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Elastigirl x violet

Elastigirl X Violet


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Violet tries to talk him out of it, as he thinks they are on a vacation, warning them that their parents' lives as well as their marriage could be in danger. While examining her suit, Violet discovers that it can turn invisible along with her, rendering her totally unseen, without disrupting her force fields.

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Violet eagerly waits to attend her date with Tony at the movies, but the latter doesn't show up, causing her to run to her room and rebuff Bob's attempts to console her. During this fight, Violet once again displays her increasing confidence, raising a large shield that protects her family from a hail of automatic weapons fire.

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Violet tells Tony that she will buy the popcorn. She grabs them when she sees them falling with her, then turns her body into a parachute to gently land in the water. With her father's help, Violet enters the Underminer's drill and protects her family from an explosion caused by Bob and Helen blowing out the engine.

Bob then finds a remote Syndrome has left behind. The next morning, Dash hears a monitor robot disguised as a wild bird asking for identification. Dash suggests they use a rocket, and Violet suggests that they just need to use the coordinates from the launch so they won't have to try to fly it violet. It was also originally implied that even her own existence violated the law, as Syndrome, upon discovering that Mr. Incredible was not only married to Elastigirl but also had her, he said: "Isn't it against the law for Supers to breed?

Violet and Dash notice that the remote controls the robot. She reminds Dash of what their mother has said, telling him to run, which he does, and two of the guards chase after him. Displaying a high level of ingenuity, the guard uses dirt to find Violet once she has submerged herself in a shallow pond.

After Violet's father Bob a. Bob then assures the children that he and Helen work as a team, no matter what. Once the family is imprisoned in his base's containment unit, Violet, while restrained by suspension beams, succeeds in wrapping a force-field around herself and severs Elastigirl magnetic bonds and he rolls towards a nearby control panel. Elastigirl is forced to use her powers to turn herself into a ball around her children, shielding them just as the missiles destroy the aircraft.

Nevertheless, Dash explores deep into the cave, but he comes running back as flames are coming in his direction as the cave they are in is actually a rocket exhaust pipe. However, Dash runs off after his mother, prompting Violet to go after him, and they end up stowing away on a plane their mother has borrowed from a friend.

After returning to Metroville, the family is faced with Omnidroid v. In this scene, Violet was seen wearing a pink shirt and khaki pants instead of her typical dark blue clothing. Helen apologizes to the children for waking them up before ushering them back to bed. The password is provided by Mirage. After Jack-Jack is rescued by Elastigirl and Syndrome is killed when his cape gets snagged in the turbine of his manta jet, Violet surrounds her family with a rice field to protect them from the wreckage of Syndrome's jet, though it destroys their house.

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She places Violet in charge again in her absence, promising to return by morning. She has a crush on one of her classmates, Tony Rydingerbut is too shy to approach him and turns herself invisible whenever he looks her way so as to avoid attention. At first, she is shy, gloomy, and nervous. Following Dash's athletic accomplishment, a new super-villain, The Undermineremerges from underneath the earth.

Turning invisible to hide from the remaining guard and remaining invisible, she attacks him with a large stick. When Bob senses that Dash is in the same room he and Helen are in, he calls for them to come out, and Violet also appears, having turned invisible to listen to their argument without being noticed. They run away, with the bird flying after them, and soon they are cornered by three Velocipods patrolled by Syndrome's security guards.

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She is a super-heroine who is the daughter and eldest child of Bob and Helen Parras well as the older sister of Dash and Jack-Jack. At dinner, Violet brings up what happened earlier and the family argue, with Violet believing that they should be allowed to fight crime.

Incredible returns from his night with Lucius, Violet, and Dash hear their parents Elastigirl loudly and eavesdrop. Helen places Violet in charge while she looks for her husband, but Violet notices supersuits in her mother's bag and asks her about them. Elastigirl reassures Violet by saying that the latter has more power than she herself realizes, but violet warns her that in their situation, doubt is a luxury they can no longer afford.

Dash then proceeds to move the force sphere by running along its inside surface, propelling it at considerable speeds and mowing down everything in their path. Her life was later threatened by Syndrome, at that time an old villain who intended to get revenge on Mr. As he froze Bob and Helen, he heard the sound of Violet cooing and crying and him, still holding the Parrs called Smiths hostage and frozen. Arriving at Nomanisan Island, they make their camp out in a cave. Elastigirl morphs into a boat with Dash as a rear propeller while Violet is the sole passenger, as they follow the missiles' contrails.

In one of the montages following Bob's return from Nomanisan Island, Violet is seen listening to music and reading a magazine when he comes up to her and gives her a kiss.

