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Naruto and amaru fanfiction

Naruto And Amaru Fanfiction
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By ShulkJuly 24, in Creative Media. Well, here's my second story I know, I still need to work on chapter 1 of The Black Cat But honestly, I'm kinda stuck in a bad position.

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The last thing that he expected was to find the two women in the same ship as him. But he was still able to keep his attention focused as he knew that as a ninja that anything could happen to him and the others in the ship. Tsunade was like a grandmother to him, in fact in a way she was like a mother figure to him since despite their rather dynamic relationship, they respected one another.

He was not alone in this ship cruise as Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuuga were along for the ride. It was not easy as the was breaking apart with each strike, showing that the waves were getting stronger due to the tides and it was long before most of the crew and passengers were now safe.

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Naruto whistled a bit more and it was here that the four women saw Naruto and Shion was quick to smile and call out to Naruto as she beckoned to him. This went on for at least a few hours until Hinata managed to locate an island that looked to be large enough for them to reach. And Shion was wearing a one piece swim suit as well like Hinata though her suit had the same color as both her blonde hair and purple eyes with the latter color being placed as small patches that were made in a very nice look and the suit also hugged her frame very easily.

They were able to get the last person off and on a life boat along with the others but as they did so, the ship finally broke apart from another wave. That was enough to convince the group to help get the survivors out of the ship before it was going to sink down into the sea. But he did not take too long to decide as he moved towards them and soon got into removing most of his clothes and was now only in his boxers.

The conversation

The ship had veered too close and had hit the stones at the lower areas of the island and that was what they had heard. Naruto Deserted Island Disclaimer: Again….

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Naturally the one who took the most worry towards the show of affection was Hinata herself who was looking at her blonde haired and violet eyed like alike with some measure of worry. As they moved through the sea, they were soon aware that time was against them, since the fact was that they had not been expecting this to happen to them. It was not easy for them as the cold winds made them shiver so they had to do what they could to keep warm, Naruto was the one who had to help them as he used his Kage Bunshin to make them become hotter than before. Her tanned skin also gave her a rather nice and exotic look to boot.

I had decided to take a vacation afterwards for a while.

Though he knew that the first thing they needed was fire, and for once he knew what he had to do, the one thing or rather one of the things that he was thankful for when he was with Jiraiya all those years ago was learning how to make a fire without any tools that were used to make fire. Shion turned to see that her guards were safe and she knew that they were going to inform the people of what had happened.

They all knew that she had indeed grown stronger, but they did not want her to do so at the expense of her own health and well being. He looked to see that the others were not awake yet and so he had to go hunt for the time being.

They were none other than Amaru from the Land of Swamps, and Shion from the Land of Demons, and they too were wearing swim wear.

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For now they were going to have to leave as both guards were now amaru ships and the waves were sending them away. The ship continued to move but soon there was the sound of wood breaking and splintering apart all over the decks. He was happy that he had packed another set of the same clothes for this trip so he was not too worried in getting his clothing wet. As they came closer to the island, they were able to get to the beaches and soon they decided to rest. He was not the only one who sensed it as Hinata, Sakura, Amaru, and Shion as well as her body guards also felt it.

But he was not going to let them do anything to him or the women he happened to be with. The three ninja moved as fast Naruto they could and get themselves and the two others who were with them. Sakura, and Hinata, but seeing all four women like this was very interesting indeed and there fanfiction no doubt in his mind that the sight of the four ladies was more than enough to cause people to look and stare.

That was enough to and him that he should at the very least relent on this matter, along with the fact that he knew just why both Tsunade and Sakura were in agreement on this. She had seen that look before but she had never felt this much emotion before.

She still had eyes only for Sasuke and that was something that grated on his mind more than he let on.

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Still he decided to ask amaru questions to both Shion and Amaru since he was still confused on why the two of them happened to be on this ship. But he decided to take their advice and take a much needed fanfiction when he could manage to do so. But he knew that being glum would just spoil the whole affair, and truth be told, a vacation sounded all right. Sakura did not mind the chance to take a break as she too was feeling the strain of her work, He on the other hand was more than willing to voice his displeasure on the matter since he felt he Naruto more important things to do.

If you are curious what this means, we are going to have Sakura, Hinata, Shion, and Amaru in this chapter…so Naruto and will have to deal with having four women in this lemon story and you can bet that it is going to be one heck of a day for the blonde as dealing with these women in the bedroom is the last thing on his mind. As for Sakura, she cared about him and he was happy for that, though he knew that it was not in the same way as he would like.

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She had not been on the mission in the Land of Demons but was made aware that Shion had made that request to Naruto and he had agreed to it as well, much to her shock at the matter. And there was no doubt that the eyes of the men in question as a good deal of hostility and jealousy, which was in hindsight, understandable and he was unsure how to react. One such thing was to find Sasuke and bring him back, but Tsunade was not going to budge and explained that he could not find his former friend if he was drop dead tired and exhausted. But he made sure to keep an eye on things and it was a good move on his part as there were a lot of guys who were looking at him while he was with Sakura, Amaru, Shion, and Hinata.

As he got out of bed and got into his usual black and orange jacket and pants, he decided to see how the others were doing right now.

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As they and themselves it was not long before Naruto and the others were now getting the chance to enjoy their time by dancing. She then replied to the question that was coming from the blonde as she knew that now was a good time to answer the question. She explained that she too needed some time off and the rest would do both of them a great deal of good. But he was quick to see that Hinata and Sakura were not alone as two more girls were with them and also wearing swim wear, and after a brief second, he recognized them. But Tsunade was not the kind of person to dwell too long on the amaru aspects of the whole thing and soon she decided to send them off to take a much needed break from all the things they had to deal with.

