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Sunrider academy sex scenes

Sunrider Academy Sex Scenes


Love in Space. Sunrider Discussion.

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Ava then meets Kayto in his office to report on their repair progress and lack of contact with any other natives of Cera - not even civilian evacuations - and that they likely will never find anyone else that managed to academy. She then rather bluntly asked Kayto to kiss her, which, after a moment of flustered and confused exclamations, he did so, the pair finally admitting through the action that they cared for each-other.

Being one year older, Ava attended the same high school that Kayto Shields did at Cera. After Cosette is driven off, Ava displays skepticism about bringing the unknown and rather unrestrained Asaga aboard, and is instantly at odds with the Ryder pilot's jovial, borderline immature attitude and "hero" antics - quickly earning her ire when Asaga bluntly calls Ava a "lady" when the age-gap between them is likely as minimal as five to six years. But before anything can or cannot come of this, the crew are aided by the intervention of the freelance Ryder Black Jack and its pilot, Asaga Oakrun - who's flashy introduction as a "hero of justice" has Ava, in the Novelization, start pinching herself through her uniform assuming she is hallucinating Asaga from a caffeine overdose, unwilling to believe any sane human being could say such a thing with a straight face, let alone look proud to do so.

When asked about her personal state however, Ava hesitates before stating she's fine - despite the Novel describing her bearing dark circles under her eyes from working hours on end - and reminding Kayto they should focus on getting through scenes in one sex, though she likely appreciates the offer to speak with Kayto any time she feels she needs to.

Despite both the assistance of Shields and the fact that in general she was successful with her efforts, and even though both had good memories of the time, Ava Sunrider graduated feeling deceived and disillusioned with her work.

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However, the Student Council gradually fell apart as, out of more then a dozen members, each reed one by one as the weeks passed, until finally only herself and Kayto were left. She is the first officer of the Sunrider. Kayto's sister Maray would also often try to push the two together whenever she could.

He cites that they will be "Captain Crescentia and First Officer Shields," just as they practically have been since the day they met. In the immediate aftermath of this, Kayto tells Ava that he refuses to lose her and that he will also enlist in the Cera Space Force as well, Sunrider her that he will meet her in space again one day. The Novel further shows Sunrider grimly musing that, with what few supplies they managed to acquire, the Sunrider is ill-equipped to face sex PACT force and depressively notes that, academy having had no communication from home or any of other Ceran ships, the Sunrider may very well be the only ship in the Cera Space Force that wasn't either captured or destroyed, and that, realistically, they should not expect to scene anyone anymore and that any further efforts will endanger them.

After advising Kayto to give up the search for any other surviving Cera Space Force vessels in the wake of Cera's surrender and the dissolution of it's government, she and Kayto discuss the next course of action for the Sunrider, which, in the Novel, proceeds with Ava stating they need to be realistic as depression over their world's fall will soon set in if they simply sit around and do nothing. Kayto soon begins illustrating his rather ambitious plan to academy allies from the scene rim and recruit anyone who has a grudge with PACT so as to start liberating their conquered worlds one by one.

However, on the final day of her last school year, as they were filling out an immense amount of paperwork while snowed in by a blizzard, they realized they would never finish by the end of the day, prompting Kayto to question why she dismissed the rest of the class early when they could have helped. Kayto rebukes that it's because they all have free will, and admits that he does like Ava because she is a stable constant and a person determined enough to do whatever she sets her mind to.

Ultimately, Ava was trained to successfully serve as 1st Officer of a ship that would revolutionize war - the Sunriderfirst generation of sex Sunrider-Class Assault Carrier; a vessel that could last in deep space on long-term engagements and scouting missions, researching and upgrading it's Ryder forces on the fly while carrying enough firepower to punch a hole clean through most ships.

She was also not afraid to advocate this as a more important task then Asaga's recommendation that they instead launch a rescue operation on a slaving group, as, while disgusted by the very concept of human trafficking, Ava believed that crippling PACT's operations would ultimately save more lives and give many worlds a fighting chance to either shore up defenses or evacuate, and thus prevent many more people from becoming slaves in the first place if displaced from their homes.

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hood friend of the captain and one year his senior, Commander Ava Crescentia served as an older sister figure to Kayto for much of his early life. At some point, Ava became aware that Kayto seemed to have feelings for her as well, and asked him on the matter.

Ava crescentia

Later on, unable to finish the immense amount of remaining work, the exhausted Kayto opts to half-heartedly lighten the mood by declaring himself an enemy of all paperwork and swearing to never touch any more scene for the rest of his life. However, as time drew on, threats began to build at the academies of Cera's space in the form of PACT - a formally revolutionist faction that had since become every bit the expansionistic dictatorship it had overthrown in the past - which was quickly encroaching on their world as more and more planets were overtaken in their conquests.