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The family then makes their way to a hanger in hopes of getting a fast vehicle to head to Metroville. The fight is broken up when a family friend, Lucius Best a. In addition, her recent change in personality was made present by a desire to wear her hair out of her face - pulled back by a headband. In a deleted scene the original openingshe was still an infant and was implied to have a problem with spitting up.

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Just then, missiles, sent by Syndrome, close in on the plane, and Elastigirl orders Violet to put a force field around them for protection. The Parrs return home, where they are caught again by Syndrome, who has baby Jack-Jack in his arms, intending to kidnap him and raise him to be his sidekick. However, Violet is reluctant to try to generate such a large force field and is not confident enough to do so.

Just then, Dash returns and stops the soldier from killing Violet, who in return saves him from that soldier by enclosing both herself and Dash in a force field; both discover that she can float inside her force field if generated in mid-air.

As her father vows to get the family out of the situation no matter what it takes, Violet commends him for making violet excellent progress and presses a button on the control panel that frees the family from the suspension beams. Just as the kids are about to be crushed, their father steps in and holds up the robot for Helen to reach for the kids and take them to safety. He tried to look for her in her small crib, but it was revealed she had turned invisible and instantly spat upon Syndrome.

Dash and Violet fight over the remote, which their mother takes control of, and the family waits as the Omnidroid approaches. Though the guards are quickly overpowered, Syndrome jumps into the scene and Elastigirl the family in his zero-point energy.

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While battling The UnderminerViolet is told to stay away from the battle with her brothers. Elastigirl instructs her children to use their powers should anything goes wrong, but when Violet tries to protest, Helen warns her children that the bad guys they will kill them if they have the chance. They spend the rest of the night in a jungle, huddling together to keep warm.

He wakes up Violet, who stares curiously at the robotic bird that suddenly triggers a Elastigirl alarm. Before Elastigirl leaves, Violet calls for her and apologizes to her for violet happened on the plane and failing to live up to expectationsto which Elastigirl apologizes back to Violet, stating that she herself wasn't being fair to suddenly ask so much of Violet. This le to him getting his memory wiped by Rick Dickerwhich also erases any recollection that Tony had of Violet.

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This erupts into a fight, in which Dash runs around the table, hitting Violet, and Violet retaliates by generating her force-field that Dash crashes into. She and her parents cheer for Dash who is participating in track and field and applaud him for finishing in second place. Violet and the rest of the family don their masks and suits, showing their rededication to fighting crime.

When Elastigirl discovers her children aboard the jet, they argue over whose fault it is, and Elastigirl is shocked that they have left Jack-Jack alone in their house, to which Violet replies that she got someone to take care of the baby. Violet refuses Elastigirl's order to hide and remains by her side until the Omnidroid is destroyed when Bob launches its detached claw that penetrates through its bulk and rips out its brainpan.

Afterwards, Violet protects civilians from falling rubble by using force field projections. Frustrated, she throws her mask on the ground and accidentally reveals her secret identity to Tony Rydinger. However, they are arrested and released by Dicker. The sequel picks up right where The Incredibles left off. After destroying a couple more Velocipods, they run over their parents.

Her confidence bolstered, Violet practices her power on the fire in the camp, but Dash, out of boredom, decides to look around. During a family dinner, her mother Helen, also known as Elastigirl, asks her how school was, noting that she has barely touched her food, but then Dash teases her about her crush on Tony, which insults Violet.

Three months later, Violet is courageous enough to talk to her friends, and also Tony, who is now the shy one rather than Violet, and they plan to go to the movies on Friday. After a brief and joyful reunion, the family works as a super-team for the first time as another wave of henchmen finds and attacks them.

But after receiving a pep talk from her mom in Nomanisan Islandshe becomes much more confident.

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Dash grabs Violet, and they narrowly escape the flames, just in time to see a rocket taking off into the night sky. When Violet is first introduced, she is depicted as gloomy, uncertain and socially withdrawn, preferring to hide behind her long raven hair. After Helen receives a job from Winston Deavor at Devtech to campaign the return of Supers, the Parrs are given a new, extravagant home owned by Deavor. Her involvement in the battle comes after Elastigirl trip-wires the robot when an invisible Violet gets her hand on the remote while dodging the robot's claws. The Omnidroid then slams its huge bulk onto Violet's force field, dissipating it and knocking Violet unconscious.

Dash quickly grabs supersuits for himself and Violet.

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Pixar introduced a new superhero family with The Incrediblesbut a fan theory suggests that Violet is actually the secret daughter of Edna Mode.

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