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Hilda pokemon age

Hilda Pokemon Age


Hilda is a girl from Nuvema Town of the Unova regionmuch like her longtime childhood friends HilbertCheren and Biancathe latter being her roommate at Kobukan Academy. She is a model student, topping her peers academically and also excelling in athletic activities, especially tennis. Hilda is tall for a girl her age. Combined with her resolute expression and mannerisms, she is often mistaken to be a senior student at the academy.

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Search forums. You know it would of been possible to use both versions of Bianca and Cheren if they somehow worked a timeskip without having a full one. Like Ash and whoever he is with goes into the future but the time skip is only for the BW 2 arc. They could have de aged her, I think they actually de aged Serena. Murder Doll Button Presser. I don't know.

BW could of been one heck of a series if the whole Kanto vibe was not used and it was just a follow up to DP rather then trying to feel fresh.

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And yet another statement by you that holds no water. Idk I know he has went back in time so I think it could work.

Hilda (game)

There's lots of stuff to reference to. Why do you guys think Iris was chosen instead? I just mentioned this in another thread, and now here is a thread of it's own on Hilda in BW. Hilda could have been de-aged, that's not a issue really. Kuvario I am who I am Platinum fan. A throwback to the old school partners being both Gym Leaders, as others stated.

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MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8. Log in Register. Because she was white trash.

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Because somewhere out there, there would be just that ONE person who would go off about her wearing Daisy Dukes. CyberCubed said:. I doubt Hilda's age was the issue. New posts. But then there was the whole older Cheren being in the same space as classic Bianca thing and it got all messy and yeah.

Pokémon wiki

It's often said that Best Wishes was supposed to be them trying to recreat OSs set up. Again I think it might sound weird but it would work if done right. No, I'm glad Hilda never had to put up with being Ash's lackey.

Because BW was meant to be a throwback to Kanto, so his two travel companions were Gym leaders that resembled Misty and Brock. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You are using an out of date browser. And a pokemon following him wearing glasses. When has that ever stopped the writers? Serena was de-aged in Kalos after all. They were going for that OS Kanto feel. There is no definitive proof that BW was a throwback to OS but there are clear indications that it could be.

How old are hilbert and hilda?

Forums New posts Search forums. Maldread said:. I can see why they did it but the way it was done could of been done much better I think. An how Ash met Cilan after battling just like he did Brock. Log in.

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Iris wasn't even a gym leader in the anime. As far as Iris goes, I am glad she was in the anime. I dunno. I think it's either because they wanted BW to feel like a throw back to Kanto or because they knew that there would be sequels to the BW games and that the protagonists in the games would change. Worse job to have in the anime besides being part of TR. Blue Saturday too fly.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Red and Blue Start date Apr 23, Red and Blue Well-Known Member. If such speculation is true then they just wanted to use two gym leaders.

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Doryuzu said:. Be sure to the discussion on our discord at: Discord. I've always wondered why Hilda the female playable character in Black and White wasn't the female companion in Unova. I didn't mind Iris being used. I'm pretty sure BW was supposed to be a rehash of Kanto just like most of their filler episodes are rehases Ex, Tower of Terror, Make Room For Shuppet, and that espurr exy episodes or how Ash looses his badges ever arc. Second best Pokegirl as far as I am concerned.

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Or the similarities in Misty's and Brock's personalities to Iris and Cilan. Search titles only.

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Why didn't Best Wishes use Hilda? Don't see why they couldn't make Hilda look a bit younger and have her act like Iris - in fact, she looks like someone who could have that type of personality anyway. You must log in or register to reply here. CyberCubed Banned.

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Not because I think Hilda's outfit is too revealing. OfCorsola Brock and Misty! Red and Blue said:. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. What's new New posts All posts New profile posts Latest activity. There is literally no info confirming that BW was a throwback to OS. Scott, you are not a writers nor prominent figure in Poke-matter, speak for no one but yourself and keep rumors that have no place in reality out of the fact-zone.

Hero of Truth Lillie Fan. Nacreous Fire trainer. I actually think it was the better choice in the matter.

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Hilda Birch "Let's evolve into a world where people and Pokemon share their ideals!

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