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She draws a Blast Arts upon entering the battlefield which is useful in keeping a combo going. She can switch out to another Fighter at any moment, regardless of their substitution count, which can be used to gain type advantage on an opponent, gain a full vanish gauge, etc. This is a nice touch as it improves her versatility. This ability, more times than not, will result in you using your Rising Rush before your opponent which will give you a huge advantage in the early stages of a match.

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Dragon ball arena

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She then is part of the group which goes to aid Goku in his battle against the Red Ribbon Army, but they arrive to late as Goku had defeated them himself. She is then an onlooker through out the Goku and Krillin match shouting encouragement to each of the boys, and tries to stop the cheating in the finals by attacking Chiatzou who was using his psychic powers to interfere.

Launch first appears as a wanted criminal for her multiple robberies committed by her other self. Three years then pass where Launch continues living at Kame House and was once again going to skip the World Martial Arts Tournament, but fate would intervene and she changed into her evil side who decides the accompany the group to the tournament.

Dragon ball z: kakarot

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Cancel Insert. She later returns to watch the next World Martial Arts Tournament watching each of the matches.

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She later gives some of her energy to Goku for his Spirit Bomb to finally defeat Buu. This edit will also create new s on Comic Vine for:. Following the World Martial Arts Tournament she remains on the island with Roshi, Krillin and Turtle even and remains mostly out of conflict until her life is threatened by a soldier of the Red Ribbon Armyhowever she once again changes defeating the solider.

She then returned to the Kame House where she began living, as she began training but quickly gave it up and began taking care of the house chores.

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She also was responsible for making sure Goku arrived in time for his match against Pamputas the fighter's manager attempted to force a forfeit. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Use your keyboard!

Make sure this is what you intended. She then leaves with Tien and Chiatzou and remains with them until their death while fighting Nappa ,after which the majority of her time is spent in a bar.

Although there she didn't behave even attempt to murder Master Shen by firing multiple rounds with her machine gun, only for it to prove ineffective as he caught each bullet.

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Map of Dragon Ball Arena.

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These will toss your opponent a short distance, leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up attack.

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Her first personality is a sweet, blue haired woman, who is pure-hearted.