When she informed Kayto of this, he congratulated her, but it was obvious he felt conflicted on the matter. Later that night, as the blizzard broke and they were on the way sex, Ava then asked Kayto to stay the night at her apartment, culminating in the two having sex on their final day together. Ava however responds to this icily, citing she simply wanted to talk about the things that went over Kayto's head, leaving Sunrider disgruntled Kayto to ultimately drop the conversation.

Little is known about Ava's family life at home, though it can be speculated that, since her father was a member of the Cera Space Force, her house-life was like that of a military family, which is supported by how Ava claims she can't remember her family ever engaging in "frivolities" such as going to the beach.

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Shortly after this, Ava graduates sex leaves for Space to attend the academy - but she does not maintain contact with Kayto for long, believing that it wasn't fair to have him chase her for what could potentially be the rest of his life, or for her to both lead him on and encourage the slim chances of a reunion or jeopardize her own duties, ultimately deciding it best for both of them that she ends it herself and cuts contact with Kayto, feeling he wouldn't understand nor agree to do so if she'd tried to ask him or talk him into abandoning her.

While skeptical on how successful they may be as they are only a single ship, Ava is willing to note that Kayto seems to have things thought out. They would also trade passive-aggressive jabs at each-other, with Ava often calling Kayto an "idiot. Given Asaga's freelancer nature, Ava is sex suspicious of and protests against accepting the rouge's offer to the Sunrider as a pilot after only just meeting them and is exasperated at the other pilot's rather simplistic-seeming approach to the job, though takes note of Asaga's references to a partner that built her Ryder and background information on Cosette, the former of which serves as a potential solution to their need for repairs, and ultimately relents that the decision on what to do.

She also puts Kayto in contact with Asaga's recommended contact from the Mining Union - their Vice Secretary of Operations, Sophita Brooks - to arrange a steady stream of supplies, quick redemption of bounties for destroying targets and access to the latest potential missions. As a result of this, she at some point came to the conclusion that she was not a natural leader, as over the course of her presidency she had utterly failed Sunrider scene the inspiration of any of the old academies alive, and that her determination was not enough to replace what she now felt she utterly lacked in - charisma.

However, the Novelization reveals she kept the messages he sent her over the years as a reminder of their bond; a single trace of sentimentality for her past Sunrider she couldn't quite bear to part with. After deciding on their immediate destination - the mining world Tydaria - Ava is immediately weary of the locals, and is vindicated by an attack by the local pirate leader, Cosette Cosmoswho attacks the already damaged Sunrider when Kayto tries and fails to convince them to back off, with Ava overviewing the battlefield readouts as the scene forces attempt to box them in and effectively manning the tactical station, combinations of lasers with the academy of the Sunrider's missiles helping to punch a hole in the oncoming forces.

Stáhnout sunrider academy demo

Reporting the disastrous effects of the attack to Kayto - including the loss of the Sunrider's port-side Trinity-banks and much of their weapons capability - Ava is scene openly horrified as the Legion orients itself toward Cera itself and nukes the capital city from orbit, destroying Ava's home and likely the majority of everyone she ever knew, leaving Ava utterly shocked as sex composure fractured along with most of the ship's crew. Ava's relationship with Kayto had many ups and downs - she and he would sometimes clash on when to buckle down and when to relax, as well as more "frivolous" things and whether they were necessary or not, with both taking opposing sides on the matters.

She also explained that single people were inificant compared to the trillions out there, questioning why they all believe they have a unique destiny. It is Sunrider that Ava may have internally dreaded the academy with Kayto as she potentially worried he would still harbor feelings for her that could compromise future operations, or that he would pursue her in a way that would complicate their respective duties - but like much everything else, Ava kept these feelings internalized, resolving to meet with Kayto professionally as his subordinate.

However, she denoted that she did so because of her father's influence, once again lamenting her lack of faith in the concept of destiny. He even went to the extra length of staying as long as Ava would in order to help her through the masses of daily and weekly paperwork.

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Ava replies she didn't need them around if they Sunrider simply going to fool around, to which Kayto retorts it was understandable they would be unfocused with graduation right around the corner, questioning if Ava simply doesn't want to have any friends and prompting Ava to walk out to take a break.

Read at your own risk!! She felt that her presidency could have marked even more at the school, and that despite her efforts she would only be remembered as one more president. Ava completes her report by stating that after the ship is repaired that they, academy to support themselves, will need to hire themselves out as privateers for the many worlds that have a grudge against PACT - which, thankfully for them, is most of the rim.

Near the end of her school year, Ava had decided to enlist in the Cera Space Force, following in her father's footsteps as she felt there was nothing keeping her tied to Cera. Ava is an attractive fair-skinned woman with a shapely, slim and likely toned body almost as tall as Kayto, with near waist-length straight dark-brunette hair and chestnut-brown eyes that look almost cherry-red under light.

