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Tv tropes uzumaki

Tv Tropes Uzumaki


A man commits suicide in his own bathtub. A student's scar becomes a black hole. People start transforming into giant snails. What do all these events have in common? The spiral.

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He had extreme admiration and fondness for his teammate Sasuke, viewing him as his best friend and the person he could relate to more than anyone else, wanting his acknowledgment. Character Tics : Like his mother, he tends to trope the back of his head when flattered.

This seems to be a matter of personality, as the loud and exuberant Naruto was annoyingly persistent in his pursuit of Sakura in Part I, while Hinata was so painfully shy she could barely talk to him until Part II. It is revealed in The Last that Naruto doesn't understand the concept of romantic loveand thereby can't tell the differences between The Four Loves : he thought Hinata's love for him was the same as his love for ramen. Uzumaki the middle of Part II, Naruto becomes more humbled and realizes that there are people out there who are probably stronger than him, and has now developed into one of the strongest ninjas of his home and in existence.

Naruto does finally understand what romantic love actually means in The Lastwhich helps him realize both Hinata's feelings and his own as romantic, which le to them finally becoming a couple. He starts off as the stock Shonen anime Hero out to prove his worth to the villagers who've shunned and hated him by becoming the Hokage note Village Leader of Konoha.

Thankfully he manages to save her, aided by Kawaki, who takes Delta's attack head-on. The Last has Naruto understanding romantic lovewhich helps him realize his true romantic feelings for Hinata. Hinata, Shikamaru, Temari, Neji, and Gaara uzumaki trope that he has the power to influence people.

Something he wasn't quite able to do as much until Part 2, where he and the rest of the Konoha 11 took a level in badass.

Naruto starts out as a boastful Bratty Half-Pint who thinks he's the most talented, but couldn't back it up at times. Here be spoilers. Adaptation Dye-Job : His chakra color, and therefore the color of his Rasengan as well, was changed from yellow in the manga to blue in the anime. You need to to do this. Until Sasuke stabbed a Chidori through his chest and nearly killed him Of course, their relationship was complicated, even in the best of times. Adaptational Badass : A mild case.

Naruto also does the impossible and finally befriends the tailed beast sealed within himself, as well as the other tailed beasts, undergoing a massive power-up. All-Loving Hero : Naruto was this trope to the point where it makes you wonder why he had such an abnormally hard time making friends prior to the start of the series. Caring Gardener : His hobby is watering plants. Get Known if you don't have an .

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Later called back by Raikage upon seeing that Hashirama pulled the exact same stunt. Kakashi: "Naruto has a mysterious power. The Ace : A pretty standard example of the hero growing into one by the end of his series. He and Hinata get married not too long afterward and have a son and a daughter together, Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki. Community Showcase More. He then performs another miracle and finally redeems Sasuke by the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Two years after the War, Naruto's mission to stop the moon from falling awakens his inner love for fellow teammate Hinata.

Sakura herself disputes the above example and helps Naruto realize that his crush on her was more a product of his rivalry with Sasuke and how he wanted to beat out Sasuke at something for once than any actual romantic feelings —which was implied in Chapter 3—while his love for Hinata is sincere and real. He finally realizes his feelings for her and reciprocates her love in The Lastand from the ending credits and the epilogue onward, they're Happily Married with two children.

Action Dad : By the time he becomes Hokage, he's a father to two. In Borutohis Baryon Mode uses his and Kurama's chakra as fuel for a process resembling nuclear fusion, granting him immense power but risking killing them. Catchphrase : "Believe it!

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The final scene has her ask for his help "passing her power to the next priestess". By the time he receives it, he values it so much that he tells Hinata that, even in its ruined statehe will cherish it forever. Cannot Spit It Out : Naruto often gets a case of this, most likely because he thinks that either no one would care, for embarrassing reasons or that it could make things worse, particularly for him or someone he cares about.

Naruto happily makes his "promise of a lifetime" to do so.

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The first time he spat it out, it didn't go so well thanks to Toneri. Calling the Old Man Out : When he first meets his fatherthe first thing he does is punch Minato in the stomach albeit after smiling at the revelation and getting privacy from the Nine-Tails before demanding to know why he sealed the Nine-Tails inside of him in the first place, tearfully recalling everything that happened to him as a result before managing to calm himself.

Naruto : "When people have different opinions, you should apply the majority vote. Poor guy seems exasperated with the entire situation. Naruto : " Naruto: to Kushina "If I got my good looks from you, that just means I'm handsome, right? Childhood Friend Romance : With Hinatathe girl who has admired, acknowledged, and loved him for the way he is since the day they met.

Character Development : Naruto gains enormous amounts of maturity throughout the series. Follow TV Tropes. Chick Uzumaki : Not so much in the manga, but he usually manages to get at least one more girl to fall in love with him in each Filler arc of the anime. Subverted when Sakura used this promise to kill Sasuke and spare Naruto further emotional trope by giving him her fake love confession so he'd stop chasing him.

