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Moana and maui lemon

Moana And Maui Lemon
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Smash together these two scrumptious flavours to start the day on a high. Keep it simple with this classic combination.

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He knelt beside her, a strange numbness settling into body. She still looked as beautiful as ever. She was his best friend and soul mate, the absolute strongest person he had ever met and the only one who had truly changed his life for the better.

Honey lemon (moana)

Carefully, it leaned forward and tapped him lightly on the head. It was too much. The rhythm shook his ribcage. It made no sense. Moana was dying right before his very eyes and despite having incredible power, he could do nothing to stop it. BUT, I was so inspired by youkaiyume and her amazing Moana fanart, that I just had to write this for her. It suddenly made sense. There was uncertainty in their eyes.

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Why would they give him everything he had ever wanted and needed, and then just take it from him? Which was why he felt so unbelievably helpless as she lay, eyes barely open and hardly breathing.

Fanfic ain’t free, bitch — assuming we’re wounded together forever

She shook her head and smiled, before walking away to return to her duties. The world was a strange blur of colour. Finally, the successor Moana had chosen, Ina entered the hut and gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

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As she walked back toward the village, Maui wandered further into the surf until he was waist deep. Villagers filed in one by one, trying to keep their distance, not sure of what Maui would do. The glow filled up the room as though her very soul was about to burst forth. I hope others can read it and enjoy it too. His heart was beating in time with them.

Looking around, he found torches leading toward a cave that was guarded by a large tree, overgrown and ancient. He could feel his heart hardening and his soul turning to ice as he stood there. He wanted to cry and shout.

He sat upon a fallen log, shoved his fish hook into the sand and stared out at the horizon, wistfully recalling every adventure he had shared with Moana, trying desperately to keep her memory alive for as long as he could. Ina gently grabbed his arm and guided him steadily out of the hut. They framed her face and brought out what little colour remained in her cheeks. It had always been obvious. He willed himself to believe nothing had changed.

They wanted to carry out their traditions, to remove the body and properly wrap her.

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The huts were vacant and the village itself was quiet. He remained immovable. Perhaps some time to…yourself. The pain was starting to overwhelm his senses.

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He swallowed a desperate desire to cry. It was comforting. And he was an obstacle. He inhaled sharply. Everything hurt. Please forgive me. It had always been tragic. The moon was high in the sky and the stars twinkled at him. He had managed to keep her without a husband, a personal achievement he would never tell anyone. Why did they hate him so much? I am incredibly rusty. He was terrified of forgetting some crucial detail, like the exact angle her smile tilted at, how rich her laugh was or the fire that burned deeply within her eyes when challenged.

Deep laugh lines were etched into her face. The ocean receded, leaving him to stand within the soft curl of the waves. Had he not served them appropriately? People parted for him so that he could stand at the very mouth of the cave.

Why did he have to be without her?

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Maui knew if he looked at her body, it would destroy him entirely. The drumming began to crescendo. With him there, no one would be able to touch her. What appeared to be tiny stars floated all around them. Her once glorious curls were now wizened and almost silver. Her smile grew but her eyes showed her concern.

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Even now, when she was on her death bed, she cared more about how he was. Had he not sacrificed everything to ensure their survival and happiness? She flashed him a bright smile, a small tear sneaking its way down her cheek. He had kept her safe, despite her constant knack for endangering herself for the thrill of it. The ocean surged forth and rose up until it was a thick column of the same height that he was. It was still dark when it happened. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting.

Ina had returned again. He felt something nudge on his chest and looked down to see his Mini Maui hugging him hard. It was going to be a grand affair. He nodded, not really taking in what she was saying. Momentarily surprised that his hair was now very wet, he smiled sadly as he realised the ocean was trying to comfort him.

She had brought him to the ocean.

Mauixmoana stories

Maui trudged his way back to the shore, wiping his eyes and pushing his wet hair aside. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, the door to the hut slammed open, taking with it the very essence of the woman who made his life everything he had ever wanted. He resisted eating it but an image of Moana smacking him up the side of the head burst into his mind, and for a moment, he cracked a smile at the thought.

He refused to move. He stared at the heavens and pondered why the Gods would punish him so cruelly. And so he sat quietly, eyes closed, completely still, holding her ever growing cold, limp hand. This is where the villagers had all gathered, he bowed as drums began to thunder. She left some cooked pork. It smelt divine. He needed to share his pain with someone, anyone. He glanced around.

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To celebrate her life in a grand feast before finally entombing her within a cave filled with her belongings and treasures to honour her in the afterlife. His gaze wandered to the tattoo of Moana and his eyes filled with tears. He knew there had never been a way to avoid it.

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Why did it hurt so much? He barely noticed. It was night now.

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Why could he not have this one thing that mattered to him? How could they shine so brightly when Moana was gone now? Moana had chosen well.

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They all knew about the unspoken truth; Maui and Moana had loved one another dearly. He barely heard Ina when she returned.

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It was mere minutes before the food was gone completely and he was back to brooding quietly. And then his eyes met her own, which were still lined with surprisingly thick lashes. Ina was small but every bit as full of spirit as Moana had been.

Kids and character – moana maui & heihei #

Ina smiled sadly at him and offered out her tiny hand for him to take. Not yet. Even as day broke and others came to mourn her passing he refused to leave. Silence fell upon them once more.

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He was as hard as his shell.

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