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Tumblr degrade her

Tumblr Degrade Her


Toy has become tumblr porn. Toy is edging material for good pretty girls, soon finding out that there is nothing better than to obey.

Name: Shina

What is my age: 31
Sexual identity: Guy
What is my favourite drink: Stout
What is my favourite music: Reggae
Body tattoos: I don't have tattoos

You will never say no to a member or back talk to them or show any of disrespect. Continue to contemplate while staring at the picture.

If after a certain time limit has passed, and if a man has not cum after a certain time limit, we do a speed round, were each cunt has one minute to be the first to make him cum, if not, they will all be punished. This is a easy truth to follow. All members will contribute to helping the society grow and expand. To help mold it.

Technical specifications to make her scream, cuss, call out to god, call you daddy and guarantee she won’t ghost you after.

Both of you were made to please men. And will eat out of a dog bowl.

horney gal Ashlyn

Being indoctrinated, being conditioned to believe things, the false manipulative friend, the mind control drugs in the water, the subliminal als to the brain through the tv, ect. Without women, we cant have children, without those children we can not have a future. If you get a boner, you should cum.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Then we make a note of who is who. All cunts are property of the society. Arrive ten minutes late, park around the corner and text me when I should meet up with you.

dirty girlfriend Elsa

To help shape it. Take note, cunts. A good girl is always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make her man happy. All house hold chores will be done before certain time each day. All cunts will have their tits and clit pierced, tongue pierced and wear a collar 4. Then the remaining men, after a certain time limit.

Degrade me please

The only time you should ever bother getting me a drink, is if you want to slip me something in it. She must be quiet. Remember, it is most pleasing to men if you are already well-trained when he decides to use you. Posts Submit a post Archive. Speaking of waste, your time and your desires are important and should not be wasted. Please read this, this is important I promise….

Reblog if you’re a little girl who considers yourself a dumb whore, a stupid brainless cunt, a piece of meat, a fucktoy, a rape toy, just tits and three fuck holes. someone to be used and abused for a man’s pleasure. if you consider yourself inferior to all males.

Both of you are sex toys. It is entirely normal for men to piss in my mouth. All women will be referred to as cunts, whores, sluts, bitches, fuckpigs, etc…not women or girls.

naughty milf Emery

The initiation, would span over a couple of days. Anything that you want, is on the table. To aid her in this quest, I message her mantras for her to repeat during her breaks each day.

I think that before I accept another date, I need to send them the link to my tumblrso that they know how to treat me. It is entirely normal for me to piss in my own mouth.

married biatch River

All fuckpigs should understand this. Unless said to do so otherwise Will piss outside, or in another deated area.

You will be naked at all times while indoors, unless stated otherwise. All cunts will either sleep on the floor, in a cage or in a deated place. All cunts will give up their names, and pick a new one.

foxy mom Angel

It prevents me from withing away. One of my followers is a reforming feminist, now working to become the perfect whore for men. Cock is your god, and cum is your food of choice. The bedrock of a good society.

sexual woman Khloe

It sounds like it knows its place. This is the full extent of what I am and the full extent of what I will ever be. Never, ever, EVER apologize for anything.

Good girls dont think

All cunts will work out. Continue to contemplate while staring at the picture So many fine lessons composed by my fellow Men today. The loyalty test. So, here are some guidelines for taking me out. You will need to relocate.

single mom Autumn

This is it!!! Unless said to do so otherwise. Both of you are good for nothing except fucking. Think about how it is like you. I am a decoration.

slutty girlfriend Davina

To help make it. Yes, I spent a long time to look beautiful for you, I went to a lot of effort to make every detail perfect.

naked ladies Remington

I believe: That women should not have rights That females should not be able to vote, go to school, or work most jobs That every girl is a sex object and should be treated that way That every girl should be the property of a man for life That every female should have every decision about her life and her body taken over by a man Reblog if you agree! Will switch the cunts to anal. You posted a while ago about your cunts undergoing an initiation in your new society, apart from the fucking wall which is a fantastic requirement for all cunts to undertake what else do you have in mind?

ebony latina Kelly

I figured I might as well make these available for all whores to train themselves with. I am a urinal. All I can tell you is, those who pass this test, well very in good favor with the male members. To the success of the Male Support SocietyWe need cunts like youto help us with our future.

Now, do you remember me telling you that all women are cunts and all cunts are female? Here our some of the rules. We know the type. I am a sex toy. Another, is the obedience test, we will have various, tasks for them to do, and rules and commands to follow. W ho is willing to help me shape this new future that I offer? Then we have the cunts fuck us, the first person to cum, the man gets disqualified, the cut moves up in the circle, and starts licking his ass hole, then one will be ased to the balls, another the shaft, then the tip, ect.

Stare at it.

Our new persons

Male Bridesmaid Wearing A Dress

Messaging me and degrading me is alllways welcome; please do so anytime you get your big cock off to my blog!

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Hate me.

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Harder and harder.

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My Life of Shame as an Emasculated Sissy degradedsissy1.