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Princess fiona human form

Princess Fiona Human Form
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Do you think like an ogre.

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Instincts like an ogre? So the question is, if a witch turns you into and ogre are you a full on ogre ,or just a human trapped in an ogre form. So now she's an ogre, but she was born a human.

Guess that depends on the spell. Yes she's half frog turned human turned ogre and half human turned ogre. Sort by: best.

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Note that it's not your true form, or true love's form which I suppose would just imply 'beautiful'? Found the internet! Everyone in this thread has it wrong!

Your answer

She was human on the outside, but somewhat Ogre on the inside. Her love was Shrek, an ogre.

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So at first she was just a human. While resolution of the curse seemed to leave her in ogre form, by origin she's still a cursed human. She was surprised to remain an ogre, so it wasn't a conscious decision, but was probably a result of a subconscious desire to be with Shrek.

My theory is that the spell transformed her into an ogre permanently because that was what she actually wanted. Then had a curse out in her were she turns into and ogre at night Then somehow chose to stay and ogre I forget how that part actually happened. Posted by 4 years ago. What I want to know is, is she half frog?

Have urges like an ogre. Kissed another ogre at midnight ,while in ogre form So the question is, if a witch turns you into and ogre are you a full on ogre ,or just a human trapped in an ogre form.

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Created Jul 1, Top posts january 26th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. If shrek was a robot she would be a robot. When curse takes effect her type changes from Humanoid Human to Giant Ogre. She's clearly transogre.

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She's a cursed human. Kissed another ogre at midnight ,while in ogre form. But her form is a real ogre of course.

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If shrek was a human she would be a human. More posts from the AskScienceFiction community.

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This is because Fiona has the power to decide what is acceptable and what is not in not only her future husband, but in her own identity.

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Princess Fiona is the wife of Shrekthe daughter of Queen Lillian and King Harolda close friend of Donkeyand the mother of the Ogre triplets in the Shrek franchise.