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Is professor oak ashs dad

Is Professor Oak Ashs Dad


We do know his mother is Delia Ketchum, a sincere, gentle, and always smiling saint of a woman still living in Pallet Town, but his father is only ever mentioned once. I know there's no one quite like Ash and Pikachu, but you have to admit the father of this legendary character must hold some merit to the story. Yeah, Oak may hang around Pallet town and even with Delia for far too oftenbut the claim still has holes and is largely doubtful. There's also hefty evidence that proves otherwise by way of the fourth movie, Celebi: Voice of the Forestwherein a young Oak is portrayed as "Sam. There's also a bit of ancient lore written in the and works of Shudo's, two books called Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2 which we will discuss later.

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Well, whatever. Ash's dad was a pokemon trainer it was mentioned somewhere in one of the old episodes iircI highly doubt Professor Oak is his dad, he's too old. While eldershipping is one of the anime's most popular pairing, I don't think it confirms Oak as Ash's father.

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Obviously no, prof. Ephemeral Euphoria. And anyway, if it was the case, don't you think that Ash's mother and Professor Oak would probably show their feelings during the few times we saw them together? Oak isn't and will never be Ash's dad. In Pokemon, and all anime for that matter. Houston, TX. I thought Gary was a bit older than Ash in age. And also, Gary would be a member of Ash's family.

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And he's too old He could be a grandfather perhaps? With Ash being 10 and all assuming he hasn't aged since he first started that would make Ash's mom considerably young. One day, a wanderer, a star trainer, came in, and grew fond of Hanako, and she grew fond of him. Originally Posted by prateek [ Original Post ]. You wanna know what I think? My deviantArt! There would be a long explanation for it.

Ash's father

Password Forgot password? I think that it is possible that the narrator is Ash's Dad who is recounting their adventures. Kid Coma. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Pft, well, that is the weirdest question ever.

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He's this is just a guess in his 60's? !

Who is the father of ash ketchum?

Name. You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Ash's mother would be into older men then. Joke aside. I wonder if they will every say who Ash's father is. Precisely 15 miles north of the peak of Mt. Are you aware of the fact that that would make Ash the Uncle of Gary?

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Or maybe the narrator is Ash himself recounting his childhood. I really don't think that is likely, because no Uncle hates their Nephew that much and vice versa. Anyway, among Pokemon fans, I think it is believed the either Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket was his father, or that the father of Ash passed away in his journeys.

When Satoshi was born, he left her.

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So can't be Ash's father anyway! Either way, those sound way more plausible than that thought Ugh, that is just disturbing Oak is Ash's dad Wait, then Ash is Gary's father O. O Never notice!

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Oak was probably sterile from old age long before Ash was born. Seen March 7th, Also Ash's dad was a Pokemon trainer, and hasn't been seen for awhile probably in a whole other country or region. Anyways, eventually, they got married, and she got pregnant with Satoshi. Interested in ing the giveaway? If this theory were to be true, then it would have been revealed early on.

It's been like 10 years. Thats true, I never considered that fact that Oak is like 40 years older than ash's mom. Sorry, but being the uncle of your rival is awkward anyways. Also if Oak was Ash's father, then wouldn't he had told him? Let's see Oak is Ash is Gary is 10 It's safe to say that Gary's parents had him when they were 20 this is the youngest I'll go So Oak's age minus 30 10 for Ash, 20 for the parent would turn up to about Anyways, there are way too many holes in that theory.

There's pokémon blood in those veins

And no, if Oak was Ash's father that'd be some messed up Because Ash obviously doesn't know lol So yeah, I don't think they're going to ever tell who it is because it's been so long. Helena Anne Valentine. I always thought it was obvious that Brock was his father. Hanako then explained to Satoshi that his grandfather his father's father was also a star trainer, and Satoshi then fell asleep.

What do all of you think? Keep me ed in. Somewhere in the world.

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It was confirmed by the writers that ash's dad is on a journey of his own. I find it kind of dumb that Ash never finds out about is dad, but iy doesn't seem to bother him much.

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It will not accept new replies. The idea sounds entirely implausible.

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You need someone with that gene as dominant. At the time, they were both eighteen. Seen February 27th, Oak is Gary's grandfather. So who's the mother?

When could professor oak have produced ash?

This thread is closed. Age I was recently watching a pokemon episode with Professor Oak and Ash. If you look at their pictures side by side you can really see the resemblance. Satoshi's mom, Hanako Delia? She then said to herself that she knows one day Satoshi would leave her, because it's in his blood -- and he did, five years later.

Although, there could still be a chance of extramarittiality, if you know what I mean ;D. XD My personal theory is that Ash's dad is long dead. Business trip?

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Yus, and Ash's family name is Ketchum something like thatand not Oak. So, it's impossible that Professor Oak is Ash's father. Yus, exactly.

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Forgot password? Delia has a brown hair. It would be vastly out of character for him. Community members will not see the footer advertisement. Black Prince.

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Some say Professor Oak due to his close friendship with Delia Ketchum.

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The anime never gets farther than this though because Ash is perpetually 11 years old.

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More than 20 years later and, other than a couple of mentions right at the beginning of the series, the absent Mr.