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Nipple clamping stories

Nipple Clamping Stories


Logan Warwick was a young entrepreneur with a small successful business selling novelty items on the internet. His stockroom was packed with cheap plastic drinking glasses, lunch boxes, humane mousetraps, cheeky T-shirts and colored condoms that glowed in the dark.

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And her big lips made his cock dance in excitement at the thought of them wrapped around his cock. He laughed out loud.

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His fingers on her nipple were painful, pinching and twisting it, but she felt a wetness between her legs, Rebecca unable to understand how the pain could make her aroused. He stroked it in front of her face. She could barely breathe through the pain, her eyes glassed over from the tears as she sobbed.

She felt her legs being spread next, Headmaster Johnson moving out of sight as her legs began to open, sure that he was behind her, gazing lustily between her legs. She looked at the nipple clamp, Headmaster Johnson opening it up until she could see the sharp, saw teeth on the inside, the spring straining as he held it open. She bent over, self-conscious as her breasts hung down, slipping her panties down her legs.

At least not yet.

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The skirt fell to the floor, Rebecca kicking it over to the side. He moved to the other side, taking the second clamp from the table.

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He picked up the smallest weight first. The clamp dug harder into her flesh, feeling like thousands of knifes were stabbing her nipple, and at the same time, it was dragged down to the ground. It was just like the boys, a hot cock forced into her mouth, Rebecca having no choice but to accommodate it. The motors continued to move up and open, five feet between her feet before he finally hit the red buttons to stop the outward motion of her body. She kneeled down, finally lying face down.

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When he finished, they would support her body in the center from sagging down. She felt him pumping his cock, not surprised when a shot of hot, salty cum landed on her tongue, filling her mouth with the taste. He released the clamp, letting it pull her beautifully shaped breast into a cone as it pulled her nipple to the ground. Her mouth hung open, drool running down her chin.

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She looked up at the clock just before it struck seven. Rebecca strained to clamp around when she heard the noise, seeing the ropes moving down above her, but what scared her most were the leather cuffs at the ends of most of them.

First Day of Boarding School. Her head hung down, dragged toward the ground by gravity. Rebecca panicked as her arms were spread, not so much because of her arms but what she knew would be next. She had hoped he would be in a better mood. He caught a moment of shame as she held the bra story her breasts, but a stern look was all that was needed to get her nipple.

He unsnapped one end of the leather and slipped it beneath her, snapping the end back to the rope as he drew it out the other side of her body. The ropes dug into her wrist and ankle, Rebecca thankful that they were lined with something soft. It fell quickly, pulling back when it got to the end of the connector, the sheer weight of the weight dragging her nipple until it strained almost an inch long as the nipple clamp bit harder into her flesh to keep it from coming off.

He pulled the slack out of the rope until her head was pulled upright, her hair threatening to pull from her head by the strain. She felt the pressure first and then the pain ripped through her breast. He put his hand under her chin, easing the head of his cock into her mouth, feeling the head sliding over her wet tongue. At least there was only one cock that she would have to suck, though she did fear why he wanted her bound and spread in such an obscene way.

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She hated that his fingers made her nipple bigger and harder, knowing it would only increase the bite of the other clamp. He would work on them gradually, always using a bigger one when the pain became bearable. He began to fuck her face, Rebecca keeping her lips tight as she felt the thick shaft sliding back and forth through her lips.

She looked at Headmaster Johnson, his hand on the front of his pants stroking his cock as he watched her strip naked.

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Soon you can make me cum in your mouth. He picked up the control panel, pushing the green button until the motors in the ceiling began to move, slowly lowering the eight ropes down from the ceiling. There were four ropes across her back, each in pairs, connected by a story expanse of leather. Next came the ankle cuffs, similarly padded. All of them had this perverted desire to stick their cocks up her ass in spite of the pain of taking something that big and hard up her tiny hole.

She lifted each leg, stepping out of her panties, picking her skirt up and putting both of them on the chair. She knocked on the door, a gruff voice telling her to enter. The bra was put on the chair with her blouse, her hands at her sides as he ogled her nipple, youthful flesh. He could see a tiny nipple of blood as the powerful spring shut onto her flesh, crushing it between the two sides until it was almost flat.

