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Professor sycamore treasure pokemon y

Professor Sycamore Treasure Pokemon Y


Couriway Town is a small town in mountain Kalos. It connects Route 18 in the north to Route 19 in the south. A train platform is located to the east of the Pokemon Center. Half-way up the stairs is a hidden Ether.

Name: Charmain

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Available for: Hetero
Hobbies: Riding a bike
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More accurate location, if you stand inbetween the two benches to the right of her, take one step south, one step east, and then turn around, you'll find a written message seemingly carved into the floor. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

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Reafexus Reafexus 9, 23 23 gold badges 65 65 silver badges bronze badges. So does anybody know which one is Sycamore's 'special' present?

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It's not a hidden item, so it wont get picked up by the dowsing machine. Add a comment. After you fight Professor Sycamore in Couriway Town he says there is an item hidden in the town.

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Active Oldest Votes. Of course there are several but looking at Bulbapedia none of the items listed seem especially notable besides the Gyaradosite which you can't get until after you beat the Elite 4 anyway as far as I have heard. up to this community.

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What is the item Professor Sycamore is referring to after you meet him in Couriway Town? Active 4 years, 11 months ago. It only takes a minute to up. Improve this answer.

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In Couriway Town, he comes and tells you that he hid something and that if you find it, you can keep it.

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Sycamore tells you there's a treasure for you somewhere in the town, talked to every npc, found all hidden items, still nothing didn't go up the waterfall though, I don't have waterfall yet?

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To do that, you have to go to Kiloude City, win at least one battle in the Battle Maison, then go to the north part of Kiloude City and battle your neighbor.