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Fairy tail lucy crying

Fairy Tail Lucy Crying
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Lucy's appearance is kept hidden underneath an elegant, full-body hooded cloak, which only leaves small portions of her body exposed to the public eye. However, when she removes the hood, her face is identical to that of her present self. Her smooth, blonde hair flows and falls directly down below her neck, with several spiky strands covering her forehead and two, much sizable prominent strands reaching pass her neck.

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Both, maybe? Also, in FT Years Quest chapter 23 many people were expecting some kind of deep reaction from Natsu spoiler : after burning poor Lucy, of coursewhich we did not get. I guess no one can argue that she truly is beautiful in his eyes. He got affected, blah blah, you know the rest.

Let me show you: did anyone notice how everything keeps revolving around Natsu? The second thing that bothered me is the light we see around her, that everyone interpreted as her being beautiful and stuff.


Many of us believe he has issues understanding love: that is probably true. Facing the feelings: a sad NaLu theory Remember this scene from chapter ? We got ish as ever Natsu playing pranks on Lucy instead, and many were disappointed. Aaaaand another troll, yeah. He actually is taking the initiative with Lucy, in his own way. Is it him? I mean, it could have been fine to keep on talking the way they were.

I mean, come on. Originally posted by solylunv. We made it! For the story to work well we need them both. What if it was all in his mind? Does this mean that Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia are the match made in heaven perfectly balanced couple? Maybe Natsu liked her short hairstyle but got confused with the earrings she is currently wearing. The thing is that whenever something big happens we all just want to see how Natsu will react to the new situation. We finally found out who drew this wonderful sketch. What if the light means something else?

Lucy heartfilia (future)

Like… A dream? Because the way she displays her feelings for Natsu is actually misunderstandable for him. If the story moves to the next arc, he moves with it and grows up. Originally posted by ft-aesthetic. On the opposite, Lucy is not developing that much, as well as the rest of the characters.

Lucy crying

Originally posted by imthehuman. And of course the NaLu downside is that Lucy needs to deal with an immature guy who thinks that romance is something you can actually eat.

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But, what about Lucy? There are countless examples.

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I checked out what kind of earrings she used to wear in the first movie as you know that Phoenix Priestess and Dragon Cry share many parallels. PS: thanks to j em-hamster-chan! Originally posted by thenichibro. Well, whatever.

Fairy tail lucy cries

Hugging Natsu from behind is a wonderful yet sly way do demonstrate that she feels something for him. But for some reason this time he needs to face her. The only time she actually wears stars is on Tenrou Island, when Virgo gives her and Natsu celestial clothing. So, basically, when she pushes him to go back to the position it may feel to us readers and Natsu as well like some kind of rejection.

Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Originally posted by excitementshewrote. Natsu: Lucy:. If you happen to know something please help me out! Of course, he is always troubled when dealing with her emotional side, but this time is different. The hero is a character that keeps evolving, because he grows with the story itself. So in Edolas we have a bossy Lucy and a submissive Natsu. Originally posted by thedragneelgoldenkey.

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Lucy is the narrator. He is actually surprised about her behaviour as well. Do you know something about this art? Because, come on, she is totally holding hands with him. Well, he wants to reassure her about finding Gray and he actually turns to face her while speaking.

In chapter Lucy is once again behind Natsu while riding that animal and is clinging on him if you want to count that too - not a hug but still. I said Natsu is straight with his feelings, but let me say another ting as well: he is straight with actions, never with words.

Never make lucy cry

She is a bridge between these two sides as she connects the audience to the story. Thanks for reading! Tumblr NaLu shippers be like:. Future Lucy killed? She wants to invade his personal space, she wants to hold him… Yet it seems she is afraid of doing it.

Originally posted by natsusluce. We all know that Lucy - for one reason or another- always hugs Natsu from behind. She is already mature.

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Originally posted by ft-aesthetic Well now, follow me. Yeah, the one that made all Nalu shippers skip a heartbeat. Natsu, in a way, is a reflection of the journey itself. I was afraid that I ended up in some kind of temporal limbo. Oh, Natsu Natsu. Originally posted by natsusluce We all know that Lucy - for one reason or another- always hugs Natsu from behind.

That is the surface, sadly, but believe me when I say that this episode will have some inner impact that we will eventually see later. The thing is, he does not believe that Lucy loves him back. She literally does not want to face her feelings.

She gives a voice to the inner events but is addressing to the outer audience. Natsu is the hero.

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And that is Because he actually is still a growing up character, so we expect him to change and mature accordingly to the events of the arc. It is actually pretty simple to understand. And I mean in a psychological way, this is not about being strong Lucy kick beats them all. I found this drawing on Pinterest some time ago. She used to wear heart shaped ones up until the end of Tartaros arc. Some people are not even sure he actually is the protagonist of Fairy Tail. Well, who cares.

Fairy tail lucy cries

She helps us understand our psychologically-almost-impossible-to-understand dragon slayer. Finally, in the last panels of chapter Lucy decides to hugh him from the front and we can clearly see how troubled he is about it. In Giltena we have a bossy Nack and a submissive Lucia. She fucking saw herself dying! Originally posted by thedragneelgoldenkey Finally, in the last panels of chapter Lucy decides to hugh him from the front and we can clearly see how troubled he is about it. And there you have it: yet another sad and totally unnecessary theory. And then, I saw her earrings. This explains the light, this event that we cannot chronologically place anywhere and the mismatching appearance of Lucy.

So here we have it. Meaningif she is not straight with her feelings for him there is actually no way he can actually realize she holds feelings for him at all. When did they have this kind of… Date? So how is he supposed to understand her if she behaves this way?

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I am one of those who believe that Natsu was actually going to confess but changed his mind. Is it Lucy?

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