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Step brothers centaur

Step Brothers Centaur


Centaurs have appeared in many places in modern fiction, and may be regarded as a fantasy trope. In modern literature differing views of centaurs vary with the author.

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Cancel Save. Centaurs are one of the most popular creatures to appear in fantasy-themed media, behind elves and dwarves, and more recently also behind orcs and goblins.

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Centaurs or, more correctly referred to as Hippocentaurs are a race of beings originating from Greek mythology, where they were usually noted as a brutal, warlike tribe. Non-alien Creatures Wiki Explore.

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Centaur Archer in Hero Wars. Centaur Warrior in Hero Wars.

Centaurs in popular culture

Edit source History Talk 0. The females are described as being quite beautiful.

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A notable member of this species was the wise sage known as Chiron, whose scholarly interests thoroughly set him apart from the more savage majority. Like many other beings from ancient legend, they appear like a combination of different creatures.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Specifically: they have the head, arms and torso of a human being attached to an equine body, complete with four legs and a tail. These are often dubbed "centaurs" as well by fans of such media, although this is technically incorrect.

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Register Don't have an ? Centaur Legionnaire in Hero Wars.

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Many creatures inspired by the Centaurs have been created in numerous universes as well, based on the idea of a humanoid upper torso and a mount animal for the lower half. Universal Conquest Wiki. The name has also been used more than once in more science fiction-driven content, although usually in a more vague form.

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Their fur may be of numerous different colors.

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