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Mortal kombat female outfits

Mortal Kombat Female Outfits


Anyone who grew up during the heyday of fighting games remembers how scarce female fighters were. Admittedly, the rosters were much smaller at the time, but even amongst the eight characters on average for each game, there would usually be just one woman amongst the bunch. The perfect examples of this are in the two most popular games of the era: Street Fighter II had Chun-Li, while Mortal Kombat had Sonya Blade as each game's respective token female character. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then, and now fighting game franchises like Mortal Kombat are full of iconic female fighters who can kick just as much ass as the men, and in many cases, even more so.

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We'll simply never know. Many of them do show skin here and there. I know none of the arguments are original or new by any means. Do I think that women should be able to walk around topless on a beach, sure why not. The most common would be the perfect V shapebuff guy with the perfect 6 pack.

Mortal kombat female characters have better costumes in mk11

Give the male characters revealing clothing too. But if a woman wears a string bikini, something that doesn't even show nipples or her private parts, some people are offended. But to say you have to do for men what you do for women here is a false equivalency that ignores a massive portion of this world's history in how men and women are treated.

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I bought MK11 later than most, but it is a great game with tons to offer. It's also possible that enough people would've been turned away if NRS kept going in that direction that sales wouldn't be as good.

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That term has lost all meaning. Did I read all of that right? Men control a vast majority of the power in this and most other countries.

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Give us 9, fuck it. We tend to have some of the terriblethat goes for both female and male costumes most notable Reptile from DA. They just need to make it a little smoother, for it to work well with the players. They're not completely covered. Feels like they are trying to please another audience that ain't going to guy their game if they even made the changes. Now I don't play DOA, but from what I've seen they Went with a modern trend of what recent MK games have done, but still gave players legacy costumes which I think is far besides how micro Transaction heavy it is.

Men are sexualize in a way minor way I think, but in a way that most people wouldn't consider it sexualized. Our priorities are fucked lol.

Hopes mortal kombat 12 art direction for female characters

One, none of these arguments are new or original ideas. You can dislike all the outfit styles all you want, but the root of those issues isn't some need to put women in burkas and completely cover them. But that still means that the group you're talking about likely didn't have a negative impact on sales either, so there's no reason to not listen to them.

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But a lot of women in MK11 don't have this type of outfit. MK11 is not the result of cancel culture. There is defiantly good costumes in there that I do like but don't get me wrong. Personally, I think it's dull, but it is practical. All I hope is that MK11 is just a faze with the current cancel culture.

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I'm not going to depict that as a causal relationship because I don't think it is. I do prefer the more realistic look of a character when I comes to body proportions, but like most of the costumes from those games, but to have them not even possible give a choice to ever get them is disappointing, but not the worse thing that could happen. As for the cancel culture part. They absolutely could've kept things the way they were for MKX but they decided not to. If you see a man at the beach without his shirt on, it's normal. Women in UFC wear chest covering and shorts, which invalidates the practicality reason for covering up women in MK.

If you cover up the females, you should cover up the males too so as to avoid any double standard. The women do show skin, even if it's not as much as in MK9. All I want to see is outfits that look cool, and that goes for the men and women.

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Also, we live in a male dominated society. These are all as sexualized as you want to make them, but the point is that they all have outfits that look like fighter attire mixed with their background. They're just not completely naked either. Go with the character models in MK11 but include the MK9 style of costumes come on hotness sells doesn't need to just be the women but hey throw those costumes as DLC you bet your ass they'll make money.

I'm not counting each individual skin polygon to determine whether NRS has been cancelled. They shouldn't cover up women to please an audience that won't buy the game either way. Fighting is very solid, but prefer MKX faster pace gameplay. As for covering males This is a common misconception in this argument. There is no double standard for men here because men aren't sexualized the way women are, they're not objectified the way women are and they're not dehumanized the way women are, so male sexual depictions aren't nearly the issue that female sexual depictions are.

No one thinks anything twice. In my own opinion, the female art direction in MK11 felt too drastic. There's more violence and gore in MK than ever before. You might say that it's impossible to know if sales could be even better if women weren't covered up and NRS hadn't listened to those people and sure, that's possible.

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I picked MK9, I loved how all the ninjas looked and played. No one was trying to "cancel" MK after MK9. People had feedback on the way women were depicted and NRS listened and made their own decision. Plus with them not being that overly exaggerated, you can add legacy costumes with slight changes.

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NRS is doing just fine. In my own opinion believe that MKX had the best overall Female art direction for models and costumes. Looking at UFC or Wrestling they tend to wear a top at covers the breast and shorts. For all the talk about Me Too and women's marches etc, there's a reason why those need to exist to begin with. NRS excuse stating " Realism" or "You're not going to be showing so much skin" is completely wrong, when it comes to actual fighting in a lot of sports.

But like you said a man can walk on the beach without a shirt can not be judge harshly by the public, but if a women does it, it tends to be harshly judge for it, which is more of a cultural thing in a America then somewhere like Europe where they have nude beach's or new channels of topless women.

Bring the mk9 style to female characters in mortal kombat

That's not to say that male sexualization doesn't exist or have consequences on young men, they absolutely do. But if your plan is going to cover females that much you might and as well cover the males that same amount or make it so that their not that muscular. Kitana's outfits look like a mixture of royalty and assassin-ware, while being something feminine enough to never be confused with something a man would wear. Men aren't sexualized the way women are in popular culture in that they're not nearly as objectified.

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Characters wear boots above the knee, show their thighs, show cleavage, shoulders, arms, etc. Well, if so, then let me say a few things here. The overall change for the females was most likely WB told them to tone it down, and now we have Sony trying to sensor games for small things it can a possible issue on that platform. Which completely throws that excuse out the window. Now I get that MK9 was very exaggerated when it came to women's breasts and sexualize costumes in all. All of them wear form-fitting attire.

It's completely backwards that the human anatomy is something to be shunned and looked down up on, but mutilating someone with horrific amount of detail is perfectly fine, and praised for it. The portions never felt over exaggerated and costumes made much more sense.

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So I could appease a bigger range of fans. All we know for a fact is that NRS listened to fans that thought the female outfits went too far in MK9 and they chose to go in a different direction and sales have increased with each game since.

I think the series is just really good, getting better, and more people are enjoying it. Our potential MK11 ermac was my favorite de for him. MK9 Noob, ermac, rain, and the rest were all great. As for the audience that wouldn't be pleased, well It's safe to assume that NRS and WB haven't been hurt sales-wise, so it goes to reason that those people were MK fans and are buying the game now.

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While development studio NetherRealm Studios has only pushed the violence envelope with 's Mortal Kombat 11, they have conspicuously toned their approach down in one other arena: female sexuality.

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There are a lot of complaints about the new Mortal Kombat female costumes not showing as much fictional breasts and jiggle as they did in Mortal Kombat games.

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On the other hand Female ninjas have been portrayed that way ever since their introduction i got used to it feels like part of the characters themselves.