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Euphoria vn story

Euphoria Vn Story
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VN Summaries: euphoria. Usually, with these types of summaries, I will warn you of spoilers, but if you're clean and don't want to read the VN because it focuses around explicit scenes, just read this summary instead. Else, if you want to read it, I don't judge. It's okay if you spoil it to me then.

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All the buildup for all the pain that was inflicted on her only for her to just give the most obvious and bland answer to him. Another character in the cast that brings little to the table is Natsuki.

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A partner who actually uses his dark tendencies to go too far in order to cleanse themselves of their own sins. I will refrain from talking about what in specific makes these routes different from what I initially described the euphoria as at least until I go in depth on the route quality. Despite this, I do find a lot of good tracks. Undergoing massive character development.

Because of this, Keisuke and Rinne become really close throughout the early portions of her route. Voice actors give very convincing performances throughout the game, all the sex acts they partake in vary in pain and the actors do well in revealing how much pain the characters are in to the reader. These characters vary in importance for the main routes of Euphoria. It goes:. Despite this the payoff in those routes feel extremely lackluster relative to the build they give her character.

This was until her route came along. If you have a fetish, this game will make sure to include a scene for you. This is because I see the appeal to Euphoria and what it brings to the medium. Her character dealt with the concept of punishment and salvation. I have praised this game a lot in the early story of this review.

The production value of Euphoria for a game of its kind is very good. Their relationship being put through multiple tests as the game progresses.

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You make choices and you lock onto a route based off the choices you made specifically choosing one girl to target to get to their route. Rinne also provides a lot of the most grotesque h-scenes in Euphoria with her body going through an absurd amount of pain throughout. Then the climax of this route occurs.

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This route is definitely the most vanilla one that Euphoria has to offer despite having shitting and blood. The climax of this route despite leaving room for interpretation and being more clear once you finish the game is also masterfully done. His actions being encouraged. To insert his keyhole inside the unlocker or die. The music of Euphoria was great initially but felt very repetitive after a long period of time since the game tended to re-use the same tracks over and over again. I really disliked Rika when I first played this game.

Euphoria takes place in a white room.

Game (ゲーム)

The answer is never given to the player whether or not what Keisuke is euphoria is right. Half the female characters in this game just exist. Kanae does not only serve to the story, she also has a very complex character towards the final routes of Euphoria. Escalating into a very complex web of revelations once they exit the room.

It went through many tribulations and the fact the game keeps many things ambiguous with the ending of her route only serves to further interest me in her character. Despite this familiar setting room with a voice that gives instructionsEuphoria differentiates itself completely from the typical game of its genre by exploring more of the taboo aspects of sex rather than the actual sex itself. But having both just make them feel unnecessary. There is a change of scenery once you lock onto a girls route, but the game is mostly going to story place in that white room.

One of my favorite things about the choice system in Euphoria is that the very first choice in the game determines the players fate in a really cool way. The climax of this route is just bad. A white room in which the player has a choice. The ending for Rika and also Natsuki are just bad, if they had one of them go in that direction it would be cool since at least it felt justified with the direction the game goes at the end.

Euphoria creates huge stories from the h-scenes and character development for a good payoff in its routes. In my personal opinion Euphoria has the tools for a very engrossing story and it does reach a certain level of its potential in its later routes, but for the most part it was a disappointing euphoria that was still quite decent.

It felt completely illogical from any standpoint, she just gives into to him without any real consequence the game does try making her mad at him, but it was only for a moment. This is the basic premise of Euphoria. Not taking everything into face value being a major one. A twist that has been done better in many games before it and after it.

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The issue comes once they exit the room. Her character stagnates and once Keisuke reveals his true feelings for her, the route takes a massive dip in quality. The cast of Euphoria despite having massive downsides does prove itself with 4 characters. The version of the game I will be reviewing is the HD edition available on MangaGamer that was localized in Minimal spoilers in this review, but I will avoid anything that reveals a crucial plot element or twist in this game.

There are some very emotional performances in some of the routes, showing a lot of range with the voice acting as well. The story of Euphoria generally is a mixed bag. This is bad without context and only decent with context. Which is weird considering how tense the situation the characters are put in felt like prior. This played perfectly into her character of being immature and not really knowing how to deal with a sexual relationship like the one she had with Keisuke.

So overall the OST of Euphoria was good but not fantastic. Each route allows for him to explore different sides of his mindset. And the answer I will give may surprise you. Euphoria plays like a typical visual novel.

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Because of this she enables Keisuke to mercilessly punish her because of her deep seeded resentment caused by her mother. Nemu and Kanae are also well written for the most part and unique characters with a lot going for them. Nothing really stood out in it. The voice work for the game is fantastic and the art is great, especially when you take to context the themes that Euphoria is exploring. And the route was doing really well in this regard by having her h-scenes reflect how emotionally and physically violated she euphoria because of Keisuke. Her character served only to make other characters better and a game with such a small cast should be able to have characters do both.

My issue with the route stems from the fact that it feels like such an afterthought. The lengths in which their characters are explored in Euphoria varies greatly. Someone who receives punishment because they find themselves to be inadequate. It deals with the concept of Keisuke learning to accept his dark side and coming to terms with it. However it explores his condition from multiple perspectives that enable his sexual tendencies. Her character constantly questioning whether or not it was even worth it to continue the game because she felt that Keisuke was only using her.

I do like the ideas that her character explores with Keisuke, such as his insecurity with revealing his demons. Because of the lack of fantastic payoff which is consistent for most of the games routesEuphoria constantly stays in a state of limbo story-wise because it relies heavily on a story introduced towards the end to justify all the other routes and buildup the player had to endure.

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Miyako also provides little outside of what her role is in the story from the moment you see her, you know her fate. Now I like her but have reservations on saying that because of the direction in which the route goes. Along with having a clear and interesting arc, Rinne also had my personal favorite relationship with Keisuke in the game.

My only issue is that the dialogue for the h-scenes because of how many there are tend to get very redundant. Euphoria is a visual novel developed by Clock Up. This game was released for the PC in in Japan.

Game informations

I will provide a general outline of the game while also providing my thoughts on it as a visual novel production value, story, characters, etc. Her route was the darkest one in Euphoria in my opinion. The H-scenes in Euphoria are good for what they are.

Nemu is devious and is by far the best heroine in Euphoria.

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Takato Keisuke a male is stuck with six other women in a white room. Various people from his school make up this group, five students and one teacher.

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The HD Remastered version was released on April 25,while the official English translation, made by MangaGamerwas released on November 27,