to you the clitoris?

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Real Female orgasm with endless vaginal and anal contractions and dripping pussy juice.