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Fairy tail virgo punishment

Fairy Tail Virgo Punishment
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Image source : Fairy Tail Virgo Tumblr Search. Sexually Educating Virgo The Maiden Post Fairy Tail Shablagooo Virgo Virgo Fairy Tail Hentai Image

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His Light-based Regulus magic puts him on par with many of the stronger Fairy Tail mages, and near the top of this list.

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Admittedly, most of the time Aquarius is used more for humor than anything else. A particularly interesting group are the Celestial Mages, who are essentially the Summoners of Fairy Tailare capable of bringing out Celestial Spirits. The Celestial Spirits are beings made entirely of magic who are essentially immortal, and they each form contracts with Celestial Mages based on compatibility and overall magical power.

Not only did he manage to stay, but he ed Fairy Tail as Loke and played key roles in many battles alongside them.

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The Celestial Spirit King is so powerful his position in this list is a no-brainer. His focus is primarily on spreading the word on obscure anime, comic books, and games whenever possible.

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Since then, Scorpio has been a frequent ally of Lucy and Fairy Tail In theory, Libra should be incredibly powerful, considering her abilities give her control over gravity. If Lucy is lucky, Aquarius will attack her enemy Still, Aquarius has been noted as one of the stronger Celestial Spirits, with Lucy rating her quite highly.

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Follow him on Twitter sageshinigami, or on Twitch sageshinigami. There are several points throughout the series where she shows up, mocks Lucy for not having a boyfriend or gets mad for being summoned, before promptly leaving. Related Topics Lists anime Fairy Tail.

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By Sage Ashford Published Aug 29, Share Share Tweet 0. Instead, it takes a high-level Celestial Mage, someone with the power to open multiple gates at once and also requires they destroy one of their own Golden Keys.

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Pisces certainly look cool, as these two giant fish that can transform into a mother and son warrior combo who can attack using water magic as well as weapons in combat. But worse than that, the two also have a weakness to Give these cute little guys their credit.

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Though for the most part, we focus on characters who use some form of enchanted punches or weaponry, Fairy Tail is full of different mages who possess vastly different magical abilities. Taurus is also surprisingly fast with such a large weapon, proving capable of blocking bullets just by spinning the ax around.

Yukino got the short end of the stick when it comes to Celestial Spirits.

Virgo's punishment

It goes pretty much without saying that outside of the Celestial Spirit King, Leo is the strongest of the Celestial Spirit summons. Outside of this ability, Libra's combat capabilities certainly seem limited. However, in terms of raw strength, he might be the strongest Celestial Spirit outside of the King himself.

Though not as frequently as Loke or Aquarius, Lucy actually seems to summon Scorpio quite a bit.

Fairy tail virgo tumblr

Since Lucy is fairly strong thanks to her time in Fairy Tail, Gemini has shown the ability to copy mages like Gray or Ichiya. Gemini has the ability to copy the appearance of any other person, which is useful enough in situations requiring some form of espionage.

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Originally retrieved from the corrupt politician Everlue, Virgo is a dutiful maid with an Virgo can summon herself and is also talented in hand to hand combat. Nonetheless, Capricorn proves himself to be fairly powerful during his introduction, trading blows with Loke fairly equally.

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This proves to the King the necessity in him being summoned and allows him to unleash his full power in the world of the humans. He spent three years in the realm of the humans without returning to the Celestial Spirit realm, something that should have been impossible. Having said that, none of this seemed to be of much good when Yukino got into it with Kagura, though at the time the character was certainly one of the stronger threats during the Grand Magic Games.

Considering Lucy has been a Celestial Spirit Mage for years, she would certainly have the experience to know.

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