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Olympic volleyball wardrobe malfunctions

Olympic Volleyball Wardrobe Malfunctions


Public Miniskirt Malfunction 77 sec. Sex Olympics 60 sec.

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Her wardrobe malfunction was one of the most memorable, partly because of the story behind it. Some athletes, even if they are aware that a malfunction has occurred, have spent so long training to get to that point that they just ignore it and continue on with their competition.

She was struggling for the ball above water and, all of a sudden, the Beijing Olympics officially had a nip slip on their records.

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The most entertaining was Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut. No, Vollmer lost part of her costume — the outer cap of her swimming head gear, to be specific. Unfortunately, the Spanish athlete exposed a bit more of Craig than she would have liked to. Eyeing The Exit? Diver Tom Daley is a bit of a national sweetheart in his home country of Britain.

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Living Less? Russian speedskater Olga Graf probably does.

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First of all, a lot of athletes compete in outfits that are either relatively small and skimpy swimmers, beach volleyball players, etc. Female judo athlete Urantsetseg Munkhbat holds a certain record — she had the first nip slip of the Olympics.

Out on the ice

Unfortunately, since it was an Olympic game, there were cameras absolutely everywhere and the match was being live streamed. In comparison to the many runners with expensive gear and sponsorship cheques, Nebiat came to the games on sheer merit, with no supporters. Water polo player Christina Tsoukala, who plays for Greece, was battling it out against Gemma Beworth in a match of Greece against Australia.

Good thing he tried it on beforehand! Well, apparently it was all the rage on the ski slopes at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The incident is particularly memorable, as it made it onto television screens since it happened so quickly that none of the live feeds were able to censor it.

In fact, if you look up wardrobe malfunctions that happen in Olympic water polo matches, the sheer amount will astound you. The water polo incident heard around the world!

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It was found beside one of the tracking cameras underwater, at the bottom of the pool. Harlaut is pictured with his pants around his calves, underwear on display for the world to see. Vollmer swam on, undeterred, and came in first. Apart from perhaps the skin-tight spandex uniforms worn in swimming, speedskating, bobsled and the like, the costumes worn by figure skaters seem the most malfunction prone. They walk out with their teammates, other skilled athletes from their nation of origin, and hold their he high knowing that they are in a privileged group, the best in the world at their sport of choice.

While skating, she started to unzip her speedskating uniform — before suddenly realizing she was in public, not back in the dressing room.

Uncensored wardrobe malfunctions in sports

While Nebiat may have been embarrassed in the moment due to her malfunction, she should have been extremely proud of herself for getting to that stage with so little financial backing. Water polo players have bathing suits that are a bit more full coverage than athletes like beach volleyball players. Sources: thedailybeast.

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At the Winter Olympics, Graf was happily skating away with a bronze medal in her possession, happy to have earned a medal on her home turf. People around the world are glued to the media when the Olympics malfunction around, because everyone is cheering on their favorite athletes and their home country.

Pairs skaters Alex and Maia Shibutani, who are also siblings, volleyball performing at the Sochi Olympic Games wardrobe they got a bit tangled up — when Alex lifted his sister, her skirt got caught in his jacket. Athletes are completely fixated on scoring the next goal, on preventing their opponent from getting ahead. However, not even his charm and good look can make him immune to gravity. By Ava Bennet Published May 04, Share Share Tweet Comment.

Ava Bennet Articles Published Writer of words, reader of books, drinker of coffee. American athlete Dana Vollmer had a successful showing at the Olympics, winning her first individual Olympic medal and breaking the world record with her performance in the metre butterfly. Not having the outer cap can cause a lot of difficulties for the swimmer, including potentially slowing them down due to dragging, and leaving their goggles more prone to slipping.

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Knowing how tight bobsled uniforms are, perhaps, Spring tried on his uniform prior to the game, you know, just to make sure everything still fit. In the Summer Olympics that took place in Athens, Greece, a certain runner caused quite the stir.

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Harlaut is known for his baggy pants, according to Norwegian skier Per Kristian Hunder. When she ran, the uniform left her upper half constantly exposed, something she tried to remedy by tugging the top to cover up. For any athlete, regardless of their sport, being able to participate in the Olympics and performing well at the various qualifying events leading up to the big games is basically one of the biggest things that can happen to them.

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You know the trend of wearing baggy pants far too low that caused many to complain? Surprisingly, not a suit slip that exposed too much, as is the case in most wardrobe malfunctions occurring during water sports.

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Related Topics Extreme. There were several wardrobe malfunctions on the slopes as slopestyle skiers found their pants slipping down periodically throughout their run.

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He must have found another suit in a slightly bigger size for the 2 man Olympic race that he was supposed to face the next day. The cap?

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Daley completed a dive and the force of him entering the water caused his Speedo trunks to sag a little bit, exposing his backside to the camera while he was underwater.

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By Harriet Johnston For Mailonline.

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Fighting the oppressive, muggy Tokyo heat, Blummenfelt did everything he could to alleviate his physical distress — which is why he wore a suit that has left many people with raised eyebrows.

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Even though you spend most of your time training to be the best, your efforts can boil down to just a few minutes of action every four years.