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I know I've been absent from this blog for a while, but it is mostly due to 2 factors. Lack of motivation and real life getting in the way. I would love to write some more stories though if you guys have some prompts or images that you'd like to see used. Thanks for still checking out the blog despite the low amount of updates.

Name: Leelah

How old am I: 54
My orientation: Gentleman
My Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius
I prefer to drink: I like to drink whisky

It's a bit more pricey compared to the usual costume we sell, but we can guarantee that you won't regret it. But before you can come out, you saw what looks like a belly dancer's bottom half of the costume were hanging behind the fitting room door probably left by the customer.

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At home you unpack the whole costume to find your costume was very good quality, it was a complete package with a short, black pants, doctor's coat, even a stethoscope for props, and for your girlfriend's costume were a revealing nurse outfit, complete with a head accessory. You can feel the top and tutu you wore began to feel more and more comfortable to your body, as your chest slowly inflated pushing the white top. You walked slowly towards her, twirling your hair. May I get you the top? Cheer up, I promise you being a girl isn't that horrible. Immediately you felt tingle rushing down from your head to your toes, as you watched you body shifted.

Plus you felt so left out going to a halloween party not wearing costume, well technically you're wearing one, but to other people you were just a girl in a dress.

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I got a dick! And as soon as you put the entire costume on, your suspicion were confirmed, it was really a link costume for girl. You took the white sheet off the package and covered yourself in it, aligning your eye with the holes. And it doesn't take long before you start separating from the girls while some guys are trying to seduce you. So you agreed and your girlfriend began dressing you up and applying you make up.

Because there are a few sizes, and it'll look much better if you wear a size that suits your body type.

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Then your body began to shift, you slowly shrunk and reshaped into a more feminine form. Both of you were shocked by the voice that came out from your mouth. Before you could argue she has rushed to the cashier and pay for the costume.

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A few minutes later you stood in front of your girlfriend wearing a very tight top and the tutu barely fit on your hips. Specially not like this, and wearing that! You then proceed to checkout, and drive home. Your girlfriend saw the inside of it, she quickly grabbed the demon costume.

So you open the door, to show her your new form. Um, no. Both of you can agree that it was the best sex you two ever experience. Hurry up, we're getting late. You can feel your breasts jiggles with every thrust, the new senation that send waves of pleasure overwhelmed you. You felt your heart sank by the transformation, as your hormones started to affect your emotion.

As a random thought went through your head to try it on. What do you think, sis?

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Angel and Demon. And unfortunately the spell might be permanent if applied to the opposite gender. Until you can barely recognize yourself in the mirror.

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It'll look funny and silly at least, you thought to your self. It was angel and demon costume.

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Yu then proceed to checkout and drive home. You then grabbed the stethoscope and wrapped it around her neck, and in an instant her body grew taller, her hair shorten, her chest flatten, as her figure turned into a more masculine form. And after your girlfriend zipped you into the body suit, your transformation was complete. And after experiencing multiple orgasms as a girl, and she has loaded so many cums in you, she collapsed as you both panting and giggled to each other.

You were super nervous all the way to the party, going to a party as a girl, and wearing such a revealing clothes were more than enough to terrify you. As your girlfriend and you were about to dress up to go to the party, that's when you realized that inside the box was two costumes that are for girls. You have turned into a beautiful girl. You froze as you looked at the naked woman staring back at you in the mirror. But don't be sad, you look pretty and cute.

Long blonde hair falls from your head, as your chest inflates, hips widen, and you feel an emptiness in your crotch area. They knew exactly that it was you under the skin, but they went along and treat you just like the other girls.

But luckily after a few shots you could loosen up, and start to enjoy the party. I'm totally getting this costume. Adding the halo headband, made you look very silly. Arriving home you two were in a hurry to get ready before the caption. Your girlfriend walked in the fitting room and touched your jiggling breasts as you moan softly feeling how interactive your new nipples is.

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But you complied and went into the fitting room. When you two arrived, her friends gave you a warm hug and complimented on how you looks. And after a few mintes, you can feel that your body has changed. I can teach you. But the sheet is actually way too short, since it was only covering up to your knee. The classic ghost costume for me please. Your girlfriend panicked when she noticed that you were missing, and went looking for you everywhere. Your girlfriend were shocked when she walked out of the bathroom to see a blonde girl were sitting on the bed.

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I see that you can't take your eyes off that chest of yours, tomorrow I'll wear that body suit and I'll let you go wild You took another glance at your reflection and seeing your girlfriend inside this skin surely will be an amazing sex experience.

Immediately you felt tingling all over your body, and you watched as your body slowly shifted and becoming more and more feminine. You shook your hips, making your bottom rattle and you can feel your new boobs jiggle folloing your body movement. Your girlfriend watched in awe looing at what used to be her muscular boyfriend now a curvy girl. You began sobbing.

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Your girlfriend watched every second as your hair grew longer and your face turned softer and formed a beautiful jaw line. Your girlfriend was so confused of what happened since she was waiting in front of your fitting room as noone else walk in there. What do you think? You can feel how small you are now compared to your old body as your girlfriend hugged you. You proceed to take off you shirt too, letting your newly developed breasts hang free on your chest. But then when you tried to take them off, your body has started shifting.

Friday, 30 October In the caption room. I want you to be a girl, because tonight we're going out with the girls! When your girlfriend came out of the shower and interactive a girl in link costume sob, she immediately rushed towards you. I see you like our new body shifter costume sir, um- miss.

So you slide your pants down, and wear the bottom. Then watching your feminine form, youbegan shaking your hips, making your bottom rattle.

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She then pulled you and embrace you in her hug. Your figure become smaller and dainty, you shrink as you skin become smoother, you can feel a small bump was formed on your chest, as your penis is replaced with a soft and sensitive vagina.

You can feel the body suit started to wok its magic as it readjust the shape of your body into a more slender and feminine form that matches the body suit. And for tomorrow, I'll take you shopping.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The first thing you noticed was you were no longer taller than your girlfriend but you are at eye level with her, she was even a bit taller than you now. I'll probably spend the night at Roland's place.

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While your girlfriend was in the shower, and you were waiting for her you went thru her costume as you grabbed the headband that looks like a nurse hat and put it on your head. It was weird having the boys kept checking you out which made you uneasy.

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You felt funny inside, looking at her new masculine figure especially her erected cock made your new pussy felt damp. You find it funny why just to try a plain white sheet you are asked to do it in the fitting room, it's not like you're going to take out your clothes anyway.

Looking at your new form in the full body mirror really shocked you, you look like a little girl. As your girlfriend were taking a shower, you open the costume you just bought and decide to put it on.

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When you both arrived home, without wasting any time your girlfriend quickly undressed you and slid your body into the tight body suit.

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