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Secretary spanking stories

Secretary Spanking Stories
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The first time I found out that some women liked being spanked on their buttocks was when I had to discipline my own secretary. They could get it for making serious mistakes or for bad behavior on the company premises. After the annual Christmas party, where a lot of drinking occurred, usually a couple of ladies got their asses whupped. One college intern was caught smoking pot in a stairwell and she was thoroughly punished for that.

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I was always getting things wrong. He said no, which made sense to me at the time. The next day she told me that she had been out for a drink with a friend and had asked her about spanking in the office. I slipped my tights and knickers down to my knees and then went over to him. On my very first day there, I noticed that all the typewriters had dust guards over the writing arms.

He ought to. After she had gone, Carol, the other girl got a bit upset and asked if she could be excused a spanking. Then he spanked us.

When I worked in the hotel. I had already sussed that they would be perfect for administering a spanking. In fact, I realised that given the nature of the mistake I expected to be getting the sack. Anyway, I told all this to Sir Brian. In all other respects, she was as bad as I was.

When it was my turn, I was really embarrassed to have a man looking at my bare bum. And anyway I deserve a really sound spanking. I explained that she should wear only stockings and suspenders to work from now on and she should take care to wear her briefs over the outside of the straps. Later on, as I took her over my knee I was still tender I realised.

Actually, he did a really good job. I was very sorry long before he stopped spanking me and I really did want him to stop. These were long flat springy lengths of Bakelite type material. Sir Brian Hughes. Anyway, I was angry with myself and Linda and I really felt I had let my boss down.

Spanking stories

There were a few more like that and he told me later that I actually started purring. I got spanked a lot after that. He put her over his knee and took her knickers down right in front of me. I picked up the typewriter guard and brought it down smartly across her bare bottom. I do swear and I think maybe I did, but it is naughty so I changed that bit to make me look like a nicer person.

He agreed that it was certainly a tempting idea.

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My boss, I suppose I had better give him a name, not his real one of course. I expect that explains it. I got a real bollocking. So my boss, Sir Brian was livid. I was being kind I thought. As unlikely as it seems, I was not making this up. I am a fictional character; I exist merely as a vehicle to tell this story. Well the girls anyway. She should know better than tattle about the workings of our office. My teacher said we were lucky, because in her day they got spanked at work as well.

I did that a lot in those days, all kinds of things used catch my eye as possible spanking implements.

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I mean why should she be if she deserved it? Really hard. I fully intended to do the same myself and subsequently did. Now it occurs to me that if you are not English or are too young to remember the s then you might be getting lost at this point. Then he would call us into the office and tell us he was going to give us a spanking. I mean it would be cheating if I took advantage of his kind nature when I so obviously deserved to be properly punished. Maybe we can get a new girl instead of… thing out there.

It was very cute, like two white billiard balls in a sausage skin. Even though we took great care, it seems were always getting it wrong.

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Let us start with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is appropriate as I used to be a legal secretary. But it was fun afterwards when I was alone, if you know what I mean. I decided that it was more fun, I mean more appropriate, if I denuded Linda myself. I know its better and girls are always wearing them in books and that, but I have tights on today.

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Then one day between us, we managed to send some important legal documents to the wrong office. I suppose the more important the legal office the more important the punishment is. In fact, I was very bad at it.

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For a small girl she had a very big bum, I thought. This annoyed me. I was 24 and I had a huge crush on my boss, who was at least Well if not then make up your own reasons while I get on with the story. Alright, I said I would be honest, they still do.

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The third day I was there, he called three of us new girls into his office and told us that we had to buck our ideas up. It started off very white and ended up very red. I was wearing a mini dress so when I flopped over his knee my bottom almost bared itself.

Much harder and longer than I had been spanked. That is not to say what follows is true, it might not have happened at all. Our boss used to tell us to make up rooms and book certain people in. Linda had a small bottom, but very pert.

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I was way too sore to sit down, let alone take her over my knee so I told I would spank her the next day after work unless Sir Brian did it first. She was a great shorthand typist but that was about it. I had an assistant, a girl from the typing pool called Linda. I mean, I have never heard of unimportant documents being sent to the wrong office.

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We all did. I hope you appreciate my honesty, by telling you this right at the start of this tale, but I thought it would establish a level of trust between us and you would know that I was not a liar. It was fun.

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Although my boss pointed out that I deserved it and it was part of the punishment. One of the girls, being a bit older than us suggested that she would rather leave and that she thought he was a rather unpleasant man. The first swat imparted a nice sting and wiggled a bit.

He had every right to tell me off and I told him so. I spanked really hard. That is how it should be. I was really surprised, being only 19, when he said that he was going to take our knickers down and give us all a sound spanking on our bare bottoms. Spank me until I am good and crying and then add a bit more.

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Richard Allen lifted his eyes from the papers strewn across his desk and allowed himself to be distracted by the sight presented before him.

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Stephanie was 19 and was an attractive girl.

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As a solicitor with his own private practice, Mark Bradley had built up quite the reputation in the legal community for his cutthroat tactics in the court room and intensive discovery process, which went way beyond that of his competitors.

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Stephanie had always considered herself to be completely honest but the offer had been just too tempting and Mr Smith, as he called himself, had been very persuasive.