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Men going commando tumblr

Men Going Commando Tumblr


Latino Handjob Adventure - Part1 8 min. Big bulge train 2 min.

Name: Sybyl

How old am I: 18
What is my ethnicity: Bangladeshi
Color of my hair: I've got short curly red hair
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
Favourite music: Jazz

Not even your coach or teammates? The thin white fabric stretched over his big ass and big cock.

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Just as I started to open my lock a hot guy came up and stood with his cock next to my face with his towel over his shoulder and started to open his locker next to mine but on the second row. My new friend held the steam room door for me as he watched me pass him and gave a look around outside before closing it.

He finally wrapped me in his arms and held me as his cock sat in my ass. Mr Olsen was divorced without kids so this confused me a little, but I quickly forgot about what he said when I felt an amazing sensation in my ass that I felt across my entire muscular body. He pinched my nipples and kissed the back of my neck as his cock hit deep in my prostate. I moaned yes as he dug his finger into my hole while he kissed me deeply for a few minutes before turning me around and bending me over.

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I had a lot of gay sex before getting married but decided to put it in my rear view and focus on my family. The man made eye contact with him and the two smiled. My cock ached as he munched on my anus and licked my crack and down across my shaved balls. He fucked my ass for another two minutes even though we were both done cumming. He ran a finger over his hole a few times as he looked back at me.

I agreed and he went and locked his office door. I decided a long time ago to go along with it and flirt back. Dan licked his lips as he looked at the precum smeared across the front of my white briefs. As I loaded him up he began shooting his load all over the comforter and clothes mom washed for him. You like having my fat pole up your cunt, baby? He hugged me tightly and kissed my neck as I sunk into him and felt warm and secure.

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He was such a good kisser as he ran his middle finger under my balls and across my crack. I jumped a little when he did this and started to laugh. We were all moaning and enjoying hot rimming before I told the guy eating my hole that I needed to be fucked.

I was squatting down unlocking my locker with my ass hanging out in the locker room. I put my head against his shoulder as his spent cock sat in my crack. I nodded. I was still stroking my now hard cock as he turned back around and put his towel around his shoulders and stepped out of the shower and into his flip flops.

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She never wanted anything to do with sex after that so I Jack off constantly thinking mostly about men. He was looking back at me in his binoculars and I knew he was loving every minute of this. Go have fun. Carl smiled and smacked my ass lightly.

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I felt myself blush and looked at the floor. My cock was rock hard by now and I felt my hole wink at Mr Olsen. I had completely forgotten Brady was naked until I felt his cock rub.

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I texted my address to my new friend and got dressed and headed toward the exit when a man stopped me. After about 10 pics I asked him if he wanted to take a look. We can take a shower in a bit. It was crowded now as people were coming to the gym after work and were in various states of undress. Situated at the end of a long hall, Dan had a nice private corner office and sometimes liked to lock us in and sip on a scotch while we shoot the shit.

He closed and locked the door and told me to follow him to the basement. I moaned loudly as his tongue ran over my pucker and then inside. Living by myself gives. When he got back from his trip mom was at her night shift at the hospital so he let me eat all the tasty dad jizz in his ass. A hot guy was standing in a pair of white briefs next to my locker as I squeezed by while checking him out.

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His is much bigger though. Mr Olsen grabbed my neck and pulled me back to him and kissed my limp lips and tongue in his convulsion of lust. My wife and I had long quit having sex after our daughter was born. I felt a warm wave across my body as I started shooting my load anywhere and everywhere. He moved my cock and nuts around in his hands before turning me around and running his hands along the strap over my butt cheeks. How about you? This stuff is good and in mostly good shape.

Trent looked toward Leo and pulled down his glasses to the end of his nose and squinting his eyes.

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I smiled and blushed and said thanks. Would you like some company? I felt precum drip from my cock as he did this a few times. We both froze. I suddenly realized I was still at work and looked over at Leo in the lifeguard chair. He bent down and I felt his hairy face on my butt as he began running his tongue over my hole. He walked over and I handed him his phone as he scrolled through. He grabbed the back of the jock waistband with one hand and pulled me closer as he shoved his cock in me. The man rinsed the soap from his hot body and turned off his shower before drying off his body as I watched.

I watched as this beefy hot dad-type showered in the gym shower without a curtain.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I heard someone walking up the ramp to the lifeguard tower I was working for my shift on Miami Beach. I was just about finished drying off and put my towel around my shoulders before giving my growing cock a few tugs. We had the showers to ourselves as he turned again to show me his ass and then bent over to dry his legs giving me a good view of his perfect pink hole. He finally stopped and slapped my ass before standing. He reached out and squeezed my bulge with his free hand as someone knocked on the door.

We were quickly fucking hard in a sweaty threesome. Mr Olsen stood at the first pile of boxes and pulled out some stuff. I turned to see a tan, muscular man in a white thong smiling as he walked the rest of the way to me.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I began moaning loudly and going limp as he did this over and over. I pulled my boxer briefs off and over my running shoes and slid the jock over my shoes and up my legs. I let out a mix of a moan and a whine as he quickly got his huge cock fully inside me. I was starting to feel my dick stir as the air moved over my hole. He walked toward us without saying a word as my new friend immediately went back to eating my ass. I love to be fucked hard by another married guy while our families are at home unaware that my hole is getting drilled as I drip sweat all over my office.

I looked right at his cock and stood up looking him in the eye. Trent smiled and walked down the ramp before looking back as I watched his ass in the tiny thong.

I figured I was doing something right and pushed my butt toward Brady and tried to get more of his cock inside me. I smiled and looked down at his body. I looked over my shoulder and started to stand when he pushed me back down.

We both need to shoot our lo and get some loving. As soon as it was out I felt empty and alone. I handed his phone back and he looked at what I entered. His beard felt amazing as he reached up and held the side of my head as he made out with me. And I need your cum deep in my ass.

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The guy that was eating his hole also stood and did the same to the guy fucking me. We clinked glasses and took a sip. I soon felt his breath on my ass as he pulled my cheeks apart. He stopped and looked at me while I cupped my balls with my left hand and stroked my shaft with my right. He made eye contact as he soaped his big balls and gave his shaft a few strokes before turning and washing his ass.

We stayed like this for a while — at least a few minutes before he told me quietly he was going to pull his dick out of my ass. He handed me my glass and gave me a cheers. He entered his and looked up at the man at the locker next to me. Besides, it was fun to get some attention from someone. Nobody has ever touched your ass? My boss Dan and I were both married but he flirted with me relentlessly. I wiped my mouth and looked into his eyes as they still watched me.

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