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Pokemon insurgence sylveon

Pokemon Insurgence Sylveon
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It looks like you are planning to choose Eevee as your starter.

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Those TM's, if not available yet, will be soon enough. Recommended Posts. However, I am still open to some team suggestions. Start new topic. However, after that, I have no ideas. Espeon is my second favorite Eeveelution, right behind Flareon, so I decided to use her instead. Espeon: You could consider replacing Bite with either Psyshock to hit special walls or with Calm Mind. One thing you could consider would be to replace Lanturn with Rotom-Wash, but for an in-game playthrough I think you can choose whichever you like and turn out OK.

Just note that Rotom-W has better all-around stats and provides a ground immunity which 4 of your current mons are weak to Mega-Gengar, Heatmor, Gigalith, Lanturn. Cerise was originally supposed to be a Mega Eevee. I am planning on using either Sylveon or Espeon as my starter, and will definitely be using Mega Gengar and Gigalith.

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We'd be happy to help if you'd like. Still, that would be neat to consider. You can about it Here. I think a physical ground type like Gliscor, Swampert, or Garchomp would have great synergy with your current team since many physical rock resist mons are weak to Earthquake. I might try it. Thank you for the kind words! TeamPlayerSwampert Posted August 6, Also, do you mind me asking the movesets for your mons? I have a bit of explaining to do: Cerise was originally supposed to be a Mega Eevee.

The boltbeam combo is great to use, and especially helps considering it's wide range of effectiveness.

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Although these might be a bit different, it would still be good to give them a shot. Milotic are Hydreigon are some of my personal favorites that can switch into water moves well, but again feel free to pick any of your personal favorites out of water, dragon, or grass.

Dustin only has the armor because I haven't found a mega stone for him yet. I have already played through Insurgence to the current beta, but that was about two or so years ago. Filthy Casual Posted August 6, Posted August 6, Here is my team now: Spoiler.

Hiatus! ^^'' — i’m playing pokemon insurgence and the mega form

For my team, I did use Delta Charizard, which is super useful early game since most trainers use normal type moves, and they don't effect delta charmander. Filthy Casual Posted July 23, Posted July 23, As such, here is my question to you: What are some good suggestions for my team? Last but not least, a priority sweeper with swords dance seems like a good idea.

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Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Shadowsusanoo Posted July 23, Jess Posted July 23, Give it a try. Dustin : modest nature is Mega Flygon supposed to be a special attacker? That's why I wanted to try normal mons this time around. I mean, can you imagine that I hated Bug types till half a year ago? Depending on your luck levels, you could consider Focus Blast over dark pulse. If you decide to keep Gigalith instead of Tyranitar, maybe you could go with Hydreigon or Bisharp as a part of your rotation.

Of course, it was also off that I got a Victreebel without a Leaf Stone, but the game was extremely fun regardless.

What’s the pokemon insurgence best team? read our indepth guide!

with Discord. There are a lot of options like Bisharp, Weavile, etc However, any decent priority sweeper will do so feel free to pick which one looks coolest. You don't really need Volt Absorb since Flygon is there. Eevee is a good choice, however, I would refrain from evolving it, since not only is there a move tutor that can teach your Eevee its evolution's special, most powerful move, you can also mega evolve it, into Mega Eevee you can also mega evolve your delta starter, as well as Delta Gardevoir.

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The latter two won't add another water weakness as well. The final update of Insurgence will be coming out soon according to Suzerain's Twitterand as such, I will be starting my first run through. I plan to play through the entire thing again, with a brand new save file.

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Also having something that can switch into thunder wave is convenient too. Other than that you could use some pokemon normal ones but special found in hidden grottos. I just love Espeon that much. You can catch Delta Ralts fairly early in the game before the second gymand the typing of Electric and Ice is very fun to use. I just completed this version of my run, and my goodness, I had a blast! Gojira the traded Pupitar might use Tyranitar, but I personally like Gigalith more.

Alternatively, you can enable purity mode before you start your run, which disables any delta pokemon that are special encounters, or starters for example, you could get delta charmander as a starter, but with purity mode enabled, you would just get a charmander.

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If you go with Talonflame, your team is pretty much complete in 5 mons so maybe just a water resist is left. Pokemon Insurgence Help insurgence.

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Any help would be appreciated. TeamPlayerSwampert Posted July 23, However, any decent priority sweeper will do so feel free to pick which one looks coolest Edit: I just remembered this is Gen 6 so Talonflame's Gale Wings still works regardless of HP. ThinkMoreDimensional Posted July 23, I am planning on using either Sylveon or Espeon as my starter.

Time for an update! The rest seem fine as is, though Lanturn will really appreciate Ice Beam once it becomes available. I prefer not to use any deltas or custom mega evolutions, as I personally gravitate towards the normal des. You never know if you like something, unless you give it a chance. I only have a Heatmor because he was in the Hidden Grotto.

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Knowing this, Talonflame can fill both of the last two roles I mentioned in one mon if you teach it swords dance and roost. Existing user? I love Fritz, but he's probably going to get replaced when I find something I like more. Hello friends! Since you mentioned you might replace Heatmor, do you know any fire types you like a lot more?

I suggest you can use Haxorus i. Your team looks awesome! As such, here is my question to you:. The armor certainly looks cool, but as soon as I get the chance, I will replace it. I'm gonna attempt my first serious playthrough of Insurgence once the final update comes out too! Also, a fire type in general can really help put a dent into steel types like Skarm, Ferrothorn, or Scizor who might give the rest of your team a bit of trouble.

Eevee (pokémon)

I wouldn't change much, though a Dark type might help due to the 2 weaknesses to Dark and Ghost and lack of resistances. What are some good suggestions for my team? I actually have two Rotoms in the box! A Ghost Dragon?! Fortunately, I made her female in case I changed my mind and wanted to get an Eevee.

This makes up for the horrendous imho cockroach-like de of Giratina And Deltas are really well-deed and polished. Here is my team now:. Volc gives your squad a solid setup sweeper who can many teams after a quiver dance.

What is the best delta pokemon?

I'm gonna be a bit biased here and recommend one of my top 3 favorite mons of all time, Volcarona. Every Vibrava I've caught has been modest. Next, a fire type would really round out your team. Ledger is my current Mega Pokemon.

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This way by printing or downloading the eevee evolutions printable coloring your child can begin to color it.

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I will go in order which I battled them and give notes about each Battle.

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Which Eevee Move set is the best.

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Details and compatible parents can be found on the Sylveon egg moves .

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Yes, yes you can.