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How to strip for your wife

How To Strip For Your Wife


Gentlemen, your ladies have a new man in their lives, and his name is Magic Mike. What they saw: minutes of abs, hip thrusts, and more abs. Want more red-hot ways to turn her on—for free? Whichever place gives you the most space is your best bet, says Faulk. Are you a cop?

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Confidence is KEY Confidence in what you are doing changes everything! Take your time and striptease slowly.

Seduce her with a strip tease

Do your makeup, curl your hair, pin your hair up, whatever you want to feel sexy and confident! When you are confident, it makes you feel empowered.

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Learning how to dance for your man or woman will give you a sense of confidence like never before. Enjoy it.

How to strip tease like a pro 🔥

Own it! Fun strip teasing activity to do for a date night at home.

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I'm a friendly gal who's obsessed with all things marriage and Hubby-related :. Confidence in what you are doing changes everything! Free 7-day Program One week to a better marriage. This is a time to let loose and just have fun! Share this Article Like this article? Pick out a song you feel comfortable dancing to and dim those lights for a more romantic vibe. Outfit inspiration for the perfect striptease.

How to strip tease like a pro 🔥

Click to Download. it to a friend! Enjoy it just as much as your partner Stripteasing is not just for the viewer, it is for you as well!

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Wearing something sexy is very important, but it is also just as important to prep yourself. Ready, set, strip! Free Download.

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Trying something new in the bedroom can be scary, but we promise the are well worth it! Then keep reading for tips on how to actually do it! Let your spouse enjoy the moment. Thanks for leaving us some love! When I'm not having adventures with my sweetheart and baby boy, you can find me in photographer mode, deep in a Netflix binge, or crafting!

Stripping for your woman

The visual aspect is key when doing a striptease. Husbands or Wives Husbands. Unquestionably, it relieves stress — Practically any type of movement works to reduce stressand dancing is no different.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It is so important to just be yourself and have fun with it! It is so easy to worry about what your spouse is thinking or how awkward you may feel — but I promise they are loving every second and are probably stunned that you are even doing what you are doing, so, own it!

Stripteasing is not just for the viewer, it is for you as well! Now that you know why you should striptease for your lover — you need to learn HOW. We know it can be a little intimidating to get started, so we brought together a few simple tips on how to avoid an awkward striptease. This one is our 1 tip! Practice, Practice, Practice!

This will boost your confidence and help you know what you feel comfortable doing.

Guys, your woman wants a strip tease — here's exactly how to give her one

It gets you and your spouse! If you are nervous, definitely take the time to practice in the mirror.

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So fun, right?! Be Yourself This one is our 1 tip!

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Your Name. I also enjoy treasure hunting aka.

Why should you learn how to striptease?

If the thought of learning to striptease for your spouse seems a little intimidating, you are definitely not alone. Make it fun and make it…YOU. Even though it can be tough, just trust that you look amazing and you got this!

Make sure you are wearing something that makes you feel sexy and you know your spouse would like, while also feeling comfortable in it. up now and get our 7 Days of Love Program absolutely free! Send .

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Friend's Address. Let it be fun, funny, spontaneous, or whatever else you want it to be, and just let loose! Here are a few reasons why you should learn to striptease.

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First Name Required. Adding a sexy component heightens the experience even more!

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We LOVE hearing from our readers! Flip Your Hair When in doubt, do the hair flip!

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Printables to help teach you how to perform a striptease. Now that you know all that it takes to striptease like a pro, you HAVE to check out these posts:. When in doubt, do the hair flip! It boosts your self-esteem- Fewer things put a bigger damper on your sex life than low self-esteem or confidence.

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Granted, most guys aren't Chippendales strippers, nor are they well practiced in the fine art of pelvic thrusting at least not on dance floorsbut nevertheless, you can keep this experience light and interesting.

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I created this throwaway with this strangely un-taken username because I lost a bet and have to do a strip dance for my wife.

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The Marriage Bed.

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When you hear " strip tease ," you think "women" and that's even in the age of Magic Mike.

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I think that a strip tease for your spouse can be a great way to lead into sex.

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I think that a strip tease for your spouse can be a great way to lead into sex.