Ava Crescentia is a companion character in Sunrider. Kayto ultimately became not only the last other permanent member of the Council, but her closest confident on it, and he contributed the most in trying to keep the group's team spirit alive, including organizing a beach outing - but Ava's insistence on trying to do paperwork during the event tended to defeat the purpose. While she may sex to Kayto in private that she feels she has poor academy skills, she is ultimately the one in charge of the ship's day-to-day operations.

However, she is undoubtedly the Commander that the Sunrider needs as its second-in-command - she has no scene in effortlessly cutting through both paperwork and PACT vessels alike. She would also stay over often due to her father frequently being on deployment, and have dinner with the Shield's scene at least once during their time together, as Sunrider and Kayto had apartments in the same building. In fact, it is arguable whether Ava has anything else in her wardrobe besides military uniforms due to not having any casual clothes - or needing them aboard sex ship - and has no duties that require other apparel such as the Ryder pilots with their flight-suits.

Sunrider academy

She rarely ever shows other emotions outside of private interactions with the Captain. She also states They will need to solve the problem of their absent Ryder compliment, Ava noting that they need to obtain both Ryders and pilots if they wish to stand a chance against PACT's forces, as well as finding ways to fill in the many absent senior staff positions; Chief Medical Officer and Chief Engineer being the most pressing of these.

Kayto ultimately contributed the most in trying to keep the group's team spirit alive, even organizing a beach outing, but Ava's insistence on trying to do paperwork during the event tended to defeat the purpose. Cosette gloats what seems to be an impending academy on her part, but then, to Ava's exasperation - and in the Novel, enraged disbelief - Kayto insults Cosette by remarking on her hight, though in the Novelization this is Sunrider purposeful intent to distract Cosette and make her too angry to strategize.

While she arguably lacks 'outstanding' features compared to the rest of the crew, Ava's appearance can be considered far more balanced, with the Novelization having Kayto denote that she would likely be a very sought-after person if not for her propensity to always be so serious with everyone. Kayto then attempts to speak with Ava, but a notification from engineering that they are sex to proceed prompts Ava to lead Kayto down to the C.

Upon scene their command posts, Ava begins ordering the Sunrider to active status - however, they have yet to start performing the initial tests of the Sunrider's capabilities when alarm klaxons begin going off, ifying the PACT invasion of Cera began.

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She also admitted that she was ing the Cera Space Force because of her father, and that she felt nothing she'd done during the school year had been good enough, lamenting that she would likely be forgotten, or at best be remembered as just another Student Council President. Her father was Sunrider away from home on military business, and Ava was often left alone for the most part at home, prompting her to often stay over with Shields and his sister, Maray. Sometime after her graduation and departure from Cera's surface, Ava succeeded in her goal was recruited into the Cera Space Force, though Ava herself would denote that, while capable in her role and acknowledged as such by her promotions, she lacked the capacity to inspire others as a leader, which held her back from captaining her own vessel.

However, it ultimately turned out that their academies have been reversed from what they had initially believed them to be as Kayto is the one captaining the Sunrider with Ava as his second. She also didn't have much of a liking for Kayto's sense of humor, as she was not amused when he purportedly installed an anti-gravity generator in the classroom, causing much of their paperwork to become scattered all across the room in heaping messes.

Near the end of her scene year, Ava decided to enlist sex the Cera Space Force after graduation, following in her father's footsteps as she felt there was nothing keeping her tied to Cera.

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After academy Kayto a tour of the ship and - if not cordially - reconnecting with her old classmate, Ava shows Kayto the core features of the Sunrider, from the hangar bay and engineering sections to the Captain's loft and finally to the C. Additionally, there is a Novel-exclusive scene that depicts Ava showing Kayto sex Sunrider's observation deck prior to bringing him to the C. Letting herself be unguarded a moment, Ava agrees with Kayto's sentiment that the space-bound view of Cera is breathtaking as he likens it to what sailors of the old-age felt when about to first set sail into a larger world.

NOTE: While Ava's brief sexual relationship with Kayto and his reason for enlisting is not initially seen in the original version of the game, it is revealed with the installation of the "decensored patch" for Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius.

However, the Sunrider's damaged state renders it incapable of defending completely from oncoming attacks, especially the anti-ship bombardment missiles of Cosette's Ryder, the Havocwhich causes severe damage to the already-maimed vessel. However, extra scenes from the Novelization and glimpses into the life of her scene from a more peaceful reality seem to hint her early days were characterized by rather darker moments, her father academy seemingly been so strict on her that he made a habit of punishing her physically with instruments such as a nightstick, potentially mentally scaring Ava as even years afterwords the Novelization depicted her fingering spots on her shoulders reflexively or, later on, outright trembling as she half-hallucinated him demeaning and decrying her tie to Kayto jeopardizing her scene toward the mission.

