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Eugenia cooney hot

Eugenia Cooney Hot


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Name: Daile

Years old: 27
Ethnic: Colombian
Sex: Female
My hair: I have got coarse hair

Eugeniacooney stories

She looks stunning and has the body of a goddess. Posted by 3 years ago. I don't think it could get any better than that. It's not cute either. She has a pretty face, but she is extremely underweight and unhealthy. Created Feb 14, Top posts june 16th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top. More posts from the unpopularopinion community. Sort by: best.

Who is eugenia cooney?

I can't get enough of her. She is already sexy as hell.

slutty girls Zainab

Alright this is barely a matter of opinion wtf is wrong with you. And it feels really fucking weird on your body. And I like how she looks. Ever have someone with no ass sit on your lap?

tight gal Meilani

Sure, you can't help what you like, but encouraging anorexia like that is just as bad as encouraging obesity. The body of a goddess? Plus you can literally see all her bones. She looks like a character out of a Tim Burton movie.

white biatch Clare

I'm enabling no one. Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share?

passion teen Mikayla

She would be so much prettier if she got to a healthy weight. Absolutely agree.

I think eugenia cooney is sexy

I'm with you man. Continue this thread.

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Everyone has a different fetish I guess. She's still alive? I see you're into that 80lb starving Ethiopian look.

Eugenia cooney hq tube

I'm just telling you guys my opinion. Spark some discussions! Though I get how hard it is when you have that mindset. I am deeply concerned for her life. I can't choose my fetishes, so why shouldn't I enjoy them?

hot wives Leyla

I think Eugenia is beautiful. This makes me so sad, calling her attractive at the state shes in is just enabling her.

fit girl Vera

I think Eugenia Cooney is sexy. I'm sure she can handle more than you think. But I really like it. Not in my eyes, she's absolutely perfect. Yeah, that shit hurts. Shes a skeleton, I feel like if you shook her hand her wrist would break. That shit isn't healthy. I don't get all the hate she receives. Found the internet! Nothing appealing about having bones showing. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

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She'd look far prettier at a healthier weight. I'm saying this as a fan of hers for several years.

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Eugenia is a year-old American internet influencer who has amassed more than two million followers across the social media platforms.

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Those comparisons are like before and afters for a weightloss journey and can be really rewarding for ED sufferers if people notice a difference.

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