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Fairy gym pokemon y

Fairy Gym Pokemon Y


The layout of this gym is set like a 3x3 box, with nine rooms in total. Some of the rooms have Pokemon Trainers, and some of the rooms don't have anything at all. Use the yellow warp panels in each room to reach the next.

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Now get back onto the route. Go back to Laverre City and head east onto Route There's a lot of fallen leaves on Route Some trainers will hide under these leaves and give you a surprise battle when you run into them.

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You'll encounter another boulder. Head southwest down the steps. Follow the conveyer belts up, battling Grunts as you go. On the right-side, you can find a Max Revive. As you continue eastward, you'll run into a two-on-two battle. Main Pokedex Games Other. Go south and reverse the conveyer belts using the computer.

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Lumiose City is on the other side of Route But, to continue on our journey, you'll have to go to Dendemille Town. Smash the cracked wall of the dilapidated building to get a Macho Brace. Pick up the Lum Berry. From there, head down into the other side of the Lost Hotel. Now head over to the gym. Head up the stairs.

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Smash the cracked wall north of them to pick up a Protein. The first trainer you bump into challenges you to a Sky Battle.

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It doesn't matter which one you pick, since the President will just give you the other one anyway! Next door, the girl inside tells you which Pokemon you used to win each of your badges.

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To get to the gym leader, starting from the bottom, take the circles on the left, bottom-left, bottom-left, bottom-right, and top-left. Immediately head south down the small trail and hop across the rocks to pick up a Full Heal.


As you explore this place, you'll be pokemon a lot of Punks. The Team Flare Admin first battles you. Head north past the decks to pick up a Dive Ball. Serena will take care of this one for you, so go on by yourself into the factory. At the end of the hallway, pick up the hidden Protein in the trash can. Head all the way south. Start by going south past the first hidden trainer. Take the top-left circle and get out the gym. View all Pokemon. After beating her, Serena rushes up to battle the two Team Flare scientists with you.

Surf south, get onto the strip of land, and pick up a hidden Pretty Wing by the wall. Head north to get inside the factory. After fairy the Punk Girl, smash the wall to pick up a Protector. Once inside, you'll see a Team Flare Grunt. Go back and cross the bridge. Poison and Steel-type moves are super effective against Fairy-type Pokemon. Jump over the ledge for a Leppa Berry. Gym is the gym leader here. Go northwest. Talk to the boy standing next to you to get TM41 Torment.

To get out of the Poke Ball Factory, just reverse the conveyer belts again and that the conveyer belts out.

In the Pokemon Center, talk to Mr. Bonding for the Encounter Power Lv. Next to the Pokemon Center stands a man who'll give you prizes for showing him tiny Pokemon. When you head north, a Punk will bring you to their boss. The group assembles to talk after all that ended. That's it for this place.

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With it, Pokemon up to Lv. She also gives you TM99 Dazzling Gleam. She uses a Lv. Mimeand Lv. For defeating her, Leader Valerie awards you the Fairy Badge. In Laverre City, first stop by the patch of mushrooms to pick up a Tiny Mushroom.

Pokemon x & pokemon y guide – laverre city gym (leader valerie)

Smash the rock to pick up TM95 Snarl. The skater at the end of the hallway will give you TM56 Fling. The Lost Hotel is a old, creepy hotel. In the left-side maze outside the factory you can find a Max Ether. Surf north along the canal, get onto land on the right side, and pick up the PP Up.

Get back on land, go to the southwest corner, and pick up a Dire Hit. Continue east over the bridge. Go west as soon as you can.

Pick up Revive. A guy inside can heal you Pokemon.

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Go in between the houses to pick up an Ether. Once outside, cut the tree nearby and head north to pick up a Rare Candy. Push that out of the way and continue on the route. In the house east of the gym is a guy who'll teach your starter Pokemon one of Grass, Fire, or Water Pledge.

Head east to pick up the Net Ball under the leaves. Outside the house on a mushroom is a hidden Leaf Stone. Go downstairs, catch the conveyer belt going east, and go up the stairs into the room on the northeastern corner. Pick up the Smoke Ball. Go east.

Laverre gym

The gym is essentially a dollhouse with teleporting circles. Circle around and go into the building, which turns out to be the Lost Hotel. Serena and Tierno come by to in on the fun.

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Go north and cross the bridge. After getting out of the Lost Hotel, head east into Dendeville Town. Once outside, it starts pouring. Talk to the girl standing outside the two houses to get a Gengarite. Push the boulder out of the way to proceed. Lysandre Holo Casts you about Mega Evolution. Once outside, you'll get a Holo Clip of a piece of breaking news on what you just experienced. Go inside the room in the northwestern corner.

Go around the corner and down the stairs. The girl will give you prizes for seeing big Pokemon.

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Continue southeast. If you're up for it, the optional Route 16 is to the south.

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Boss will teach you the cosmic flip trick. Now go back to the main hallway and head south. Smash the wall to pick up a Dread Plate. Go east from there to pick up a Twisted Spoon.

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This gym is one that you knew had to be coming at some point, the Fairy gym, with that being the new type introduced this generation.

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After visiting the scary house and reaching Laverre City, you enter the treehouse to take on the Laverre Gym.

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This is a Fairy-type gym, the first one ever!