He watched her stories as he suddenly released the weight allowing it to fall to the floor. The other girls left her alone as if she had a disease, Rebecca hoping that it would get better after orientation, if that is what you could actually call a series of continuous rapes. He teased it, his fingers pinching and twisting the tip as it grew beneath the harsh treatment. She was afraid it was too long, pushing out her cheeks as he forced it in sideways. He picked up a nipple clamp, the gleaming metal clamps glistening in the bright lights.

Headmaster Johnson looked at her firm ass cheeks, the gentle clamp down the middle, her legs together as if she could somehow stop him from taking what he wanted. But first a bit of strict bondage. The clamps hummed as they drew her up without effort, moving up until she was almost two feet off the floor.

Nipple clamps!

Nothing could have prepared her for it. Or maybe it was just fear. She struggled, but she looked like a fish out of water, floundering on the floor until the ropes lifted her body up. Her middle felt like it was on two slings, keeping her body from bending as she slowly began to rise up from the floor.

Her pussy opened up nicely, as well as her ass cheeks.

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He looked at her pain-filled face, her cheeks covered with her tears, sobbing as she tried to breathe through the pain. Rebecca ate slowly, not wanting to even think about her appointment with Headmaster Johnson. Headmaster Johnson opened the clamp, looking down so he could see it as the sharp, ragged teeth bit into the brown flesh of her nipple. He pulled his cock out of her mouth suddenly, almost seeing a look of disappointment on her face.

He showed her the perfect sphere, an eight ounce weight of gleaming metal.

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He liked the way her body jerked in pain each time he snapped his fingers along the clamps. Headmaster Johnson lifted her head up, tears in her eyes, a pained look etched on her face.

And then what nipple he do? He stood in front of her as he undressed, finally taking off his shorts, his erect cock bouncing free of the tight garments. It was so thick, as it sat on her tongue. He saw the scared look on her face, his cock straining to be free of his pants.

He turned to Rebecca, showing them to her as his other hand slipped under her body to grasp one of her hanging tits, his fingers finding the nipple hard and throbbing. She stood back up, her hands at her sides, her thighs tightly clenched together; though she knew her story was wet. He could see the pain in her face, but he was not clamped with her tits yet.

And she was left hanging, Doctor Jones not letting her cum when he ass fucked her. She knew it would hurt when he released it on her nipple.

First her blouse, the thin bra already revealing hard nipples pushed out beneath it. Her second scream was louder than the first, Rebecca knowing how painful it was going to be. Holding her head with one hand, he pulled her hair up, finally tying the end of the rope around her mane of hair. She was about three feet above the floor now, her naked body in a lovely X, her muscles taut as her limbs were spread exaggeratedly.

Her nipple grew when he rubbed the cold metal clamp over her nipple, sucking in her breath as she waited for the pain.

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From the looks of her swollen, red anus, she had recently been ass fucked. Was he going to fuck me in the ass again? She was ashamed that her nipples were so hard, but she needed to cum, Doctor Johnson bringing her to the edge but denying her satisfaction. He hit the side buttons, first the ropes on her wrists moving out as well as up, looking like Rebecca was trying to swim as her arms moved out into a Y in front of her.

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Her nipples were like tiny pebbles, begging to be touched, but he had more sinister plans for the sensitive tips. She was sure they would split her up the middle, her crotch aching, her thigh muscles straining. How could he do such terrible things to my breasts?

It took almost five minutes before the sharp pain gave away to the terrible ache that coursed through her breasts. She waited for him to say something.

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How did you like your classes? Then came the bra, her full breasts straining the bra as she reached back to unhook it. How high would he raise me up?

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Another rope came down from the ceiling. He was going to tie her up.

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I answer the door allowing her to enter.

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I had finally become accustomed to the pressure of the nipple clamps she had applied to my sensitive nubs; now she was turning them to increase the force they exerted.

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