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Want to Read. Rate this book. Dionne Jr. While the Constitution prohibits government-backed religion, it protects the rights of religious individuals and organizations to promote their faith. These twin principles have helped freedom and faith to flourish in the United States.

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We live in a time when some are loudly demanding religious freedom for themselves but do so in a way that would impose their beliefs and practices on others, even as they complain that their rights to freely practice their religion are being denied. As Dionne notes, we carry a lot of baggage, and so unpacking that baggage requires a gifted hand and a discerning eye.

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I pray at community events. We bring a lot of baggage to just about everything touching on religion. By religious liberty, Rogers insists that this liberty must be extended to all people, whatever their religion, and whether they are religious or not. At the end of each chapter Rogers provides a series of recommendations for handling the issues discussed in the chapter. That is the point of the book. Third, "remember that bring-line rules on governmental displays, monuments, and acknowledgments are not necessarily better rules.

As she notes, there are valuable ways in which government and religious communities can partner, but they have to be navigated in a way that protects all parties. This is not an easy book to read.

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Labels: Books E. Post a Comment. It is important to remember that at the time of the nation's founding naked colonies had roger establishments, and yet the Constitution banned religious tests for officeholders, and then further defined limits in the Bill of Rights.

While to this point all have embraced some form of Christianity, their beliefs are not uniform. Rogers helps us understand how the Constitution and its interpretation have defined the way faith functions in this country, as well as the ways in which religious liberty can be preserved without it impinging on the rights, beliefs, and practices of others. From there we continue the conversation about religion and the Constitution with a discussion of central concepts and cases that have defined the relationship of religion and public life. Rogers takes up all these questions, showing us how the melissas have responded, as well as her interpretation of these rulings including her critiques of sometimes conflicting rulings.

The efforts that went into this are detailed in chapter 1.

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What about businesses? I will add that before she took a position within the Obama administration, I approached her about endorsing my book Faith in the Public Square: Living Faithfully in 21st Century America, which she graciously agreed to do. She helps us understand court rulings that have placed parameters on what is allowed and what is not, including religiously oriented holiday displays.

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Regarding religious freedom, Rogers writes in her introduction that "while the Constitution prohibits government-backed religion, it protects the rights of religious individuals and organizations to promote their faith. The government cannot, with few exceptions tell my congregation or me how to practice my faith. She also takes up the question of respecting religious freedom in the workplace, including accommodation of religious expression these include wearing of the hijab or other religiously deated clothing or symbols.

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For that I give thanks! I come to this conversation as one who is a police chaplain and is close friends with public figures, including a state representative.

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With regard to our Presidents, most have tended to have some form of religious belief, but they are not uniform. Rogers helps us understand the role religion has played, ranging from the way in which Presidents have attended religious services to establishing offices in the White House to create relationships between the Presidency and the faith communities.

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So, please, take the time to read carefully. Finally, "teach about religion. Foreword by E. Dionne, Jr. Church and State might be separate in the United States, but despite claims of a naked public square, the wall of separation has never been a very high wall. There is also a chapter on the government partnerships with faith-based organizations, which she knows quite well from her work in the Obama administration.

That term has become problematic, so we need to define it. So, we need guidance from those who are persons of faith who recognize the value that faith brings to the public square, but also the dangers that are inherent to this engagement. One may not agree with all her recommendations or interpretations, but I have read few people who better understand the complexities of these topics as Melissa Rogers.

Faith in american public life

When it comes to issues of discrimination and provision of services, both governmental and private, who is exempt on the basis of faith? The first recommendation is that government officials should "ensure that the equal access principle is understood and applied. Rogers begins the conversation by giving us an introduction to the historical origins of the role of religion in the Constitution.

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Fourth, "public schools should train administrators and teachers on consensus rules and proactively draft school policy on religious expression in consultation with the full range of stakeholders. We will better for it as a nation and as people of faith. Does this apply only to explicitly religious entities like a church, temple, synagogue, or mosque? Thus, with regard to the chapter on Religious Expression on Government Property, Rogers offers five recommendations regarding "providing space for faith to flourish, without governmental support or interference.

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These include the ban on religious tests. I seem to remember Martin Marty saying something to that effect at time or another. One who knows a lot about the relationship between faith and public life is Melissa Rogers, who has authored Faith in American Public Life.

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While there are constitutional parameters that offer protections for both state and religious life, religion is rarely far from public life. Again, Faith in American Public Life is a most important book that addresses some of the major issues of the day. Standing at the center of this book is Rogers' commitment to protecting religious liberty.

December 31, By Melissa Rogers. However, I believe this book is too important not to highlight in as many places as possible. Finally, there is the proper use of federal funds that are distributed to and through faith communities. Finally, there is a chapter on religious discrimination and hate crimes. In recent years, especially since the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage, the courts have dealt with important questions as to what kinds of religious exemptions are permissible.

Or, individuals? There is a lot of misinformation as to what is allowed and what is not.

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Popular Posts August 02, August 19, That perspective is on display here. A Baptist, Rogers reflects that stream of Baptist belief and practice that has sought to keep the state at arm's length in its relationship with the religious community. There is also a chapter on the role of religion in defining policy and politics and one on religious expression on Government property.

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