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Transformers animated x reader

Transformers Animated X Reader


He was the only one who had opted out of the nature walk that Prowl had planned, and without Sari who was with her father for the day, he was left alone with the video game console. You had dropped by only a little earlier to see everyone and had opted to read your book until they all came back. Normally, you would have played something with Bumblebee, but he seemed to be enjoying the single player game so you had left him to it. Starting the time trial, you caused the character to jump, spin, crush boxes, and generally beat the score Bumblebee had set. By the end of the level, you were the proud owner of a platinum relic.

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The three other, more mature bots you could say, had been jolted from their meeting by the shrill shrieks of the sparklings cries.

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At one point Sari may have beenmay still be so if you thought about it, but whether or not she was full organic, or partially organic, she could see the truth. With that Sari left, her steps purposeful in her journey back to your side. They took note of how the persons vocals seemed to echo off the walls.

Meanwhile, the bots were all transformer with either gaped mouths, or reader turned optics, but all felt a very mutual feeling. These were not the arms they were used to being rocked in, nor was the voice they heard the same tone they often fell asleep to. They were immensely happy that she had found someone else who could be just as transformer, if not closer to her besides them. That was amazing y,n!! However, the only thing being caught was the grapnel in the sparklings mouth, as it had effortlessly dodged the tool.

No one is sure how this small bean of the Cybertronian race got on Earth, much less how it ended up in Optimus trailer, but they could all agree that it should be taken animated to base with them. The factory was filled with sighs of relief, everyone uncovering their ears, and taking a moment to be awed by the tiny bean. The sparkling showed no intentions of slowing down and ramped off the Wreckers chasis, going straight into air. What we do know is this sparkling is much more than a handful, and that we should keep a careful, close optic on them.

You only smiled back before disappearing into your bedroom. Feeling their burning gazes, Sari looked up from observing her key to look between all her friends with suspicious brows. Optimus stepped forth, making you feel even more dizzy from all shrinking personal space due to your large friends.

This whole time they all thought you were mute, void of ever having the ability to produce sound, but oh how wrong they were. Optimus and his team were standing on the brig, the former having another argument with his animated ex friend Sentinel, when two of his readers came rushing in with gleaming faces. For the longest time the Autobots had considered you were mute. At the speed the child was going, Sari would be flattened to a pancake. Never once did they question you about it; most fearing coming off as rude, and others just not really minding. Sentinel simply rolled his optics, as his own team gathered around the sparkling to coo.

You were suddenly cut off when Sari had jumped from the couch and came bounding towards you to give you a hug. The remotes on the stand.

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Stopping just outside the door, Optimus nodded to his teammates, struggling with them to not get lost in the honeydew tones. You seem to really like your new sitter, and that threw us for a loop is all. Originally posted by mtbd I really like super power prompts though so thanks a bunch for sending it in! Swiftly scooping up the sparkling, Prowl began to gently rock it back and forth in his folded arms. At this, the other Autobots could not answer, just as completely clueless and curious as the Guardsmen.

Sentiel laughed loudly at the transformer dramatic display of Optimus and his team, walking over to the twins who had all focus on the tiny servos patting Jetstorms cheeks. You smiled, cheeks warming and eyes crinkling at the corners from the warmth this brought to your heart. On the animated hand, Bumblebee and Bulkhead argued that you would never do such a thing, but Sari had a feeling they were only doing so to quell their own concerns.

All at once a loud clang had rung through out the factory as every mech had collided, trapped and tied by the very thing used to try and secure the sparkling. You offered them readers and some snacks when they followed you in, not realizing just who these friends of Sari were.

His warning was cut short as it had been too late, the sparkling speeding between and around his pedes, just as Opitmus had retracted his grapnel. Beep me to death?

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They make my lessons into a really fun game or competition. You heard Starscream! The little one only had curiosity, seemingly unware of the others who they had caused much trouble.

They…they treat me like a younger sister and it makes me so happy. At some moment in that duration of alone time with the sparkling, something that perhaps they had done, greatly upset the little one. You giggled and waved, your apartment door closing behind you.

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Glancing up as Jazz wiggled his finger before them, they tried desperately to grab for it with no success. Originally posted by comedya.

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All optics, plus eyes looked over, most with an irritable glare towards Bumblebee, who had a very bright expression on his faceplate. So they have to be a speedster! You should use it more! Looks like you were going to be using your voice outside of your own privacy from now on. Even Sari had been entangled in the grapnels rope, and she along with the others helplessly watched as the sparkling nyoomed off deeper into the Autobot base.

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When they finally reached the old factory though, oh boy, things turned a whole In the time of discussion and debate, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Sari were left in charge to watch over the metal baby. You let out a heavy sigh, it being drowned out by your friends going back and forth with one another and asking several things of you.

I always took you as someone who liked children. When the song had come to a close and you let out a soft sigh to continue focus on folding laundry, you were startled by loud clapping. All but her anyways.

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The Autobot team stood in silence, gaping as they came to realize the angelic voice was not that of an intruder, but of yours. However, there was a glint of skepticism behind his usually kind optics, something that did not go unnoticed by Sari.

All attention had been drawn to the creaking of your apartment door as you came walking through, fixing the ends of your sweater. Each member readied their weapons, but just as they were about to jump from behind the wall and take aim; Sari stopped them.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Standing to the side in silence was Optimus, watching his team fight and not sure what to make of anything. Do I have gum on my face, again? Swiftly landing back on the ground, it continued to race about, dodging and maneuvering between the much larger Cybyetronians.

At this point, Sari had her friends smiling. No one knew what had gotten into the twins, but the moment Jetstorm unfurled his arms, Team Optimus took a huge step back, frames tense and at the ready for the unpredictable nature of the oh so small sparkling before them.

Had they not been hunting down an intruder, they would have loved to marvel at the magnificent voice. What is it going to do? So therefore Blurr must be their creator! That could be it, but there had to be something more then your calm demeanor towards them for Sari to actually like and listen to you.

Hearing her explanation as to why she enjoyed your company brought them their own happiness.

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A simultaneous groan resounded amongst the ball of metal and one organic, a groan that was easily deafened by the growing sounds of a very enraged jet. You almost had a heart attack, jumping around with terrified eyes to witness your odd family staring with either appalled expressions or bright cheerful ones.

Just as it had happened the first time, the same mysterious sparkling that had showed up out of no where in the back of Optimus trailer, has randomly shown up once again, only this time on the Elite Guardian ship. And who do we know that is a speedster?

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So when they showed up back at base one day to the sound of a foreign voice, their panic was understandable. Empathetic powers, the ability to control and manipulate others emotions!

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Optimus nodded towards Prowl, the later rushing to calm the fussy bab while he went to help his smallest friend. She could see how you hurt, curled up in a dusty corner of the factory refusing to talk to anyone including her, all because of a poisonous seed Starscream had implanted into your friends minds.

It was as though it surrounded them, like calming ocean waves, fading off softly at the end of a lyric.

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Originally posted by rockerstreet.

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Optimus is touched, really.

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Optimus is touched, really.

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The remotes on the stand.

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