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Morel vs cheetu

Morel Vs Cheetu


While the series may never truly see its end, Hunter x Hunter has already built a legacy among its hardened, longtime fans as one of the greatest Shonen series of all time. Rather than just be a typical, fight heavy battle Shonen, Hunter x Hunter has used its writing and constant subversion of expectations to elevate its stories. There is no better example of this than its willingness to defeat or even kill off some of its most hyped and even beloved characters. Following the hunter mentality that there's always someone higher up on the food chain, Hunter x Hunter has reveled in hyping some characters by utterly destroying other hyped characters.

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First Prev 2 of 3 Go to. Morel's deep purple was taking out literally the entire army of that nation, all armed with guns, controlled by pouf. Its not perfect yet ; The feature is temporarily disabled due to corrections that have to be made to the values.

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Vivo Diez said:. Did I say pitou, I meant pouf. Jackalinthebox Well-Known Member. You may get a message from your browser. Killua broke out of Phinks grip. No way. Forums New posts. If he had his smoke soldier army with him, then maybe he could defeat Leol or Cheetu in a heaven's arena type fight.

Click [HERE] for details. Oh, just saw a panel that I had completely forgotten that relates to this thread:.

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Install the app. Otherwise feitan gets the W extreme diff.

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Thread starter Vivo Diez Start date Aug 8, Prev 1 2 3 Next. Log in. Leol had enough strength to kill a whale at the bottom of the ocean with a harpoon throw, was extremely intelligent, and happened to have stolen a top end hatsu.

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Like they all have destructive hatsus, like rising sun, Jupiter, big bang impact, and swords. What squadron leaders did Morel beat? It may not display this or other websites correctly. You think Morel could do better vs Chrollo or Gotoh? Nen battles are never that simple between people of roughly similar level, but as I see it Feitan, Phinks and Nobu are enough to defeat thIS team, 7 out of 10 times. Possible to see own rep.

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If a coin was shot at him, he'd be able to block it with his pipe like he did with the crossbow, if he can handle cheetu, he can handle some coin pew pews. Gon overpowered a resolved Nobunaga in rock paper scissors, along with shizu Morel beat Leol and Cheetu, both of which since on Zazan. PwnGoatVSPandaman said:. Vivo Diez Well-Known Member.

Feitan is probably the strongest after Chrollo and he struggled against Zazan. Thanks and have morel. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts. Then against Leol, he was on the defense the whole fight. Morel was comfortably above the squadron leaders. Hisoka isn't weak to anyone but actual top tiers like netero, but morel is simply a bit better than cheetu is.

Literally Zazan vs Leol is her getting caught in a funnel and then Leol killing her with a harpoon throw, easy. Morel isn't some scrub, neither are knuckle and shoot, who are shat on cuz they were called "disciples" of morel, when in reality, that just means that morel taught them nen when they became hunters, like wing did to killua and gon.

If we go based on the stat chart, morel and hisoka have similar strength which is physical stats based on the stat chartboth were at 4 in that.

Gon jajanken vs morel tagalog

The Troupe wins easily. The other hunters have non-damaging hatsus. What's new. I don't think you realize how broken deep purple is, and how similar in stats morel is to hisoka. Addons Media New media New comments Clubs.

Spread love, not hate :. Morel was beating stronger squadron leaders without deep purple which was combating literally millions of slaves of a royal guard Morel is outright Hisoka with a better nen ability. For Chrollo, cheetu beat hisoka via some controlled mooks and explosions, not only beat, but killed. Ging can copy hatsus and is super smart and talented so he probably has a bag of strong hatsus like Chrollo.

It is not necessary to add this, but is a nice morel. It's cute how you think the genei ryodan all attacking cheetu at once would be able to touch him though. He fought Cheetu alongside Knuckle but couldnt deal any damage. Morel has the ability to spawn vastly superior mooks than the strategy that defeated hisoka via deep purple. So I dont see how Morel is a better Hisoka. Reputations are meant for positive appreciation or fair criticism.

There will be no more negative reputations. Welcome to the forums!

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New posts. He also perceives time at that rate, and honestly knuckle and morel got what they needed out of that fight. Leol is extremely fast, easily able to keep up with Knuckle who was speed blitzing the fuck out of gon and killua. Log in Register. Comfortably above the squadron leaders without his ultimate ability: deep purple, which was combating pouf's entire army.

If Zazan couldnt easily damage Feitan, then the hunters wont have an easy time either. These are just outright weaker than deep purple, sure the explosions add a lot, but the trash mob wouldn't even have to be considered considering deep purple spawns would literally beat them all off without any effort and also help overwhelm chrollo. Articles New articles New comments.

That's cute and all, but Knuckle did exponentially morel against a vastly stronger Killua and Gon, than Phinks did against a vastly weaker Killua alone. The only people without a doubt faster than Cheetu are netero and meruem, maybe someone like maha too. He'd create a smokescreen against gotoh, create some smoke illusions to be shot at uselessly, then hit him with his cheetu or something. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Only Knov has a one hit kill hatsu.

Knuckle has better speed feats than almost all of the troupe members and arguably better strength feats than most of them as well. Morel literally beat Cheetu and Leol without his best hatsu. We are currently testing encrypted messages. It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Honestly proven Hisoka is faster than Morel, maybe when he's bungie morel around like when he killed the butler, but normally? If knuckle uses APR on Feitan then the group stomp. Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Exponentially better than zero is still zero.

Morel is not comfortably above squadron leaders. I'd argue Cheetu is faster than Pitou, at least his combat speed which cheetu can pounce long distances fast. "A Booster Shot of Art" drawing contest now! Also yeah, he cheetu have done better htan Chrollo and Gotoh. What's stopping the team from just killing Feitan? The spiders are more like assassins than thieves.

Jackalinthebox said:. See the "Conversation by key" option within the conversations.

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Intus Legere said:. Where did the manga say Pitou had millions of slaves? Killua did nothing to Phinks. You are using an out of date browser. The 4 have ificantly higher stats than the the troupe. While shoot and knuckle are beast hunters with non-damaging hatsus because they dont like to hurt people. Hisoka is faster and can one-shot hunters. Cheetu meanwhile not only has royal guard levels of speed, but his perception of time is that high of a level too. It's not like he just singled out Netero for that comparison. And Morel's buddy got defeated by Leol, so sea hunters are weaker compared to assassins like the troupe or the zoldycks.

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Hello everyone, so today this is Morel vs Cheetu, we have already did Morel and Knuckle vs Cheetu so i will try to find different "what if

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Knuckle and Morel appear to be overwhelmed by the speed of Cheetu's attacks, but they have a chance at victory.