Come and us! The best thing that they had going for them was the fact that the group of ninja always carried their supplies of tools and weapons on hand. He tried to argue that he was going to be fine and he did not need to sit in the side lines, but to his surprise Sakura agreed with Tsunade. The Hokage was eager to finally fanfiction him to relax and not burn himself out and the same could be said for Sakura. Hinata and Sakura were currently wearing what he saw were swim wear with Sakura actually wearing what appeared to be a two piece suit which was pink and had green stripe patterns on them to work with both her hair and eyes while still showing her well toned form.

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And here they were, soon relaxing on the ship, though it was both Sakura and Hinata who were relaxing the most and not him. They were all exhausted and soon they decided to just find themselves a location and get some much needed sleep. Bad news in the sense that they were possibly up to something that was going to be rather dangerous and risky for not just them but the rest of the ninja world at large.

And Sakura was the last one though in her case, she was trying to figure out just why was it she suddenly did not like the way Shion was looking at Naruto. Once they did so, he began to go to sleep himself and that was something he was very much looking forward to.

They were all very good people and the last thing he wanted was for this chance for a break for all of them to be ruined by the guys. That was enough to show that the waves of the ocean were getting rougher and they had no choice but to leave. Where have you been? But they were not going to let that stop them as Hinata was quick to use her Byakugan to locate the nearest island. Amaru wore a two piece swim suit that was deep red which was like her hair color and with both pieces showing her frame and while she was not that well developed, her bust was actually well formed and perfect for her slender frame.

Hinata wore a one piece suit and had both colors that resembled her hair and eyes, dark indigo and white, while also hugging her body as well.

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This time around, this chapter is going to be a very special treat for all you readers who have been able to read the chapters that have been mentioned already, this is going to be a special Crush chapter! Good news in the sense that for now they had a chance to recover and do something to reinforce Konoha as well as rebuild. It was until they got out of the pool to finally get dressed and grab their dinner for the day. Tsunade could tell that the two of them were working their butts off and she knew that they needed something to take the edge off.

Thankfully none of them were complaining as the warmth the Kage Bunshin gave them was more than welcomed by them. The perverted ninja sage had drilled it into his mind on how to make fire without any of the usual tools, even though he could use Fire chakra to make one, calling it a waste of chakra.

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And there was the fact that Orochimaru and Akatsuki were respectively rather silent, something that was both good news and bad news. They soon managed to find themselves a place to rest in and soon they were off to sleep as they needed to get as much energy as they could get. They now had to move fanfiction look for an island that they could stay in as the rock island was not the least welcoming to the group as there and no supplies and anything that could be used to help for their survival.

Still he knew that he should not take too long and find some food and drink. As he got up, he wondered just where the others were and headed off to the deck to see what was happening in and around the ship. The next was Amaru and she was also not the least bit pleased by the Naruto the blonde priestess was eyeing Naruto, she was not aware of this but she could tell that the woman was getting too frisky with Naruto.

And it was not long before his danger senses hit him hard when the ship suddenly hit began to shudder and break. The Kyuubi had managed to amaru him to go to this island and it was not a bad place to be in at the least.

He was back in his regular clothes and so were Hinata and Sakura as they moved into the galley. Sakura he could understand and appreciate well enough, but the idea of Hinata wearing something like that was not something he had thought he would see.

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Not that he disliked what he saw of course as his more perverted side was enjoying the sight and it was obvious that the people looking at his fellow Konoha ninja enjoyed it as well. Tsunade then explained that the three of them were going on vacation together, much to the surprise of the three. He was curious when he spotted a of people, mostly if not all men were gathering on the deck and he got his answer as he looked to see a sight that he did not expect in the slightest.

The reason they were with him was that they were given vacation leave…though in his case, he was ordered and gently threatened to take a vacation…by none other that Tsunade herself. Think of it this way…like the Crush arc of the past, Naruto has a crush on Sakura, while Hinata, Shion, and Amaru have crushes on him and no doubt they are going to be competing for the chance to be with him in private.

Naruto however decided to stay awake a bit more to make sure that his companions were going to sleep well.

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Naruto quickly made his move as he summoned his Kage Bunshin and soon moved them in teams to get people to the amaru boats while Hinata and Sakura did the fanfiction along with Amaru and Shion who was assisted by her body guards to help with the rescue of the people. He had no idea just where the two had bought these and why was it that they had them. It was definitely not something that anyone who worked and lived on ships at the high seas wanted to hear or feel.

Hinata was then told that her father Hiashi and even both her cousin Neji and sister Hanabi had wanted her to take a break. That Naruto Hinata somewhat and it a way it was nice that they wanted her to unwind and relax a bit, and it was a bonus that she was going to be with Naruto. He understood that both cared for him and he did not want to disrespect them for their decisions. As soon as he got into the pool, the blonde Shinobi could not help but blush as he was now fully aware that the men there were and doubt thinking of beating him up or drowning him.

Hinata, and the others were more than ready and willing to show him how to do what he needed to do and soon he was getting g back into the whole affair.

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Summary : Deciding to pursue her career as a medical doctor even further in Konohagakure, Amaru bids farewell to her home village, and arrives in the busy village of Leaf shinobi.

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