Adult Fear : Naruto nearly loses Himawari when she is attacked by Delta and comes very close to dying. Let's use his intent of becoming Hokage: At the start, Naruto wanted to become Hokage to have the people of his village respect him. His pursuit of Sakura was more about his rivalry with Sasuke than any actual romantic feelings —which was implied in Chapter 3.

Over the course of the series, he wants to become Hokage in order to protect them. Along with Sasuke and aid from the spirit of the Sage of the Six Paths, Naruto finally succeeds in redeeming Obito, stopping Madara and putting an end to Kaguya's ambitions.

Boruto uzumaki

He goes from being viewed as nothing but the demon itself to a full-fledged ninja once he saves his sensei Iruka from the evil Mizuki. Considering Naruto never had the unconditional affection that most people had with their families due to being both an orphan and the village pariah for most of his childhood as well as the fact that most of his parental figures really also had lackluster love lives barring the Third Hokage, but his wife was dead by the start of the serieshis inability to truly understand romantic love actually makes a lot of sense.

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It can only be unlocked when you use up all of your regular chakra, so that makes it this. In the colored addition of the manga, his sage markings are colored red but in the anime, they're orange. The Sequel SeriesBoruto and its original film version explore his life as Hokage and the relationship between him and his son, Boruto. Another result of saving Konoha from Pain's attack finally turned the villager's hatred into admiration and respect at long last. Everyone present except for Narutois shocked because they know what she's asking.

The Chosen One : According to Jiraiya, Naruto is the one child of an ancient prophecy destined to save the world and not Nagato aka Pain or Minato as Jiraiya always thought. It was the last bit of development he had to go through in order to accept his painful childhood and live the happy fulfilling life that his parents wanted for him. Above the Influence : A non-sexual type of manner, but when considering the way Sakura was practically offering herself when delivering her infamous fake love confessionyet he rejects her outright because he knows she's lying and calls her out on itit's clear that it was a case of this.

This is indicated when he sets aside Kushina's green scarf in favor of Hinata's red oneshowing that he is finally ready to let go of his past and look to a happier future, with Hinata by his side. I never go back on my uzumaki. He gradually matures from his Idiot Hero trope over the course of the series, and by the time Shippuden rolls in, he's older and wiser, not to mention stronger than ever. However, he was too stubborn, prideful, and jealous of Sasuke's skills and reputation to ever admit it, and acted as if he hated him most of the time. Part 1 filler and movies have him go up against Jonin-level threats frequently.

The final movie, The Lastshows that Naruto is now this in canon ; his popularity has exploded to the point where girls in Konoha fawn over him, younger ones call him "Naruto-senpai", and pile gifts onto the clueless blond bastard. Naruto easily saw right through her, called her out on her dishonestyrejected her outrightand stated that the promise was no longer the reason why he trope to save Sasuke; he has his own reasons now.

Not only that, a of people have claimed him to have surpassed the Fourth Hokage several times over and Tobirama directly compares Naruto to Hashirama upon witnessing his mastery of Sage Mode, and later admits that Naruto may eventually become a greater Hokage than his brother was. After he defeats Nagato and learns about the wars and hatred that created Pain, he becomes uzumaki lot more concerned with trying to dismantle the Cycles of Revenge that plagues the shinobi world and cause so much fighting.

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Everyone who meets him becomes his friend, no matter how little contact they have beforehand. Chaste Hero : Despite Naruto's obvious one-sided crush on Sakura until Chapterhe completely misses Hinata's obvious crush on him. It's worth noting that Naruto tends to get off to a bad start with most of the people he befriends, and they're often completely dismissive of him for reasons typically unrelated to him having the fox inside him.

That is my way of the Ninja.

Naruto uzumaki

Naruto does spit it out to Hinata in the movie, twice compared to the years it took Hinata to spit it out two years ago. By the time the Fourth Shinobi World War starts up, he is the only living person capable of fighting the undead, constantly regenerating, and nigh-unbeatable Madara Uchiha on equal terms. Naruto later achieves his dream of becoming Hokage by becoming the Seventh after Kakashi steps down. Naruto was also this with his other teammate Sakura; he couldn't confess that he had a crush on her due to his promise to bring back Sasuke.

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Has this again in The Lastthis time concerning his genuine romantic feelings for Hinata. Unlike many of the other examples, he's not always civil in response, but his determination and honesty cause many of these people to see him, and often themselves, in a new light. Anything that has not been aired on the free version note one week after the paid version of Crunchyroll should be spoiler-tagged. However, after the Final Battlehe proposes to her and she happily accepts, the two enter a relationship, get Happily Marriedand have two children. She's asking him to get her pregnant.

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A classmate of Kirie's who takes an immediate interest when the former develop strange spiral hair patterns with mysterious power.

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Here be spoilers for Naruto.

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Community Showcase More.

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Here be spoilers.