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Tigre x ellen

Tigre X Ellen


There are seven Vanadis, named for having each received a powerful weapon from the dragon to individually reign over seven territories. The power of the Vanadis invokes dread and fear from their enemies.

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Hi, thanks for your hard work! After re-reading a few romance moments in the novel, I lean more towards Ludmira.

I have no voice, yet i must flame.

Nirmalya Putatunda says:. The legends of this countries are very similar to each other with one king surrounded with powerfull subordinates. Does anyone know when the anime is coming out. As much as I like the Harem Ending and Ludmira, I think the chemistry between Tigre and Ellen is the best of all, and there are very sweet moments between them.

Madan no ou to vanadis season 2 plot, and all we know

Status Update: Done Editing now zzzzz…. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Notify me of new posts via. Thanks Setsuna for the translation! My part is done, all that left is for tlcing and Setsuna to check over the chp. Yeh pretty sure people have seen that coming probably what with all the foreshadowing and all.

Wilson says:. Salut, merci pour toutes tes traductions! September 25, at am. You are commenting using your Google .

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In addition, instead of going outright with Ellen x Tigre — a ship that should have sailed a while ago now — the author has taken time to let Tigre build up his relationships with 5 Vanadis now. Mostly because I think Tigre is gonna become king, i. No option for Tir Na Fal? June 24, at am.

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Heheheh that ellen may have involved ripping it down the highway in a Ferrari GTB. That or wait for Setsuna I guess. Of course she could be doing it for the lolz but that would be kinda of dissapointing. Vanril says:. I hope someone will post some spoilers.

That scene when Tigre slept on Ludmira then her sleeping on top of him afterwards was so sweet, I felt I was getting diabetes. I hope the next chapter will be release soon. You are commenting using your Facebook. Too bad i wanted to see what will happen after the ending of the volume 5. So I think although it is likely to have a harem end there is going to be some twists that will make it end slightly different than we expect. Anyways, I think that we are gonna have a Harem end, yes. One of the perks of being the editor is you get to read the chp earlier then everybody else :D.

Ofc there will be twists otherwise story would be bland, anyway the sword thing is unsure for now. July 5, at am. Nathan says:. July 1, Tigre am. Most likely Ellen or Harem route… i aint too fond of either What? Amirul Deaxth says:. Good luck!! Tigre gonna married Regin to become new Brune king, and he will take all of the vanadis as his concubines so he would get the area their governs. It said that you would begin translation of saijaku in September. Just adding onto what I said, in the possible scenario that Tiger becomes a candidate to become king of Zecht, Valentina being in his harem Tigre achieve her goals and be incentive for her to his cause.

And again nope as mentioned earlier by setsuna translations of Asterik is on hold till completion of V1 of Bahumat. June 24, at pm. Luc Ulrick says:. From I can ellen a pause until September, and then begin with Gakusen volume 6. Kamito says:. DarkSilverSky says:. June 30, at pm. Ellen seizing the one position and all the other members relegated to lower positions in the harem.

June 23, at pm. Last chp of Vol 9, and we are done Madan for now. Sabaddon says:. I would say tmr earliest, latest day after tmr, but man this chp is so good.

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Notify me of new comments via. Cause you honestly deserve one after translating both madan and gakusen back to back and in a timely fashion.

El tigre ii

You will take a break until September? You are commenting using your WordPress. You deserve the the vacation and rest well, i wish you good health. Yeah, i saw it! Bonne chance pour le reste!

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I voted for the Harem ending. Characters that believe their goals to be noble enough in their opinion to commit the acts they do also tend to be the easier characters to show the error of their ways and redeem. That is I think all the countries mentioned in the novel so far. July 7, at am. Fair enough, although it could be considered a possible bad ending hehe but I digress, harem ending is the most likely scenario.

Lord marksman and vanadis

June 25, at pm. Ellen, then Elizavetta then Ludmira, Lim and Sophia are tied for 3rd imo. June 25, at am. Harem without valentina. Or when Asvarre comes into the picture again, I dont know, maybe we will get to know in like 5 more volumes? Although I can not be too sure what is gonna happen with everything else at this moment, like if Brune and zechted is gonna merge? Posted on June 23, by dualxblades.

Bookmark the permalink. June 26, at am. Oh well, whatever…. Schwarze says:.

She may be the one who ends up suggesting the possibility herself. Mikistly says:. Im gonna miss your translations on your break. Thanks for the hard work! The only LN anime that got really popular is SAO and even that i dont think is that good but for some reason a lot of normal ppl that dont usually watch anime like it.

Tigrevurmud vorn/relationship

Also, for the new Vanadis, I think something is going to be very different about this one ie. I hope the translation of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk vol. I really doubt the goddess thing…. I am also thinking that it is likely a harem end but there is going to be some sort of twist to do with those things in the future. Depends on how well the volumes.

Unless he manages to score some serious points with her quickly. That is probably the time setsuna needs to go through the chapter before posting for a final check. You are commenting using your Twitter .

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Tigre x??? Like this: Like Loading About dualxblades Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines This entry was posted in Others. Does this mean you are going to take a break?

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June 23, at am. There are a lot of arcs I can think of in the world of Madan like invasions from other countries, obviously more demon arcs or a Demon War arc. Kuratatsu says:. Just finished tlcing, it seems like an interesting chapter, I even got to word how round and elastic something was that Urz was holding o.

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In his life, Tigre has met many people, from allies and friends to rivals and enemies.

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In the alternate version of Europe, a gruesome war between the two countries is brewing.