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San jose coffee shop girls

San Jose Coffee Shop Girls


The coffee shops — which have been in business for at least two decades in San Jose — have always been known for the provocative attire of their waitresses. Many of the cafes permit smoking indoors, the smoke often mixing with burning incense in shrines to Buddha, usually right next to a California Lottery Scratchers vending machine. With at least 20 similar coffee shops concentrated in a 3-square-mile area, the recent trend toward caffeine in the raw has prompted an outcry at City Hall. During a recent meeting with police Chief Chris Moore, Councilwoman Madison Nguyen — whose City Council district serves up most of the coffee deshabille — screened a series of videos shot surreptitiously at the shops.

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Tips are expected and are reciprocated through service. I'm going to try this out soon. But they have some of the best produce around. Looking for a bikini bar or coffee house. I've only heard of the coffee places and haven't been cause friends said if you're white they ask you to leave. Posted by 7 years ago. Some areas in town I get lots of stares. No bikinis.

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Tully and King, there's a spot in the area behind Carl's Jr. They don't care about race there. The third one I was going to try had a few cops busting a guy right outside so I skipped. Just be courteous and respectful. That last line makes me super confident. Any advice?

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Didn't even know. Found the internet!

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More posts from the SanJose community. As for etiquette, just be yourself. What are the tips expected and all that. So I'm just looking for a place to relax. Continue this thread. These areas of San Joes are notorious for not only coffee shops, but also Vietnamese gangs. More details please. The girls also bounce around from the first location "Chot Nho" if you wanted to check that out. Edit: it doesnt latter what you look like.

I'm also white. Not my cup of tea, but I didn't see any problem with it.

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In groups is sometimes better. If you tip like an American is supposed to, order lots of food and drink which will be overpriced you'll be in pretty good shape. I don't expect to be looking at any of the guys.

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Me and my friends are a group of different raced guys with none be Asian and never have problems. I know right where you mean. Not a strip club. I just don't want anyone pissed at my insane whiteness. Yea I'm hoping the same goes for me when I'm out alone. Most importantly don't give dirty eyes to other guys sitting there. I get one 5 dollar drink and leave a dollar or two tip. Also what is etiquette at these places. Not to bring friends. I'm not looking for dances or anything which is why no strip club. I drive by there all the time. There's a fun bikini bar in Sunnyvale called the Brass Rail.

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Here's my time to shine. So is it ok to go to a coffee shop alone as a white guy or to a club alone. Ok so went down truly and tried 2 places both had blacked out windows. Just a place I can chill and be served drinks by women in bikinis or sexy outfits.

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Alex's 49'er. Even in like ethnic grocery stores. Usually not all servers are Asian. I didn't know these places existed. I'm just there to relax after work and wind down after a long day and not have to bother with other people except drinking a coffee or a scotch and watching beautiful ladies walk around.

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Sort by: best. Chot Nho 2 is one of the more popular coffee shops in the bay area. Atleast at cafe. Created Nov 4, Top posts july 2nd Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. Dress somewhat nice.

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Not weird to go alone! Enjoy it. Cambrian Park. Nobody was being exploited, and the girls seemed to like working there. But it looks like it was just a bar with electric gambling kiosks. Sort of like a Viet Hooters is the best way to frame it and I've never been to hooters.

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So you love coffee, and you love girls even more.

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Came by to check this place out it's not all that.