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Tumblr cosplay deviants

Tumblr Cosplay Deviants


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Name: Kristin

What is my age: 24
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Now Playing Tracks. We aim to end this issue through education and communication, not with blame and anger. Cosplay is NOT Consent aims to educate the community by using the experiences of cosplayers, and convention staff to help put an end to unwanted harassment of convention attendees.

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There are lots of cosplayers out there who would be appalled to find such shots of them on the internet. Any cosplayer, new or old should know this.

Last year there was an incident where a guy came to the booth and was flirting pretty heavily with one of our lovely models at the Cosplay Deviants booth. Second is our new Cosplay is not Consent patch.

I wanted to share this photo with you guys. This was sent by a fan who attended Denver Comic Con! Way to go guys having this in your con guide!

Most people do not know they are doing anything wrong, and a calm response will normally garner a mature response and apology. SFW, shows an image of the backside of a woman dressed up as Poison Ivy with focus on the butt.

Cosplay deviants tumblr

How do you you feel about the type of behavior displayed here? And people like to think that cosplayers are too stupid to realize that others will take inappropriate photos or videos of them. Aki-con, held Octoberin Seattle, Washington, had an incident occur over the course of the convention weekend which has resulted in a massive fallout. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and moving one step further in making conventions a safe place to be.

We will work with convention owners to help bring comfort and safety back to fan events all around the world. Here you can see that I am clearly dressed up as Poison Ivy. Like most cosplayers I know, I love to find photos of myself.

Together, as a community, we can make conventions fun and safe again. However, this does NOT mean that this should continue. I think that a lot of the discussions, PSA's, etc regarding this topic don't really make enough of an effort to do this.

First - some context. I found this when I was searching for photos of my cosplays from Wondercon of this year back in March on tumblr.

This video was sent to us by a female Cosplayer who agreed to be in the video, but was appalled when she saw the context it was used in. She is a sweetheart but she has a very vivacious and flirtatious….

Likewise we hope to instill easy to follow directions on how to locate security and staff at each convention so should someone feel harassed they can easily find out what steps need to be taken. I think that this should be made clear early and often anytime there is to be a serious discussion on this topic. We are not attacking anyone but are working directly with conventions to take a proactive step towards preventing this type of behavior by letting offenders know directly that serious consequences will be taken should anyone harass an attendee.

He has been charged, with a trial date planned sometime in February.

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Watching her come clean in her latest set Hitman Hunter, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants.

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