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Severe caning stories

Severe Caning Stories
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Fiction severe paddling strapping tawsing birching caning spanking stories. Bdsm femdom mistress Severe prison strapping Lesbian stockings babe Spanking Her Bimbo Butt Bdsm british spanking Strapped for choice of dress Bbw bdsm bondage Lisas amateur spanking and rigid caning of chubby slaveslut

Name: Blanca

Years old: 33
Gender: Fem
Languages: Russian
Body type: My figure type is quite overweight
Piercing: None
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A female daredevil who has spent the cane thirty years cheating death goes for the ultimate thrill--confronting her old schoolmaster. A lecherous principal and his superintendent conspire to paddle a girl. A supposed 'missing scene' from the Peter Pan movie, where Wendy gets caned for drawing pictures of the flying boy. A woman dreams of being a wealthy television star with dozens of lovers but story can match her severe love.

A real novella of over 37, words. Several couples gather for a friendly poker game that escalates into tension-filled erotic naughtiness. One version of several of the same story. Not for the squeamish. Has the distinction of being the first story the Flogmaster posted on the 'Net. A young lady visits her uncle for the summer in hopes of being his apprentice but discovers the meaning of discipline instead.

A college-age girl, away from home for the first time, recollects birthday spankings from her father. A man remembers the price of True Love--what his girlfriend paid--and the important lesson he learned. An American teenager visits a British friend prior to her entrance to a strict London school and receives an unusual favor. A woman imagines being bound naked and spanked before an audience which pays for the privilege of watching her.

Fiction severe paddling strapping tawsing birching caning spanking stories

A young girl discovers romance for the first time and willingly pays the price for her indiscretion. A teacher imagines the principal of his school allowing him to paddle a naughty nymph who refuses his advances. A young model tells about an unusual modeling show where she and the other model's costumes are a little, er, transparent.

The bored female pilot of a transport ship on a long lonely voyage makes use of a robot she discovers in the cargo hold. A girl learns to obey her father as she earns a dose of discipline for breakfast. A classic. A young man builds the perfect device for obtaining revenge against the popular, pretty girl who won't go out with him.

This a sociologist's report on the mating habits of the members of the very private Posterior Society.

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Warning: contains death and philosophy; not for the squeamish or stupid. Loosely based on the new Pan Am TV series, this is a discipline spanking story for a stewardess' failings. An impulsive young lady makes a big mistake trying to show off to her boyfriend--and ends up showing him how well she can take a strapping! Corporal Discipline Protective Services. Set at the same school as Lakemont I, two girls are caught cheating and face a Saturday of serious lesson-learning.

Forecastle 3, Morning showers at a girls' school. A simple, beautiful tale of a woman craving more excitement than her marriage allows--and the club that makes her dreams come true.

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A high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education. General A School Spanking 31, Two randy teens discover love as they suffer the rod and strap at school. A girl sneaks out for a date and pays for it. A group of children and their sexy teacher are trapped in a cave and have to use any method they can to escape. A young lady makes a fateful decision to spy on her nude neighbors and pays the price in a rather public manner. This is an exclusive story for this collection, never published before.

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A woman tells about her strange obsession with camping--and her arousal at being flogged outdoors. An elegant explanation of what erotic spanking is all about. An incomplete story, this tells of a scientist who creates a private island full of naughty girls that need spankings. Moffat 14, Teenage girls suffer at the hands of their most hated teacher. After a hard day's work a husband must face the terrible duty of disciplining his beautiful wife. Lots of cane, so don't read if you're the sensitive type. A hot new female singing group is interviewed on music television during the severe of their latest video.

A woman goes to work after a strenuous 'session' with her husband and finds it difficult to concentrate. Bliss 24, A girl suffers a severe caning with the tri-cane "soko. In this sequel to It's Naturalnaughty Amanda's dangerous peeping habits earn her even worse story. A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men.

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A woman remembers the worst strapping she ever received--at age sixteen, from her loving Grandfather. II 4, A strict principal makes a dreadful but entertaining mistake. The female narrator entertains herself with a young man but soon becomes the entertainment herself.

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A naughty young lady is given a series of punishments by the school headmistress during an all-day Saturday punishment session. Patrick 7, A beautiful secretary is punished for every mistake. The perky co-host of a cane network morning TV news show is 'volunteered' to host a segment on recreational spanking A young businesswoman learns that the price of high finance can be quite an emotional story. A father comes up with a plan to keep his daughter from sleeping during the Sunday morning severe service. Marie's pretty new shorts have diabolical secret -- one that's revealed when her bottom's properly warmed by a thorough spanking.

A transplanted African tells about the discipline customs in his own country, particularly those involving his sister. This tells the story of a female servant whose new mistress turns out not only to be extremely strict, but to have a mysterious secret in her past.

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A lonely, middle-aged bachelor tells the bittersweet story of how he fell in love with the woman of his dreams. A woman confronts a man who has been reported for 'abusing' his teenage daughter and discovers she needs some of the same 'abuse. A Case for Corporal Punishment in Schools. Part one in a series of letters by a conservative, traditional woman to her sister detailing incidents of corporal punishment.

This is the first spanking story the Flogmaster ever wrote, way back as a teenager in high cane. One of the Flogmaster's severe stories! Well, this story takes up where the video left off! A woman tells about seeing her best friend receive the strapping of her life--and the strange way watching it affected her. Children The Trick 7, A snotty girl gets others in trouble. Children Peter Pan: The Missing Scene 16, A supposed 'missing scene' from the Peter Pan movie, where Wendy gets caned for story pictures of the flying boy.

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That is the question. A lonely, depressed woman, haunted by a terrible secret, searches for the elusive 'Healing Pool' she hopes will cure her ills. FM's Masterwork. You have permission to download these stories for personal use only. A Hollywood movie director has the opportunity to show his beautiful young star the meaning behind the story.

Judicial caning

A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. A young couple discovers the real meaning behind trust and commitment. An introspective tale about the ritual sacrifice of a woman. The Therapist: Discipline Through Time idea for a screenplay. Talk about torment: a girl must exercise her woodshop skills by making a paddle for her upcoming punishment. Over 27, words long, this novella is the exciting tale of a young woman kidnapped by pirates who falls in love with the cruel, mysterious pirate captain. The story of Icarus, King Cyris' harem Slavemaster, responsible for obtaining and training all of the King's female sex slaves.

Judicial caning stories

No other type of publication of these stories is permitted without written authorization of the Flogmaster. A of teenage children face regular fatherly discipline until a missing twenty dollar bill is found. Remember the Arosmith music video Crazy?

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Judicial caning stories.

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In an earlier post I told you how our marital CP sessions moved gradually from mutual bare-bottom play towards a situation in which Pat, my wife, administers all the spanking.

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We had been caught smoking whilst we should have been studying during a free period.

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It was approaching the end of the Michaelmas Term and, apart from the unexpected problem back in September when three girls had been caught drinking under-age and the Police had been involved, James Simmons felt things had gone smoothly.