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Pants poop tumblr

Pants Poop Tumblr


The day started with me waking up relatively early. I already knew I needed to poop as soon as I woke up. I had nothing planned for the day so I thought I would go get a coffee nearby and see what happens.

Name: Jodie

Years: 29
My orientation: Man
I prefer to drink: Lager

I say the hangover caused the decision but I was certainly thinking about it for a few days before as I diet planned and held it making for an awkward evening before.

damsel woman Nalani

When you did not make it to the toilet in time and you are shocked by the amount of weight in the back of your pants! Shopping was tough work as I took a few dulcolax early that morning as I worried after such a long hold that it would be solid and painful. The paradox of my addiction to ignominious behaviour continues but at a much slower pace this year.

hot lady Aubrielle

Yes it would appear the Instagram is gone. This was one of about three flomps so far this year, a definite improvement on years and was inspired by bluebells and a closing down sale for a much beloved department store chain shopped before having an accident that has just closed. But she probably gave someone a nice show! A few less empathic teenagers walked past laughing, holding their noses.

Recently Liked.

hot madam Juniper

Especially recently. Anyway, this turned into quite the story.

Pooping pants

A few lovely women offered to help but I told them that I was ok with as much composure as I could manage but I was pretty stressed and shocked by the constant cramps and further accidents. Made my way over to the checkout, my feet squelching in the small amount of watery shit in my boots, and… well, the smell was almost unbearable, even for me.

stunner female Emerson

Top Photos. The hangover made the decision effortless though.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But walking around clothes shops, if even very briefly, in search of mirrors just so I can post some evidence has most certainly stopped. Not fair on all the poor noses and generally reprehensible in every light. The general carelessness and hedonism that hangovers incur are most probably the principal reason why I always let the urge for self destruction win.

gorgeous biatch Samara

It was quite the audial spectacle, lots of gurgling and crackling. Bad day for her to wear white pants!

Poop desperation

I regained control and realised it already felt wet and the olfactory blast wave was nuclear. It was just easier I think.

slutty milf Presley

A few from instagram recently. The urge has evolved a connection with sexuality now but I had this urge by around the age of 7 which was way before puberty, periods and sexual exploration.

Pooped panties

Happy pooping x. So I obviously chose one of the most awkward outfits possible.

cutie singles Rosemary

Had to drive home like that, too, and my ass got super messy. The buckles are annoying to undo and most certainly a hurdle if you need the toilet. But I increasingly feel like a demon is possessing me sometimes and I want the controls back. Well, most of it stayed up around my ass and bulged out, but some of it did run down.

Thanks for staying and sorry about Inst!

Wader pooping sisters

The laxatives were however extremely effective and caused a growing, nagging cramping sensation and even as I stopped to cross my legs and try to regain composure, I had a horrendously loud and messy shart on my way to the main toilets that turned into a full on accident. Having lost the smaller Inst write ups, I may post more on a few of these.

stunner biatch Gabriela

Was wearing some pink rubber boots and tight jeans, Emma had gone off to look for some pop and I was browsing another aisle. You now need an escape plan so that no one will see your embarrassing bulge! This is just a test to see if tumblr is still being strict.

lonely Rebekah

Do you still have all the photos you posted on Instagram? I realize now that I need to quit drinking if I ever want to fully get this out of my system or at least under control.

Hot lady with a beautiful mess, Katannauk is the best! It was most certainly not solid and the sensation of it spreading out around my bottom was notably larger than usual. Huge cramp suddenly shoots through my bowels, my legs lock up, the next thing I know, soft poop is streaming out of my ass and running down my legs into my boots.

tight women Marie

It was inspired also by a hangover.

Our new persons

Five Fucks At Freddys E621

Bonus pose in dirty waders, still pooped.

Young Blonde Hairy Pussy

Hey guys!

Playing With My Girlfriends Nipples

You walk through a cursed school with your new, unfortunate tour guide.

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Male photo.