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Rocket manatee art

Rocket Manatee Art


Allowed file types:jpg, jpeg, gif, png, webm, mp4, swf, pdf Max filesize is 16 MB. Max image dimensions are x You may 5 per post. If you're going to post a comic that's been posted to death at least get it all.

Name: Ashil

Years: I am 25
Ethnicity: Swedish
I prefer: Gentleman
Gender: I am girl
I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
What is my favourite music: Pop
Piercing: None

And every single artist can relate to being ostracized, analyzed, pedestaled and pigeon-holed just for actualizing what they desire. We WILL be opening the public request form again soon, however. Keep that in mind when making requests, and I hope to see you all on Friday.

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Sammy is one such regular, and many on staff have done work for BestSammy. What has tumblr become in the last few months? The artists participating are individually electing to chip in to this communal gift.

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Reblogging this because I just found out some of my content was being used on Patreon at one point without permission. Without regulars gallery purges would be more frequent. I see you on 6 other blogs sending the same asks to every single domme. Four sketch requests will be taken during this four-way stream.

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It was a fun day with a chill group of people; thanks to everyone who stopped by. The link will take you to a google form. On the 5th of May at Noon PST a selection of our artists will be participating in a multi-stream event featuring the community member BestSammy. These upgrades will be handled by:.

Do not request subject matter against TCP rules no gore, violence, blood, death, scat, bestiality, underaged characters. Hi everyone! In fact, I explicitly told one of these patreon users they did not have permission after they were unwilling to pay me a cut.

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Anything created by a rocket member of our community would fall under this umbrella. The more ideas the better, but keep it to a maximum of three. Feel free to make multiple requests! More often than not, artists share the same commissioners. Regulars are the backbone for the art community at large, art. Ah-Bagels is hosting our on-site requests. This manatee has remained a staunch supporter of the creative side of the ABDL community via commissions, contributions, and friendships for many years now. Hi lovelies.

Regardless of the subjects and themes contained within a piece, regardless of whether the characters depicted are crowdpleasers or have limited niche appeal, everyone viewers and artists alike benefits from every single commission produced.

If requesting OCs that are not yours, please have permission ready from their creator. Hosting this stream will be: Four sketch requests will be taken during this four-way stream. Each regular an artists shares with another artist forces them to buckle down and hold themselves to a higher standard; much more than they would if gone unpaid and permanently left to their own devices. If a requester registers for our site we will upgrade their sketch for free! As such, the of participants may still increase in the coming days.

Additional information about this stream will be shared next week.

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Without regulars the quality and quantity of art we see on a daily basis whilst browsing would be greatly reduced. Our artists are generally okay with the usage of their OCs within requests provided the requests are kept in character. Not to mention the rampant stealing of content in order to be the most popular, from stealing art to straight up copying text posts.

Time permitting, individual artists may elect to do quick lottery requests for viewers who participate in chat.

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Stop with the spam dming. Honestly stop doing this. Please check to see whether each artist accepts the content you are requesting fanart, ocs, furry, human by reading their individual rules located in the link at the bottom of this post. General Rules: 1. All sketches will be posted to our tumblr upon completion and ed to each requester. Serials, knock yourselves out, lol.

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There was some really great stuff! So stay tuned!

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Sketches will be completed by the end of January. To receive more requests and view more art, please subscribe to CushyPen by clicking here. There will be no public requests taken at this time - except from the individual we are honoring. These upgrades will be handled by: Each request may involve one to two characters and a moderate background no cityscapes, elaborate interior shots. Include accurate visual references IF you are requesting specific characters.

Thank you so much to everyone who requested and came out to support our stream. Twelve artists thus far will be streaming during this event. Great work by everyone here! Just click the form linked to learn how!

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Because regulars also breed friendly competition! The completed versions will be shared in 6 months from now along with a few not previewed in this batch. Looking forward to the stream on the 5th. Just do your own damn things!!

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If you are interested in receiving a request, please click the link at the bottom of this post - after reading the general rules. No further requests will be taken after this, so be sure to get your requests in early! This is a voluntary tribute stream. Each request may involve one to two characters and a moderate background no cityscapes, elaborate interior shots. Stop with the content stealing. Art is fantasy fulfillment. Our next event will be held on the 5th of May in honor of a beloved community member.

Customers deserve better quality than stolen, re-purposed goods. Without routine commissions not only would TCP artists be struggling to make ends meet, the entire community as a whole would suffer. Any upgraded sketches will be released to the public after three months exclusivity one pay cycle. Only non-subscribers will be permitted to submit manatees for this stream.

However, if you take art and attach a caption you completed in ten minutes just to fatten art your patreon feed, myself and other artists will not want to ever work with you after. These additional requests may come from a couple unlisted guest artists, too. You will need to submit a new form for each idea, however. What originally began back in the Fall as a two person idea has blossomed into sixteen artists ing on to take turns streaming their gifts. Artists pick up the pen because they have needs, commissioners become regulars because they have needs, and rockets keep their eyes fixed to the screen searching, waiting because they hope to find their needs met, too.

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Some of these are finished on the site. I always release my work for free eventually, and I know the nature of the internet. Please do not badger for progress, upgrades will be completed within two to three months after requests are chosen. If you have a specific background in mind, feel free to describe it or link an example image in the reference section of the form.

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Detailed syntax guide.

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