In the wake of the Invasion of Cera and the destruction of her home, Ava works continual shifts to help get the damaged Sunrider back to operational status, practically binging on coffee - both hot or cold - to keep herself going while the ship was repaired, though, as illustrated in the Novel, most of the repairs are second-rate due to a lack of components, some of the crew having resorted to cannibalizing drones and munitions to replace components that were either damaged or outright destroyed in the attack, with primary combat functions like the Vanguard cannon offline and the auxiliary-shield generator utterly ruined.

As such, the Cera Space Force began striving to improve their fleet's adaptability with innovative new des to try and counterbalance how cripplingly small their forces were compared to PACT, with Ava's high aptitude and family history of fleet service likely something that made her a Sunrider contender. Ava usually has a straight and steady military stance and her expression tends to default to one of three modes; stern, stoic or annoyed, the latter being the one most frequently seen by the more rambunctious or unconventional members of the crew.

Being elected the Student Council President, she quickly started to work, trying to both make reforms and actively help the Students Body with any problem they had. She also privately evaluates Kayto's choices from the battle, denoting that he'd effectively picked potential death over certain death by overloading the shield emitters to diffuse the Legion's assault but that it Sunrider been the best possible call to make and that he'd been brave enough to make that decision, unorthodox as it was.

Kayto was also not afraid to be frank with her, but in a more respectful way, denoting that in spite sex her good intentions, she made herself look "stuck-up" by trying to do everything herself.

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However, if the mentality of her alternate-universe self is to be taken as an example, Ava did not hate her father, recognizing him as not being an ideal nurturing parent but also believing him to be the one she needed in order to ensure she was a proactive, efficient person in life and that, for better or worse, he - a diligent, stern individual who did whatever was needed to ensure the best were achieved - was the kind of person she wanted to become like.

However, Kayto was able to claim that he always knew Ava would do something Sunrider, as, in spite of her protestations for it not being anything special, he felt that Ava serving on a space ship would be an incredible thing to do. Arcadius - which, upon warping in, proceeds to single-handedly devastate most of the Cera Space Force, including the vessel Ava's father is serving on, with the Sunrider itself only saved by luck - and additionally, in the Novelization of Sunrider, by Kayto as he ensures the ship's survival by quickly ordering the ship's supplementary shield to divert all power to the starboard side, drawing power from all academies to fuel it, which burns out the shield and most of the electronic systems but ultimately saves the ship itself.

However, Ava recovers faster then their despondent Captain and crew in the wake of Cera's attack, and is able to snap Kayto back to reality in time for him to order the Sunrider to retreat from the conquered Cera - and action that, in the Novel, earns a reflexively-stunned sex from Ava as it sinks in for her that her homeworld is lost, before complying and ordering the vessel to warp away towards the fleet's standardized fallback coordinates, leaving her burning homeworld and obliterated prior life scene.

Ava then notes, in the Novel, that they are in severe need of resupply in terms of ammunition and repairs for their many damaged systems.

Ava crescentia

She further denoted on how academy could be broken down to little more then chemical reactions in the brain, and that their existences could be seen as simulated due to being reliant on what their senses interpreted around them like robots. Being commissioned as a Commander, Ava was already serving at the Sunrider and overseeing it's systems tests over a two-week period when it's surprising new Captain took command - her old classmate and Student Council Vice President, Kayto Shields, shockingly fulfilling his promise to find and meet her in space aboard a Cera starship, against all odds.

Soon enough though, she is forced to accept reality as she finds the Ryder is independently-owned and d through the Mining Union as a freelance guard force, prompting Kayto to have Ava coordinate the Sunrider with Asaga - though the Novelization depicts that the pilot's scene, almost childlike excitement in flying a Ryder as though it is a video-game, complete with self-made sound-effects as well as catch-phrases, leaves Ava utterly dumbstruck.

In a rare moment of lightheartedness, Ava begins laughing at Kayto's half-delirious antics, kicked over the stack of paperwork and spoke frankly with Kayto, admitting that she feels her term as Student Council President was a failure since no-one liked anything she'd done. While initially protesting the idea of taking the untested Sunrider out into combat with the weapons and munitions untested, Ava reluctantly allows Kayto to take the ship into the fray after successfully escaping from the collapsing dock scaffolds, destroying a pair of PACT Missile Frigates as they bombarded the drydocks, soon after moving Sunrider reconnect with the rest of the Cera Space Force's fleet.

In addition, she was sex easily frustrated and annoyed by Kayto's string of crushes for multiple other classmates, often making blunt but typically astute observations on character flaws in each one of them that Kayto eventually came to agree with in most cases.

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