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Padme pregnant dress

Padme Pregnant Dress


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Apparently she was able to hide it from a fair portion of the audience who missed the fact that she's almost nine months pregnant from her first scene in ROTS onwards.

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Jedi in the Prequels are kinda Obi-Wan and likely a few other Jedi knew that Anakin was in love with Padme. Really speaks to the morals of the prequel era Jedi IMO. In isolation the 'sex ok, attachments no' seems absurd, but they did also believe in moderation, asceticism and responsible, respectful behaviour towards others, so casual sex really wasn't their thing.

Continue this thread. Ashoka knew, seems like Kenobi knew and so did Palpatine, so makes sense these people would know Anakin was the daddy. Also, would it have been that big of a deal for Padme to reveal she was pregnant? And it's not like either of them can afford to quit -- by that point, Anakin's vital to the war effort and Padme is one of the leaders of the resistance to Palpatine's consolidation of power. Have sex you shall, yes.

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Sort by: best. Or at least sense their life-forces? Shit, they were kissing when they came out into the arena on Geonosis, it's probably a safe bet he saw that.

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I think those who knew thought they could deal with it after the war. Since being a Senator isn't exactly compatible with stay-at-home parenting, she'd have to put her career on pause, or else be forced to let nannies raise them.

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Would explain why Mace still doesn't trust Anakin after everything. I mean, Obi-Wan and Yoda pretty much knew what was going on, but they didn't have much choice but to let it slide since they were counting on Anakin being the chosen one.

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Anakin likely heard Obi-Wan tell Satine that he would have left the order for her since he was right there as well. Even if they wanted kids eventually, the timing is awful beyond belief. Not even Yoda? Very little was forbidden, but they were generally wise enough not to indulge. In TCW when he is reunited with Satine, he and Anakin briefly discuss it, and it seems apparent that Obi-Wan is trying to caution Anakin that he needs to put the needs of others above a single person like Padme, explaining how that's why he couldn't stay with Satine and remain in the Jedi.

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Maybe they were so advanced that they didn't think that it was any of their business. Posted by 2 years ago. So Anakin could theoretically have slept with Padme all he wanted as long as he was willing to leave her if need be. Hello there. Was Padme brilliant at hiding her pregnancy or was everyone except Sidious just dumb?

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And in the worst case scenario, their parentage gets out and the scandal destroys both her and Anakin's careers, and gets him kicked out of the Jedi Order. More posts from the StarWars community. Created May 27, Top posts august 13th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. Which means the entire movies either drags on for four months or Luke and Leia are severely premature births. There are thousands of senators, why would you think that the Jedi spend their time force-scanning random senators to see if they're pregnant?

He was their most important member in the history of their order or so they thought so they didn't want him to be out on his own.

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So her concealing clothing seems to have worked. So if Anakin had been public about this, having a relationship and not taking it seriously, the other Jedi would likely not have been impressed and he'd probably have been told to make his mind up.


In the best case scenario, Anakin would never be able to publically acknowledge he was the father and she would have to raise them on her own. In-Legends characters suspected, and some played dumb but knowing full well she was expecting Bail for example. Catch feelings, do not. I think it's probably a safe bet that most, if not all, of the Jedi Masters on the Council knew he and Padme were a thing, they just didn't know the extent of it, that they had actually gotten married.

Was padme brilliant at hiding her pregnancy or was everyone (except sidious) just dumb?

Ahsoka also strongly suggests she knows about Padme when Anakin tells her he understands the desire to leave the order. Found the internet! A similar idea - they didn't tend to drink alcohol either, but if some diplomatic ceremony or alien ritual needed them to take a drink of some alcoholic stuff, like space communion wine or a toast to the King's health, it wasn't forbidden for them to do so.

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She's at most five months pregnant when she and Anakin meet up after the rescue of Palpatine according the novelization, however canon that may or may not be. Obi-Wan knew it back during Episode 2.

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Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous movie. I feel like the better question is why would Padme decide to keep the pregnancy?

What I find fascinating about the whole thing is that the Jedi did not evidently forbid sex; just attachments. I think they just go easy on him because of the entire Chosen One prophecy. We know that Rael Averross got his fuck on often. Or, that it was irrelevant to her ability to do her job.

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For a long time, I had a file folder of ideas and references for pregnancy costumes, should that day ever come.

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I'm currently pregnant and I would love to wear this when the new Star Wars comes out in December.

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