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Dominant husband tumblr

Dominant Husband Tumblr


How do you punish or reward your sub? Looking for ideas. My baseline expectation is my submissive being constantly deserving of reward. Punishments: Honestly, we should not need to have a giant list of possible punishments at the ready. Punishments should be few and far between.

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Not just when it makes you feel Domly. This is fun as games go, but there is a whole other world available when you decide to explore the depths of surrender orgasm denial can bring to a woman. She may not be the hottest sub or have pics of her pink parts spread out for the world to see. Work with what fits your schedule and will work for you both.

Having a women be able to go a year or more in a persistent, aroused state without cumming is possible but not desirable first off. It takes more for some to submit than just the act of doing what they are told. He has emotions and needs them acknowledged. Remember that he is yours. Know him better than others. Then jump right back in. Give her a few days of free orgasm time where she can have as many orgasms as she would like and allow her to recover from the denial.

If you come to the conclusion that he does not hold you in the highest respect, you might want to reevaluate your relationship and possibly move on. He needs to be the priority.

You want to make it a noticeably longer denial, but not so much that you push her over into bat shit crazy territory. If you are interested in exploring down this particular rabbit hole, you need to have more than just curiosity. Ideally, you want to get her to just under her personal bat shit crazy threshold.

How long can she go before she is crawling up the wall and ready to go bat shit crazy? You might be surprised as well. She needs to be the priority. To be clear, this is not the same as taking your Dominant for granted. To encourage her arousal during denial sessions, set her erotic tasks. Your Dominant constructs various rules, tasks, rituals, etc, for a purpose.

Many think orgasm denial is a bit of kinky fun.

She wants to hear and see that you own her. That way everyone that needs it has both to understand both sides of the coin. Do another round of short and mid length denials, then back in for the third extended period, only this time really push her. Indeed, her own satisfaction ends up being purely the pleasure she sees you having. Again, talk through the experience with her.

Dominance & submission

She might find that she has to submit herself every day. This needs to be seen as a marathon, not a sprint. She may well be surprised by how easy it was to go the extra time after that first experience pushed her to the edge. If you made her go three weeks the first time, make the goal three days this time, then two weeks, then four days, etc.

When you truly commit to get into long term orgasm denial, it creates a change in the psyche of the woman, that brings about a much more submissive side to her. He is your Dominant. Appreciate the submission she gives you. You just need to know where to start with this particular woman.

Or you might decide to take things more slowly and give her a month free time. Sarcastic or willfully bratty? From here on out, you can drop most of the shorter denials and just focus on extending sessions each time, but throw in a short denial period here and there to keep her guessing.

Honor his wishes

Give the same respect you get. You need to be committed to stay the course. The idea of a woman being hungry for his cock, begging to either ravish him or to cum seems incredibly arousing, the truth is, orgasm denial is a lot of work — for the man. This is where you just tip over the edge and the orgasm begins but you immediately stop pleasuring, so it becomes simply a husband process of draining engorgement from the clitoris and no pleasurable sensations at all.

Instead, just like with a good edge, get her to just under that point and then release the tension. Some women can go a month or more the first time, others barely make a week. There are no half-measures. Can you be dominant playful and impish? Abide by the rules. Just as he has to earn those things from you every day, so you tumblr have to earn them from him every day.

Let her control things. Every day. But she goes out of her way to be the best in your eyes. After a few short and mid length rounds, aim to extend that first orgasm length. Have her watch porn or read erotic stories and blogs on line. First, you need to understand how she works.

Obedience… so simple, but yet covers everything. at the beginning and end of every occasion… in order to follow, you must be willing to be obedient.

Look at making the denial period double the first go, or even a bit longer. Make him your priority regardless of how horny you are. Enforce the rules. Show her that she is.

This is always reciprocal. Being a dominant especially in a day-to-day rather than sporadic relationship is hard work. Not every sub can take a dick all the way down her throat.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

One step more and you have a ruined orgasm. Edging is the skill of being able to bring yourself or another to the point just before orgasm and then stopping. Let him know how much it means to you that he considers you worthy of all that work and direction and energy.

If he shows you that, despite the way your relationship might look to the vanillas, he holds you in the highest respect, then return that respect. Perhaps extend by a week this time and see how that goes. She needs you to know her better than others do…. The internet and Tumblr is especially egregious in this regard has created the toxic stereotype of the Dominant as this calm, cold, unemotional Olympian figure who is always as in charge of himself as he is of his submissive.

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Above all else: he expects your submission to be whole and complete and without reservation, save for those things that the two of you negotiate as equals before you offer him your submission and renegotiate from time to time as the relationship evolves. Just as he expects your total devotion and commitment and fidelity, you have the right to expect those things from him. Give some more free days and then back into denial.

That purpose may not always be obvious to you. By mixing it up you keep her guessing to when the next orgasm will be allowed.

It is like a switch is flicked deep inside her brain tumblr she dominant becomes content to remain in a permanent aroused state, happy to be used by you for your husband and left without satisfaction. These are two separate blog posting yet fitting for one. No way. Example: a hand full of hair while firmly kissing her will remind her of that…and get her wet in the process. All the time. She becomes focused on sex in general and your pleasure and enjoyment in particular. Accept that your Dominant is human, and it is only normal, and that he will occasionally have a moment of weakness, or self-doubt, or — horrors!

It is because of the amount of work involved, many stick with orgasm delay, saying no for a few hours during sex so she gets horny and wants to cum and he gets a taste of her neediness. After the first experience, have a really good talk, get inside her brain on this topic and crawl around. If your woman changes behaviour after orgasm and goes through a period of no interest in sex or even being slightly depressed, ruined orgasm can have the same effect. It is much better to work up to extended lengths through a series of smaller denial periods.

Appreciate the work he puts into youand let him know that you appreciate it. This keeps it exciting and makes it feel like less of a chore.

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