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Register Now - It's Free! User Name Remember Me? Go to Such stories here are "Boots and Birthday Suits"and "Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay" and they are a beauty, Are there anymore stories like the above with this kind of a plot?

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I've watched their relationship closely before the couple and after ir, She wears the pants and he wears the pants financially but she isn't stuck being and lesser to the Miz. Nikki is now in this type of relationship with Artem but it isn't exactly it and she knows it. It's not in your forum like with Nikki. ILove2SipTea said:. Sally from the Valley said:. Cena remained radio silent and let his actions of finding that middle eastern girl speak for itself. Isn't she still with Artem? Search forums. Cena did briefly hang with Maryse but we know Cena is into brunettes and Maryse made wrestling decision to stick by Miz.

Ironic Maryse is with somewhat of a lower tier star but she has an official thriving skincare line and her moisturizer is selling at Sephora that's big time Volition. She still talks about him which is weird since she has a man and. Log in.

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Does she still talk to him? New posts.

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Kitty12 said:. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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He only looks good to me with the hat on when he in WWE gear for those rare appearances. The ring Shay has is good quality and he bought it himself.

They met on dancing with the stars, he was her professional. If he stays in a relationship that has a big weight on his shoulders, he will leave or accept break up then rush to marry and have kids with the very next one that comes who is often different or mildly sinilar but has something the other lacked. Nope married to a professional dancer.

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Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. Oh wow. This is how Kim Ks of the world get ahead. Home New Posts Trending Featured. She squandered the money on endless shoes and a car he did let her keep and some house I'm nit even sure she has anymore. ed May 15, Messages 12, Reactions 65, 2, 1, AlleybuxPaid for it and gave it to them to use.

I feel as though Cena was playing with her on the marriage and kids thing, but Nikki was letting him.

She had plenty opportunities to walk. ed Jan 3, Messages 11, Reactions 90, 1, Alleybux , Is she married to another wrestler or someone regular? ed Nov 6, Messages 31, Reactions2, Alleybux 27, ed Apr 12, Messages 16, Reactions 59, 1, Alleybux 1, LazyDaisy said:.

ed Aug 28, Messages 1, Reactions 5, 36 2 AlleybuxI like her with Artem. For her to even still talk about her sex life with John on the podcast and rave about their former sex life speaks volumes. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I clearly remember seeing articles posted where "sources" and "close" friends of the family would trash Cena blaming him speaking negatively of him.

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The miz is enamored with Maryse and geniunely loves her. ed Jan 3, Messages Reactions 1, AlleybuxI think it's clear with the new woman that he married that he really appreciates his privacy, I don't think that's something he could look past with Nikki. Latest activity. She should have had Cena buy her stocks like Kim with Kanye.

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Was John allegedly cheating on Liz with Nikki? Nikki def needs it.

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Click to expand ed Sep 2, Messages Reactions 27 18 Alleybuxed Sep 16, Messages 12, Reactions2, AlleybuxJohn never wanted her and always saw her as a placeholder if anything. The fact that John couldn't even get her a ring himself let alone be willing to splurge says he never wanted to marry her. ed Jul 13, Messages 7, Reactions2, 2, Alleybux 90, She still wants him. Michelle Obama is someone you give the keys to but black Chyna.

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Sorry but total divas was beneficial for everyone who ed. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles. She's dumb with no aspirations or business acumen. Nikki dating guys in the company and losers before the company didn't give her proper hindsight into knowing this is how men especially men with money operate. Install the app. Search only containers. That's why truly ended. A lot of relationships never survive reality shows unless you're old already I don't see John doing this to Stay and if he is, it's subtle.

She her hand in everything.

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If I could I would too especially if I know deep down Im with someone who is not all there intellectually and logically. Search titles only. I thought she moved on, got married and had a kid?

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He didn't want kids or marriage when he was with her. You'd think being Cena gf Nikki would have achieved that success and made 1 official solid thing. Something about Cena irks me. Brie allows this and I'll always hold Brie partially able. You are using an out of date browser. They are everything Nikki wanted her and John to be and appear to be. I'm wondering if she won't let go of this fantasy of being the "it" couple in wrestling.

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Cena has moved on and seems to care less about Nikki now. Maryse was smart to pick a man with potential and talent, stick by himBm, help him glo up ans eleavate then reap the rewards. Remember that. ed Jul 19, Messages 2, Reactions 7, 18 Alleybux 72, Sally from the Valley. Stocks, Bonds, Crytpo, get her seriously inti real estate taking her further in that.

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