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Dexters laboratory the laughing

Dexters Laboratory The Laughing


No score yet. Play Sound. Please birth date to watch this video:. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter. Dexter's Laboratory: Omelette Du Fromage.

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Sister mom/the laughing

When they were done, the mimes give Dee Dee a uniform with the completion of her mime training, and then she lets out a loud thank you, then the mimes covered their ears again. Then he watches two robots bump into each other, and then he starts laughing uncontrollably and turning into the Were-Clown again.

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The episode begins as Dee Dee bikes up to her house talking about why she has to go do things on her birthday. Then he goes out and then he causes a traffic jam and then lots of cars crash.

The laughing

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Despite Dee Dee saving the day, Dexter's ungrateful ego tells her that he would have saved himself eventually without her help. As a result, Dexter turns into a mad clown nightly and goes around town causing chaos.

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Then the clown apologizes for what happed, later, the family was having dinner. The Laughing.

Ahh, what a fine day for troping!

Then he goes up to his room and then transforms into a Were-Clown. Then he goes into the city and creates chaos, and he even stopped a date between a French-accented man and woman.

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But then the clown trips on a rock and then his dentures shoot right out of his mouth and then they sink deeply into Dexter's arm. Then Dee Dee tries to prove it to Dexter that he's the clown, by taking a tracing paper on the clown picture, and then drawing Dexter's picture on it, but he has already gone into his lab and then he makes an antidote for his arm, but it isn't ready yet.

Dexter’s laboratory season 2 episode 23 sister mom / the laughing

When they were eating cake, Mom announced that a clown is here. Then Dee Dee goes to a mime school where everything is completely quiet, then she yells out for help and then all of the mimes cover their ears.

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Production Order " The Laughing ". History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki. Then Dee Dee tells Dexter that he doesn't remember what happened, and then she shows him a newspaper headline which it says " Crazy Clown lose in town ".

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The only one who can stop him is Dee Deewho does so after learning the secret to miming. Recent blog posts Forum Rules.

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Outside, Dexter is in a rambunctious chase with policemen and a dog. Then a mime teaches her how to witness the power of mimes.

The laughing

Then he starts goofing around, and then he tells an old joke. Then Dee Dee repeated the old joke, then Mom and Dad laughed, and then Dexter laughed in a funny way. Then she goes to the fence door and everyone jumped up and yelled "Surprise! The Laughing is the second part of the 23rd episode in Season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on January 21, In this episode, Dexter gets bitten by a clown's dentures that fly out of his mouth when he hits the grass during one of his jokes.

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Then a policeman said that he needs backup. Out of nowhere, Dee Dee shows up, dressed as a mime, captures Dexter, and she takes him to his lab and then she cured him. The next day, Dexter wakes up and sees that Dee Dee is in his room and that his room his covered with balloons. Then Dee Dee realized that everyone threw a surprise party for her.

The laughing (dexter's laboratory)

Explore Wikis Community Central. Premiere Order " The Laughing ".

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Popular s. Then Dexter re the newspaper, but he doesn't recognize that the clown is himself. Then Dee Dee traps her ungrateful brother in a mime box.

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Cartoon Network 's first original series that wasn't based on an already existing character or an anthology series.

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If you can hear this shirt then you are truly a fan of Dexter's Lab.

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Dexter : [after transforming into a clown and disrupting a date between a French-accent man and a woman on a park bench] Don't look up!