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Tumblr sissy cummies

Tumblr Sissy Cummies
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All that is required is to not let your man cum under any circumstances, for any reason. The answer is simple. The transformation that will occur during the following process, will be sure to make your man more obedient, a better and more attentive lover, and overall better partner in life in and out of the bedroom.

Name: Libbie

Age: 28
Where am I from: Norwegian
Meeting with: Gentleman
What is the color of my hair: Flaxen
I can speak: English
Figure type: My body features is medium-build
My favourite music: Rock
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I reach over and add a wand. I decide to change things up. All you do is moan. Curt gulped softly as he made his way from his hotel room. I am the mommy who makes sure you have food, diapers, toys, a place to live, and all the things you need. This a new low. You ever wake up and your body just craves. This is who you are- you need to accept and embrace this. That tear induced orgasm when you realize they match every aspect of what you want mentally and physically. It was my 3rd day of School Suspension.

Sissy cummies

I finally wet myself out of fear. You nod in agreement. To start I take you out of your nursery and take you into my room. All the kid did was Say my name and well, the principal saw that as a Problem. Sitting behind the front desk of the lobby the place was a former hotel with each of the girls having their own room and then other rooms having been converted into different styles of nurseries sat the digimon queen herself, Rika and just the smirk she gave him as he walked in made Curt's knees wobble. He'd been in Domino city for all of 2 days and had already won a jackpot, winnng a million dollars.

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I slide on top and work myself almost to an orgasm. I know part of you craves to be inside me, you crave wanting to feel like a grown up. When I come back you are bent over on all fours pushing. I see that little peepee twitch and throb. Stinky, wet, mushy, and crinkled. I strap you in. I pull your diaper to the side and slide my big pink strap on into you.

Now to make sure you understand this you will face punishment. Rika just laughed and stood up, looking down at him.

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I put on my strap on and grab the waterproof vibe. No release no, no nothing, just pain and the Reminder of my place in this house.

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Every time I ride that big strap on I push on that plug. Until she said that we were home. It was my 3rd time that week of getting into trouble. If you are about to mess you need to tell me; if you think you are going to make cummies you need to tell me. I sat outside the Office and I saw them both walk in the both looked Upset.

I push the plug in and hear you moan. That is just what I needed- you make cummies in your diaper and me having a mind blowing orgasm. I grab your hips and force you back onto my cock. I got into a fight in the Bathroom.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I just pee all over you. Why was I Dressed like this… What are these people doing to me? My fave starts too cry at the thought of him not fucking me. I let you reach down and rub on your wittle pee pee. I cried like the little baby I was. Legs and arms are spread out; and I give very specific instructions.

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That first thrust you screech out, grab the sheet, and put your head down. At age 21, the skinny brown haired boy was set for life, and he knew that most people his age would of been going out and partying, drinking and having a blast.

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I started getting Teary eyed. I get in the shower and I can see the excitement on your face. Craves it all: the connection, the bond, that leg shaking orgasm. I pull the diaper over the plug and start to ride. You changed your diaper out because you decided to use the potty. I slide the enema in followed by a rather large plug. So, The fight in the Bathroom was the Last Straw.

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He knew the reputation that this house had, how so many men had gone in so prideful or certain they were smarter then the ladies who worked there and how many had come out penniless. I flip you onto your back and pull your diaper to the side again. What did I do? I give you soft kisses and wake you up. SAY IT! At the same time I hit just the right spot and moan out in pleasure. Chills are running down my spine.

Mama walked me to my Room Kissed me on the cheek and left the door open. Then you start to suck on my clit. I wanted to be a good baby for Dada. So I ride and push the plug further each time in sync with my body and let that vibe wand work in sync as well. I take you in the bathroom.

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I sit on my bed and push your head between my thighs. I slide on to the strap on; but at the same time I slide a big plug right into your sweet ass. To keep your secret? I got Detention for that but this,was my last strike.

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Just like that something in my Brain ticked. He gave me one look and a little pee came out.

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I climb on top, my ass facing you. You start slow and hesitant, licking and playing. I grab a special surprise! It was like a switch as you are making a messy I am not stoping.

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I literally just let everything go and squeeze your legs as I have a mind blowing orgasm. I hide my face in my Skirt it all dawned on me. I stop right before. The second was that other kid cut in front for me in Lunch room so I dropped all his food in the floor and poured milk on his Books.

Inside I am scared of your reaction but I do it anyway. No touching yourself! Rest assured little one I will make sure you get to enjoy this too.

I see that you’re watching my blog every day.

My job is to take care of you; your job is to be the baby who wears diapers and fulfills my needs and desires. I get the shower warmed up and let you stand in there. So I crave this and the instant I wake up I know I want it. I am the mommy who needs to be needed. You are the baby who needs his mommy. I put your legs up onto my shoulders and thrust further.

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Mama told me to stay in my uniform until she got back Home. The First was cursing out the teacher for telling me I was wrong about a math problem. This is all for me!

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I was out shopping with my mom and this guy kept following us; overtime my mom was not looking he would grab his cock which was getting hard and bigger.

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