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Peg me tumblr

Peg Me Tumblr


What a crazy evening, coming home to an evening out with the family, sleep overs for the children, kid forts being built in the living room, Nerf guns blasting, Nerf bullets flying, and all I could think about is pegging your beautiful tight asshole…. I love how you gear up for the moment, take a shower, rinse out your ass, get out the lube, laydown a towel.

Name: Elfrieda

Years: 22
What I prefer to drink: Ale
Piercing: None
Body tattoos: None

Despite his constant teasing that you were only in it on his body, you could never quite deny that it was one of his many qualities that made you unable to stay away from him at first.

We love a man so secured about his own identity that he had no fear taking a dildo up his ass. You leaned down, the cold plastic connecting to your harness pressing up his back as you did so when the hand that was at his wings travelled down to his ass.

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Not because he got into the wrong position while having sex, I sure hope. Cupping the tender flesh, you parted the cheeks before giving it a sudden slap, eliciting a loud groan from the man both from the ache and the way you could reached into even deeper parts of him if it was possible.

Letting out a content hum, his wings spread out further next to his body as he enjoyed the affection you were giving him. Next. While he was crying out for more, your hands roamed across his muscular back and gave each tensed up section the loving it deserved.

Can i peg you? | texts pt2

As you slowly moved the fingers in and out of him, the friction that surrounded your fingers began to loosen up all while his moans and whines got louder. From where you were, you could see the constant struggle between his own restraint to stay put together and the physical reaction of his wings flapping from the pleasure. It was a crime on your part that you never gave him ass much attention.

The fluttering of his wings and the sinful sounds he was making had you dripping in your own arousal. You started off with one lubed up finger, tentatively sliding into his hole.

It was not necessarily the sex itself, more so the fact that you felt so comfortable talking to him about everything and knew that whether he was personally into it or not, there would never be any shaming from him part. There was a lot of teasing from him as usual and you would honestly expect no less but from the way his eyes glimmered and his tone dropped, you knew that you had him hooked.

You knew that he had been through much worse and it would be more accurate to say that he was made of steel than the way you treated him like he could shatter under your hands if you were not careful, to which he always made fun of you for.

You smirked as he let out a breathy gasp when you removed your fingers. His wings reacted faster than its owner as the red feathers stood up immediately the moment you started sliding inside of him with a slow motion of your hips. From your position, you could see how his eyes were pursing together and his brows knitted as he felt the prominent invasion of your hand. As you slowly started thrusting inside of him, tears started to form at the corner of his eyes. Your breath hitched at the back of your throat when one of his lean fingers easily slid into your slit and the moment it arched, you could not help but moaned.

Keigo was a wonderful boyfriend, all aspects considered. Keigo panted as he felt his fingers went numb from how he was clutching so desperately at whatever his hands could reach. Still shaking from his high, he choked out a gasp as he felt the sudden emptiness from his backside when you removed the strap.

You gladly obliged as you picked up the tempo of your movements. You made sure to apply just the right amount of pressure at his shoulders and gently scraped down in between his wings, just the way he liked it. He was charming, funny, not to mention very easy on the eyes.

Stroking his hair, you leaned down and whispered in his ear. Fragile masculinity, take fucking notes.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Despite your hold on his back, he reflectively arched off the bed as you added another finger to fill up his tightness even more. Always a man of action, the first bucking of his hips that made it went further into him was the you needed to keep going. They were sensitive, which was fun most of the times but one wrong move on the wrong angle with a little bit too much pressure and you would end up having a yelping chicken at your hands. The lower you bent, the more obvious his heavy breaths were to you and you felt a rush of excitement down to your core at his vulnerable position.

Peg me baby

He shuddered when you dipped in between his cheeks and traced the puckered hole with a finger. He had such a long week, you thought to yourself as you pressed down on the knot at his back, kneading it a little and eliciting a delighted coo from your boyfriend. The feathers at his back was starting to ruffle, and you could only imagine how wild they would get once the real thing hits.

Your other hand went down to his wings and gently scratching at the feathers which stood up immediately at your action. Whatever you dared to bring up, he was down to try it.

Secret glory of selena stone

Probably not, really. Which was why as turned on as you were with your boyfriend laying naked on his stomach in front of you, you could not help but kill the mood a little with the countless worries swimming in your head.

The irregular bucks of his hips got weak as his release approached and with one final thrust from you that pushed him down to the mattress and gave him the friction he needed, the sticky white substances stained the fabric beneath him and the warmth spread all across his belly. When you even so brought up the concept of pegging, it seemed that he was as buying into the idea as much as you did. Now you got why he was so into this, knowing that you were the reason why the other person was a drooling, moaning mess did give you a dose of power you never knew you needed.

Hearing the soft hum of approval from him, you gently soothed out the tangled up hair at the side of his face when he buried it at the crook of your neck.

Welcome to the devildom! — um, hello again. i'm that person that asked about

The anticipation sent shivers down his spine as the warmth that was at his back suddenly faltered when you sat back, efficiently straddling his legs to get into a good position for what you were doing next. The reaction from him was instant as his hand immediately gripped onto the sheets at the new feeling of being stretched out.

See, wonderful. While you were penetrating him from behind, the sheets rubbing at his cock only added to the pleasure as he unintentionally humped against the bed with each thrust of your hips. You could just get into it, you know? But could you stop yourself from treating him like the mortal treasure he was?

It was only a bonus that he was very down to experimenting with the more physical pleasures in a relationship.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The feeling of you hitting his prostate, the friction on his cock from the soft sheets, your hand at the side of his face tumblr you leaned down to whisper that he was doing so good taking everything you gave him, it was all too much for him as the pleasure made his head hazy. It was rare that you get to see so much of him and caress him to your liking, normally it was you underneath him moaning and begging for release as his calloused Peg teased each and every curve of your body until you were a stuttering mess.

Even now as you had a harness on your waist and Keigo very much so laying there waiting for you to ram into him, some part of you still wanted to take it slow and ease him into it. Kinkybut like, ouch? Overwhelmed by the foreign sensation of pain mixed with pleasure, the moans that he never bothered to hold back in the first place got even louder and resembled that of a mewl when the feeling of the plastic against his untouched walls clouded his mind.

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