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Itachi uchiha lemon

Itachi Uchiha Lemon


Your pov. Itachi x Reader Modern Sasuke and Itachi. The two of you find yourselves attracted to each otherwill it just be a one night stand?

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He stood tall, in front of you. Riding out your exceptional high, chasing his own.

Akatsuki (itachi uchiha x reader) lemon!(wip)

Slowly unzipping the cloak off, looking down at you with a tender smile. Your edged heat crying out for attention, throbbing around nothing. The fervent determination to stay still and not ruin you was visible in his furrowed brows. No one could ever be Itachi Uchiha, your mind ran off, as you brushed his back soothingly. Cupping your face with his lean fingers and palm, he settled your emotions with an unfathomable, declaring kiss. Only him, how he had his sharingan burning your disarrayed form into his mind.

post Next post. Muffling your moans. The akatsuki hideout was never the same without the lingering presence of your raven haired lover.

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The coil in your stomach, clenching up, as your hazy thoughts turned clearer, and all you could think was him. All your mind thought was the racing, lewd thoughts about those painted finger nails, gushing in and out of your heated core. So this was incomplete and rotting in my drafts for days.

Though true, this side of him remained hidden, bared only to you, and god did you feel lucky to witness it.

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Originally posted by osakaxkobe. Made you melt, filling you up with emotions upto the brim. Supporting your weight on your elbows, your eyes mirroring your ache for him. Only you knew that the smile was a facade, all he is, is just a predator eyeing his feeble pray right now. I missed you so much!

Naruto x reader oneshots

It had indeed been long, every cell in your body yearning desperately for him. Distracting you enough with the kiss, he entered you, instantly full length deep.

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How his hair touched your bare chest, tickling you sensually; how he treated you like glass one instant, shifting the treatment to cruel and fierce on your body. Everything was making you lose your mind, bit by bit.

Your shoulders drooped down in disappointment, you had no idea when he will be back. Your shrill moans still echoed in his mind, and his soft grunts burnt in yours.

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The power behind those words, the sheer honesty and the dedication he puts, everytime he said that. Your cheeks were tinted in a faint red, even though you were alone. Finally, you gave up. Slowly laying yourself on the bed, spreading your thighs up, for your fingers to touch the glistening heat.

Experimentation || {nsfw} itachi x reader

Gulping at his emphasis, you sheepishly met his gaze. His lean figure, his protuding collar bone, complimented by the necklace.

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Everything about him was making your mind black out. How he.

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I had so much fun writing this, Itachi brings out the fluffy human inside me. And you loved every second of it. It had been a month, a month!

Itachi x reader x sasuke wattpad

But that could wreak your world upside down. You were starting to have those lewd wet dreams of those painted nails racing through your curves, that silky subtle voice that called out your name. It enraged you to the very core, your longing increasing ten fold with every moment. God did he look ethreal, leaning against the wall eyeing you mercilessly. Biting your lip, you trembled eagerly now.

Instantly coming back from your emotional high, your eyes faltered to look at him. Sitting on the bed, thighs clutched together as your fists grabbed the bed sheet, you sighed. Every ounce of the gripping of lips, the subtle bites declared that you belonged to the Uchiha.

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