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Timmy turner teacher

Timmy Turner Teacher


Denzel Quincy [ citation needed ] Crocker is the mentally unstable school teacher of Timmy and one of the two main antagonists alongside Vicky of The Fairly OddParents! Originally, he was just a back-up villain in the first two seasons. Since Season 3, he became one of the main antagonists of the series, and officially the main antagonist by Season 7, replacing Vicky from this role.

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Turner: Forget it, at the speed we're having fun, our friction will keep us warm! Jorgen Von Strangle. Follow TV Tropes. That weirdo is stealing my house! Cosmo: Or Jorgen von Strangle will live up to his name!

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I'll be done in two weeks. Thanks to his father's failed career, he is dirt poor. I just am!! Cosmo: So much clogging!

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She's got spunk Chloe: [seeing her house being taken away] Hey! That's my house! Chester McBadbat. Chloe Carmichael is an enthusiastic, funny and over-achieving little girl who Timmy has to share his fairies with.

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He's the most powerful fairy in the universe. Timmy's best human friend, Chester is a boy who lives in a trailer and enjoys downing garbage. Timmy: Hey Vicky!

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Chloe Carmichael. Although he usually rejects her advances on on finding it frightening, Timmy has shown many times in the series to genuinely care for Tootie unlike any other non-fairy or family character, even loaning her his fairies on one occasion note According to the live action TV movie, she grows into a beautiful adult and Timmy falls in love with her.

You need to to do this.

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Vicky: I tought I told you to go to bed twerp! Timmy: I can't sleep.

Fairly odd parents teacher

And I hate being Jorgened! Get Known if you don't have an. She's usually the one who sees the consequences of Timmy's wishes, but is often ignored for her very justified worry. Show Spoilers.

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The popular schoolgirl whom Timmy has an unrequited crush on. In my house? Except the school system, the government, and every girl I've ever met! Trixie Tang.

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Timmy's godmother. She first appears in Season Vicky's little sister who harbors an obsessive and unrequited crush on Timmy.

Timmy turner

Timmy's malicious babysitter who takes delight in tormenting Timmy and the other children in Dimmsdale. Denzel Q. Poof Thomas Cosma. Jorgen: Ooh, I like this girl! How well does it match the trope?

Fairly odd parents teacher - timmy turner deviantart

The commander-in-chief of Fairy World, he runs the place with an iron fist. Community Showcase More. I mean, you punch them in the face once and it's all, 'Ooh, stop punching me!

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Her two biggest loves are pain and money. Wanda Venus Fairiewinkle-Cosma.

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Hm, my Timmy-tracker must be malfunctioning. Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner.

Fairly odd parents teacher

Voiced by Dionne Quan. Cosmo Julius Cosma. She's also Timmy's new neighbor. Timmy's other best human friend, AJ is a genius that could give Jimmy Neutron a run for his money.

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Timmy's schoolteacher who, due to an incident in his youth, is obsessed with proving that fairy godparents exists and wants to use their magic to Take Over the World. Vicky: WHAT!? She doesn't seem to return the affection unless he makes a wish resulting in it.

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Denzel Quincy Crocker, better known as Crocker or Mr.

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The Fairly OddParents aired on Nickelodeon for over 16 years, amassing a large and loyal fan base.

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Timmy Turner's bumbling and dim-witted but well-meaning fairy godfather.