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Fairy tail eclipse leo

Fairy Tail Eclipse Leo


Loke being Leo left him with a strong bond with the fans and with Lucy. The guild all know him too, not to mention he's the leader of the zodiacs, hilarious, sexy and powerful! He's an awesome character and I'm not surprised at all that he's one! If you play it, you'll know what I mean. Leo is the strongest celestial spirit.

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Natsu and his friends fight against the Eclipsed Celestial Spirit King, Natsu enters it and defeats him causing the 12 Celestial Spirit also counting Ophiuchus back to normal. Then Virgo gives the Celestial Spirit makes the Liberum in order to achieve freedom.

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Leo Eclipse. Leo trapped in the spirit world alongside Scorpion and the others Eclipse Celestial Spirit. After that Natsu tells Leo that the Eclipse Spirits are forced back into Spirit World while they say Liberum is ready, Leo laughs and says that the dark powers gave him another chance to perform the ritual. Antagonists Wiki.

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He became misogynistic, cold and insentive to the time he spent with Lucy and her friends. Leo returns to the world of Celestials spirits and talks to the spirits about the fact that the Mages have escaped.

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History Talk 0. With this, soon after it is revealed by Ophiuchus that the Eclipsed Celestial Spirit King is absorbing all other 12 Eclipse Spirit, and later when Natsu defeats her. Leo along with the Eclipse Celestial Spirit announcing that his contract is canceled.

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Antagonists Wiki Explore. However Natsu prevents this from happening by irritating the Spirits as the attack him, but when the other Fairy Tail members appear all 12 Eclipse Celestial Spirit are forced to retreat and go to the gate where they will be teleported, and then the Fairy Tail members go after them.

After the events of Future Rogueand out of the dragons that Natsu sent them back along with the help of Lucy and her friends, Loke totally changes both in appearance and personality, and he becomes the leader of the 12 Celestial Spirits.

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Eclipse Leo is the altenative version of Loke who is member of the Fairy Tail guild. As of September 1, it is required to have a Fandom to edit here.

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After the events of Eclipse, Leo totally changed his personally to the opposite. Universal Conquest Wiki. He gets annoyed easily when they call them Loke because he considers himself completely free of the person he was before, he also proved to be proud and arrogant towards Natsu.

After that Leo reappears before Ophiuchus and talks her to fight Natsu and his friends before saying that Liberum is ready and she is already free to leave. Register Don't have an ?

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However Lucy disagrees saying that she did not think of them as slaves, however not remembering the time they spent together, the spirits attack Mages, and Natsu pushes Leo questioning him, which Leo tells Natsu to stop calling him Loke. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Leo first appears along with other spirits Lucy had contracted to announce that his contract has been canceled. After that Natsu and Happy go after Leo, who Natsu confronts him as they fight, Leo shoots Natsu who pisses him off, but soon after a mysterious explosion hits Happy and Natsu sending them away.

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After Natsu and Leo fight against each other, although Leo has the advantage in the fight, Natsu manages to defeat him using the Black Fire Dragon Mode which makes him unconscious and with that Natsu uses the key and sends Leo to the spirit world. Read the blog to see why this was necessary.

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Though for the most part, we focus on characters who use some form of enchanted punches or weaponry, Fairy Tail is full of different mages who possess vastly different magical abilities.

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The Eclipse spirits are Lucy and Yukino's Zodiac spirits who have been exposed to and altered by the black magic of the Eclipse Gate during the events of the Grand Magic Games, causing them to take on radically different forms and personalities.

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Though for the most part, we focus on characters who use some form of enchanted punches or weaponry, Fairy Tail is full of different mages who possess vastly different magical abilities.