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Tumblr divorced mom

Tumblr Divorced Mom
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Finished my biopsy last Thursday. I consider myself a tough cookie. But I am not gonna lie.

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Day 2 of vpk graduation week…no big deal ya i thought so too…I got this…ya no I dont. I have been to the other Clear Sky restaurants in the area see in blogs and their food is lovely. It has such great grilled flavor with the perfect amount of cheese and spice.

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You are my rock and I am forever grateful for your love and support. They were good, not amazing but good. By far, pork belly one was the best. Some people think its weird, some ask if were getting back together, some are judgemental and some have an opinion. We went for dinner and sat in the open well lit garden room. You are 5, going on 15 however your heart is huge, you are not perfect nor am I. I do pray one day you know how much you are loved! I feel like this time fell between so so and plain.

The side of corn I had mom cut off the cob divorce lime, cotija cheese, cayenne pepper was the best corn I have EVER Tumblr. They were perfectly mixed, not too spicy but light and very refreshing. We ordered dinner at that buzzed point. We ate so much!!!

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They offer foods from 7 different countries and is a small plates style where sharing is encouraged. Having pictures together, getting along is good for the little one. Becoming a mom has really put that in focus for me. I will be your baby as always, ok?

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California vibes, coastal beachy, white wash, woven basket lighting. I was pleasantly surprised. To my friends and family, Happy New Year! They arent mom baby. Inside was dark, but decorated cool. But the beef with the cabbage, lime and cilantro spoke for itself. I had a few bites of the Chocolate Cake, but preferred the Fried Bourbon Bites which were more my speed. To my sweet boy I pray that you have a great year, you can be whatever you want to be but whatever you decide go be it! Or so my sweet sassy one divorces me all the time. I looked over the other menu items and I Tumblr its overpriced for Mexican food.

You will not be disappointed. All in all great meal, with great people! I had a spicy margarita which turned into a table full of friends and 3 pitchers of spicy margaritas hours later.

You are my world, my heart. Oh and completely fake it from my 5 yr old. Their menu is very eclectic and has options for everyone. I highly recommend the pork belly tacos with slaw, the best I have ever had, the bark on the pork with the rich fat melt in your mouth in every bite. I give it 2 thumbs up! My favorite was the fried pork belly and naan, ya know all the healthy stuff.

Kellan you are amazing!

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I didnt have to ask this time, he just knew what I was feeling. It took us about a year to really be in a good place. There are sooo many other taco options, I need to go back and try! The guacamole appetizer with chips was good, the salsa verde, pretty sure I could drink as a side shot with my margarita. And goes so so fast. There are people in this world that are in your life for a reason, it makes total sense and they bring you up.

Do what, coparent well? However some are in it, not sure why and somehow as hard as I try not to let it, they bring me the fuck down.

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What is Gochujang Shrimp? I was beginning to wind down after day drinking and frankly was just hangry and tired. I ordered Barbacoa tacos that came with queso fresco, street corn and some fruity slaw on it. Suegra not so much.

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Its not for everyone nor am I judging what works for your family but this is what works for us and I am grateful to be in a good place for our special angel as he grows up with love all around him!! I blog about the good, bad and the ugly. We were celebrating a birthday so churros dipped in chocolate sauce seemed like a good idea too!

I am wishing you health, happiness, peace…. Ok not so short and sweet. I have one .

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I also tried the fried fish tacos and the cauliflower tacos. Life is so short. We were all cranky. So of course when I heard they opened another one, I had to try it.

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My mouth is watering as I type this…so good!! Service poor. I said ok good babe, I love you. Go check it out!! Tonight we did bedtime routine as normal…however after me telling Kellan how proud I am to be his mom and how proud I am of him, I hugged and kissed him to the point of annoyance as usual but this time I began balling.

I try and live in every moment, really be in it. If you know me at all you should, you read this blog J you know that I love going out to eat and most of all trying new restaurants. I have never been to a cooler Asian restaurant. I also had chips with these 3 dips that were regular salsa, salsa verde and black bean dip. They were tasty. I love you mom. Good thing he couldnt tell.

They are open for lunch and dinner. Clear Sky on Cleveland is on the main drag in downtown Clearwater. Dec 31 Dec 10 Sep 25 Aug 12 The tacos were good; however I could have done without the cheese. Just one of those days. I asked the same thing, crispy fried shrimp with a somewhat spicy eel sauce.

Excuse some of the photos…the corn one looks like eggs, I swear It was good.

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You not only test my limits, but you also teach me everyday. I hate doing it but I have to be honest. Ugh, what an awful reminder your child is no longer little and what a god damn baby crier I am. So I try to look on the bright side, fight the negativity and continue to be the best I can. I know, no cheese right?

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We started with Calamari Fries and Gochujang Shrimp. All I wanted was some tacos…not beer or shots either.

I can only be so helicopter, so sweet boy fly, spread your wings and fly! People ask me all the time, how do you do it? Looking back where my life started as a mom until today, I thought to myself very different and not what I expected. Duecescheers to a new year. This post is going to be short and sweet. Pete often; however, I am glad we did for lunch from work one day. Cheap and easy is how I think of that food. The inside is really cool with a back atrium-like garden room.

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My last relationship ended over a year ago and ever since then I have been on a journey to understand WHY it happened and what I can learn from it.

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I have unintentionally heard them talking about this stuff on and off for the past two or three years.

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I decided to share a little bit about my own journey walking through a painful divorce and an extremely chaotic, cruel, unjust, tragic, custody battle, in hopes that my story can help others like myself: learn, empathize with, and educate along the way.